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Even though he thought so, he still felt a strong uneasiness in his heart that made him anxious.

Especially as time passed, there was still no news.

This made him have a bad premonition.

“No, I cant just wait like this!”



A guard in silver armor with a sword at his waist walked in from the door.


“Send a few men to check the situation on Dinger Mountain outside the city.

Remember, be careful.

Dont alert anyone.

Remember what you see and report back to me immediately.

Dont worry about anything else!”


The guard turned and left.

Victor stood up from his throne and walked back and forth in the hall, waiting for the news from the guard.

About an hour later, someone finally returned.

“Archbishop, apart from me, all the other people sent to investigate were captured by the Black Dragon Knights.”


Victor felt his head explode.

He instantly understood the unusual meaning in this simple sentence.

“What else did you see”

The thin young man immediately recalled what he had seen.

He slowly said, “Hmm, Leader Torres seems to have betrayed the Lord of Dark and submitted to one of the people you mentioned.

Theyre now preparing an army and are about to launch an attack on the City of Kaelthas!”

Victor finally had no more chance.

He waved his hand to let the person leave.

When the hall was empty again, he immediately rushed to the True Vision Crystal Ball and quickly cast a spell to activate one of its functions.

Soon, the True Vision Crystal Ball lit up and an image appeared on it.

Inside the image was a tall and sturdy man with white hair, and dressed in exquisite black armor.

His eyes were as deep as ink, but there was a hint of gloom in his coldness.

“Victor, why did you contact me at this time If there isnt a reasonable reason, you know the consequences.”

“Your Holiness, something has happened here.”

“Oh What happened” the Pope of Dark, who was wearing a strange armor, raised his eyelids slightly and asked faintly.

“More than a dozen suspicious-looking outsiders appeared on Dinger mountain outside the City of Kaelthas out of a sudden.

Some of them even had black hair and black eyes.

They were very suspicious.

When I used the True Vision Crystal Ball to check, I found those people were standing on the mountain and were sizing up the city with hostile eyes.

I suspected that they came with ill intentions.”

“And then”

“Then I planned to send people to capture these people! As a precaution, I sent the entire Black Dragon Knights over, totaling more than 3,200 people.”

Saying this, he gulped.

He continued with a worried tone, “However, not long after these people were sent, my True Vision Crystal Ball was suddenly cut off from the scouting scene.

No matter how I tried, I could no longer see the situation of those people.

And the Black Dragon Knights did not have any information to report back.

Until I sent another batch of people to check on the situation, only then did a person return in a sorry state.

He brought back information that the Black Dragon Knights had collectively betrayed me.

Theyre preparing to attack the City of Kaelthas now!”

The white-haired man on the throne finally looked a little more serious.

He stared at Victor and asked, “Is there any other information”

Victor had originally wanted to hide the information about the space door behind those people.

However, at this moment, he was swept by the popes gaze.

Then, he immeidately confessed, “I found something strange.

Those people seem to have appeared on the mountain peak out of nowhere.

Before those people discovered me, I could faintly see a space door behind them.

I guess they arent from our Azure World, but from another world.”

A hint of understanding flashed in the white-haired mans eyes, but there was no panic.

He raised his head slightly and looked into the distance.

His tone was leisurely with a hint of coldness.

He said, “It seems that our actions have attracted the attention of some existences! In that case, Im afraid that the plan we made previously will have to be brought forward.”

He lowered his head again and looked at Victor.

He said indifferently, “I will immediately send people to support you.

You must protect the City of Kaelthas well.

The Lord of Darks sacrificial ceremony must not be affected in the slightest.

Do you understand”

“Yes, Your Holiness!”

The white-haired pope waved his hand, and the video communication was instantly cut off.

When Victor heard that the pope would send people to support him, his initially perturbed heart immediately calmed down.

At this moment, an officer of the city guards rushed over and reported, “Archbishop, the Black Dragon Knights have rebelled.

They killed the soldiers responsible for escorting the slaves and even took all the slaves away.”

Victor nodded and was not surprised.

However, his expression was still serious.

He immediately ordered, “Immediately organize people to guard the city.

The support of the pope will arrive soon!”

The officer who was initially a little panicked immediately revealed a pleasantly surprised expression upon hearing this.

After bowing, he quickly turned around and left.

Meanwhile, in a small, dilapidated village far away from Kaelthas, some slaves were as thin as firewood gathered.

These slaves conditions were very poor.

In Li Xiangs opinion, it was unknown whether they could even survive the day, let alone let them work.

Fortunately, Li Xiang had prepared for this situation before he came in.

He had several large interspatial rings in his hands, which were filled with provisions.

And these provisions were mainly for emergencies.

It was a good time to use them now.

Therefore, he released the provisions from a storage ring in front of all the slaves, which directly formed a huge grain hill.

As for the task of organizing these slaves to eat, he naturally left it to Torres, a local with lofty ideals, to handle.

At the same time, he had Kyla cast a large-scale Holy Treatment spell, clearing the negative status and injuries of these people.

With this two-pronged approach, Li Xiang believed that most peoples lives could be saved.

“Praise the Lord of Dawn!”

Sincere prayers seemed to ring in his ears, bringing Li Xiang some Religion points.

However, Li Xiang wasnt happy.

Instead, his mood was a little heavy.

Yang Mi could see that Li Xiang was not in a good mood.

She came to his side and asked, “Whats wrong”

“Nothing! I just feel that the world is difficult and survival is not easy!”

Yang Mi smiled faintly and said, “I didnt expect our Lord of Dawn to be such a compassionate and sentimental person!”

Li Xiang rolled his eyes at Yang Mi and ignored her teasing.

He said indifferently, “I was just feeling sentimental for a moment.

Besides, whats wrong with being sentimental Its better than being indifferent and emotionless, right”

At this point, he lifted his head to look at the sky.

His tone was a little erratic as he said, “Moreover, regardless of whether its Myriad World Continent or this world, gods are all high and mighty, cold and heartless.

If I become a god in the future, a god with emotions, compassion, and sentimentality, it might not necessarily be a bad thing.

Dont you think so”


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