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Chapter 250 Conquering The City of Kaelthas

“It seems that you know quite a lot! I can give you one more chance to submit to me.

I can promise that after I become a God, all of you can become my oracles and be granted eternal life.”

A light flashed on Yafeis body, and she transformed back into a human figure in black armor.

However, the black armor was now covered with wounds and quite seriously damaged.

However, Yafei did not care at all.

She held a black battle spear in her hand and laughed loudly, “Ayer, do you think we are fools who dont know anything Oracles and eternal life Do you think that being a God is a game”

“You used evil and cruel methods to accumulate power to become a God.

The world will definitely respond cruelly, and it will be unusually difficult when you become a God.

Whoever follows you will be your cannon fodder to resist the disaster.

What do you think is the attraction of your condition”

Ayer let out a light breath and stared at Yafei.

“It seems that I have underestimated you.

Who are you exactly, and what is your purpose Perhaps we can work together!”

Yafei also let out a breath and laughed, “Dont delay any longer.

Your clone is already exhausted.

If I dont attack you, you wont be able to hold on for long.

Why are you still playing tricks Go back and wait for your death!”

Ayer forcefully suppressed the boiling anger in his heart.

He knew that his thoughts were all seen through by the other party.

Staying behind would only make others laugh.

The corners of his mouth curled up into a faint smile.

“Alright, since thats the case, lets each use our means.

Let me see the strength of the person behind you!”

That said, Victors body immediately combusted and turned into ashes eventually.

At that point, the battle to occupy the City of Kaelthas had ended, and Li Xiangs side had won a great victory.

Not only did they kill the three powerhouses who came to support the city, but they also captured a sky battleship and destroyed Victor and his men.

The civilians in the city all hid in their homes and did not dare to show themselves.

Even though the Black Dragon Knights had taken control of the entire city, those poor civilians stayed obediently in their homes.

Few were left, and most were old, weak, women, and children.

Most real men in their prime had been sacrificed to the Lord of Dark.

The commoners who had experienced incomparably painful things had long lost the ability to resist, and it had become their habit to submit.

Moreover, Victor had given those people food to improve their bodies and nourish their souls.

It was likely that they would be used as sacrifices in the end.

At the same time, the Pope of Dark, Ayers consciousness, returned to his body in a majestic palace in Byron, the distant capital city of the Violet Empire.

“Interesting, interesting! Since you dare to come, you must be prepared never to return.

Its just that I dont know who is behind you, to actually want to prevent me from becoming a God.”

Ayer fell into deep thought.

He had only discovered this small world not long ago and conquered it for about ten years, but he had already taken control of the worlds most powerful country.

But now, there were unexpected complications.

It was impossible to say that he was not angry.

But he was even more curious about how those people found this place and who exactly leaked his secret.

He believed that this world was sufficiently secretive.

To hide this world, he deployed many methods outside the world.

He couldnt be discovered so quietly.

However, no matter how hard he racked his brains, he could not come up with any clues.

Under the circumstances where his main body could not descend, it would definitely not be an easy matter to kill those people.

The Dark Dragon Lady was just one of those people.

He did not believe that the Dragon Lady was the most powerful one.

He would be in danger if there were one or two other powerhouses as powerful as her.

Thinking of that, he felt that he had to make some arrangements.

He could not directly expose himself to those people.

Feeling a little aggrieved, he thought of the plan in his heart and quickly made the arrangements.

On the other side, in the City of Kaelthas, Li Xiang had moved into the Castellans mansion.

This was another well-preserved building complex.

There were even barracks and other facilities nearby.

At that moment, Torress was reporting the situation in the city.

“Lord, the residents in the city have been pacified.

The city guards have also recovered their consciousness under the purification of the treasures.”

“Good, well done! Let the Black Dragon Knights have a short rest.

Perhaps we will be leaving the City of Kaelthas soon.”


Torress did not ask why.

Li Xiang had led them to recapture the City of Kaelthas and even killed Victor.

For that, he was willing to serve this Lord wholeheartedly.

“My Lord, what should we do now That Pope of Dark, Ayer, should be the Lord of Darks clone.

He will probably be on guard now that he has sensed our existence.

If we want to deal with him, Im afraid there will be setbacks.”

“Dont worry.

Our mission is to save this world and expel the darkness.

As long as the demigods true form cant descend, he can only flee in all directions.

However, no matter how hard this fellow hides, he cant escape the surveillance of this world.

It may seem like his home ground, but in reality, its our home ground.

No matter where he runs, well be able to find him.

But, we only have one such opportunity, so we must be fully prepared.

Right now, we need to conserve our energy and then push our way through, killing all the royal families and nobles of the Violet Empire.

Of course, if there are genuinely kind-hearted existences among them, we can let them go and observe the aftermath.”

Hearing that, everyone nodded in agreement.

Yang Mi reminded, “Li Xiang, we dont have much time.

It wont be safe if we leave our territory for too long.

So, its best not to exceed a month.

Otherwise, the situation will be too terrible.”

“I know! Well rest for a day today and let all the armies enter this world at night.

Tomorrow, at dawn, well form a team of 10,000 people and conquer all the cities we pass by!”

“Lys, Ill leave this mission to you.

I only have one goal, fast.

Nothing other than fast.

The faster, the better.

Do you understand”


After the plan was set, Li Xiang chatted with Yang Mi and the others for a long time.

After realizing that there was no chance for anything to happen, he left listlessly.

He felt that the problem of satisfying his physiological needs had to be put on the agenda.

He could not possibly sleep alone when he had five great beauties.

It was a shame to waste resources!

The next day, when the sky lit up, the Demon Legion, the Human Legion, and the Black Dragon Knights headed towards Byron, the capital of the Violet Empire, under Lys command.

As Li Xiang wanted them to move fast, the armies only took down the cities and left some troops behind to occupy them.

The armies directly passed through the cities and headed towards the next city.

They were unstoppable along the way.


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