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Chapter 249 Demon Mage Commander Bresse

Alice and Alicia could not help but nod their heads.

As the saying goes,every profession has its specialty. Although the two had extraordinary attainments in magic, to them, magic was just a means, relying on their talent and not their knowledge and understanding of magic.

When dealing with those complicated means, it was inevitable that the means they used were unrefined.

In the control room, there was a circular light screen in front of the old mage, displaying the situation outside.

At that moment, he saw another black-robed man come in.

The staff in his hand only took one hit to destroy the carefully arranged magic traps outside wholly.

He was immediately shocked.

“Who are these people Not only are there Demons, Angels, and Giant Dragons, but what is this persons background now It seems that his magic attainments far exceed mine.”

What made him even more anxious was that he could not contact His Holiness for the moment.

The crisis was imminent, so he could not hesitate.

He looked toward the center of the room.

There was a huge hollowed-out metal ball.

Inside the metal ball was a purple crystal ball.

Between the two, countless energy rays were flowing and exchanging.

It was the core of the sky battleship.

The materials used to build the core of the battleship were highly precious.

They had even set up an extremely powerful defensive method to prevent accidental damage.

However, if they wanted to destroy it, there were easier ways.

The old mage raised his hand and gathered a ray of light.

Without hesitation, he shot it towards an inconspicuously hidden magic array below the core.

That was one of the self-destruction magic arrays the empire had made to prevent leakage of the battleships core and technology.

However, the moment he swung his arm, his body suddenly stiffened.

At the same time, a transparent light barrier firmly protected the entire core.

“Hoho, little fellow, this core of the battleship is something my Lord specifically asked for.

If you destroyed it, I wouldnt be able to account for it.”

The old mage realized that other than his eyes and ears, he could not even mobilize the magic power in his body.

He was utterly fixed there.

“What method did you use”

His eyes were filled with fear and confusion, but he did not see a single person.

Behind him, the Demon Mage Commander Bresse stood quietly.

After breaking all the magic traps outside, the space here was as good as open to him.

There was no hindrance at all.

Naturally, he teleported in.

Bresse waved his hand, and the old mages vision went black, and he was directly teleported outside.

Alice looked very unhappy.

It was supposed to be a great achievement that could have been easily theirs, but in the end, it fell into Bresses hands because of this person.

How could she be happy

Seeing the old mage appear in front of her, a bright smile appeared on her face.

Although the old mage had thrown himself into the Dark side, he had not lost his consciousness.

It was different from being passively eroded by the Dark Magic.

He had great autonomy.

But at that moment, looking at Alices smile, there was only bitterness in his heart.

To satisfy his desire to live forever, he had paid too much.

And he was about to die when he was still far from when the Lord of Dark became his true form.

His heart was filled with unwillingness.

He closed his eyes and quietly waited for death.

Since he had failed, he would quietly accept fates arrangement.

Alice smiled coldly and turned to ask Alicia, “How do you think we should deal with him”

Alicia said indifferently, “This person is clear-headed and clearly took the initiative to throw himself into the Dark side.

In that case, lets let him sink into eternal darkness!”

The old mages heart trembled when he heard that.

He initially thought he could maintain calm as he waited for death, but when he heard those words, his desire to live burned out of control again.

Unfortunately, Bresse had frozen him.

Other than looking and listening, he could not speak, and the pleading in his eyes was meaningless.

Alices hand, which was burning with inferno fire, gently patted the old mages shoulder.


The old mage, who did not even leave his name behind, was immediately burned to ashes.

“Lets go in and see what the core of this battleship looks like!”

The two pushed open the door and saw Bresse circling a hollowed-out metal ball in the room.

He was mumbling as if he had fallen into a trance.

“Bresse, how is it Can you control the core of the sky battleship”

“Of course, I can control it.

You can report back to the Country Lord.

The sky battleship has been completely taken down.

Dont worry!”

Alice smiled in satisfaction.

This guy did not directly report to Li Xiang, which was equivalent to giving away more than half of the credit.

Alicia did not care about the credit.

She asked curiously, “How is the core of the battleship Can we replicate it”

Bresse shook his head.

“Im afraid not for the time being.

The structure of this thing is extremely complicated.

The magic arrays and theories used still need to be studied and tested.

However, with this sample, its only a matter of time before we create it ourselves.

Dont worry.”

Alicia nodded and said to Alice, “I guess were no longer needed here.

Lets go out and see the situation outside!”

Just as the sky battleship was completely taken down, Yafei and the Pope of Darks doppelganger, Ayer, fought until the last moment.

Although Yafei was mighty and had even transformed into a Giant Dragon, she was still in a sorry state.

At the same time, Ayers body began to turn illusory.

Victors body had already been exhausted to the limit.

It was basically impossible to capture or even kill the Giant Dragon in front of him.

He didnt expect that Yafeis strength was so strong that he couldnt use many of his methods.

And more powerful methods naturally consumed a lot of energy.

Just like the black flame burning on his body now.

This black flame was completely different from Yafeis black flame.

Ayers black flame was even darker.

It seemed to have countless souls wailing, roaring, and even carrying a vicious curse.

It was incomparably evil.

On the other hand, Yafeis black flames were transformed from pure darkness through the Giant Dragons power.

There was a fundamental difference in nature between the two.

Darkness might not necessarily represent evil, and light could not represent kindness either.

Whether it was darkness or light, they were only the most basic elements that formed this world.

There was no distinction between good and evil.

There was only good and evil between those who used them.

“If this werent just a clone of mine, you would definitely die today!”

Ayer said unwillingly.

Yafeis current status wasnt very good either.

There were dozens of wounds on her dragon body.

The evil Dark Magic on the wounds carried the power of the corrosive curse, constantly corroding her.

If it werent for the fact that her dragon body was indeed powerful and she had pure dark power to resist, she would have already been corroded into a puppet by Ayers evil Dark Magic.

“What nonsense are you spouting As if your real body isnt a clone.

Stop deceiving people.

Youre the clone of the Lord of Darks clone.

Theres no need to hide it.

We know everything!”

Ayers illusory body trembled slightly as a terrifying light flashed in his eyes.


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