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After Li Xiang read the attributes of this giant turtle, he could not help but feel a sense of powerlessness.


This was the first time he had seen a divine-grade monster.

It was not accurate enough to call this fellow a monster.

It would not be an exaggeration to call it a mythical beast.

Just the three million HP was enough to cause him an extreme trouble.

Moreover, after seeing the skills of the giant turtle, he immediately thought of Evernight Slave Commander, Morey.

“Does the so-called Evernight slave army actually come from the city on the back of this Demon Turtle of Destruction”

At this moment, on the city wall on the back of the giant turtle, the leading white-haired middle-aged man suddenly said, “Are you the Lord of Dawn”

Li Xiang looked at the magic patterns on the mans face and said calmly, “I am! Who are you”

The white-haired man looked at the city behind Li Xiang and sighed softly, “What a magnificent city.

What a pity!”

Then, he said, “I am the current city lord of City of Destruction, Lance.

Of course, I am also the servant of Lord Turtle!”

Hearing this, Li Xiang narrowed his eyes and asked directly, “Why are all of you here”

Lance sized up Li Xiang, and the corners of his mouth curled into a playful smile.

He said, “Lord Turtle admires you very much.

He wants you to submit to him and offer… everything you have!”

Lance emphasized on the last three words.

The eight subordinates behind him also revealed vicious smiles on their faces.

Li Xiang did not feel surprised at all.

The arrival of the enemy was definitely not to treat him to a meal.

A battle was inevitable.

He found his attribute panel and quickly tapped on it a few times.

“If thats the case, then lets have a battle!”

He did not say any nonsense.

With a wave of his hand, the Dragon Slaying Divine Bow appeared in his hand.

Then, he drew the battle bow and shot out an arrow without hesitation.


This arrow was too sudden and too fast.

It was shot out without any warning.

The target was not the white-haired man on the city wall, but the huge mouth of the giant turtle with flames brewing in its head.

The Demon Turtle of Destruction did not expect that the city lord on the opposite side was even more unreasonable than it.

Without saying a word, he used up all his energy and began to attack.

In a moment of carelessness, an arrow was shot into its mouth.

In an instant, a sharp pain came from its mouth, causing its eyes to instantly turn red.

However, before it could go berserk, with a “boom”, it fell into a dizzy status.

Li Xiang ordered loudly, “Do not attack the enemys city.

Attack the head of the giant turtle with all your strength!”

Li Xiang was afraid that the giant turtle would suddenly hide its head.

If that happened, they would have to start fighting with the City of Destruction on its back.

If that happened, all their energy would be used.

When the giant turtle stuck its head out and spat out a mouthful of fire of destruction, who knew if the City of Dawn would be able to withstand it

All the heroes under them had solemn expressions as they all used their strongest attack.

Alice directly used her Flame Whip to bind the giant turtles head into a dumpling.

Alicia stabbed out with her sword, instantly piercing one of the giant turtles eyes.

Almost at the same time, Mia blinded the other eye.

Meanwhile, the Dark Dragon Lady, Yafei, turned into a giant black dragon and bit the neck of the giant turtle, causing blood to spurt out.

Kyla flew into the air and knelt on one knee.

The wings on her back spread open.

The sword in her hand was not pointed at the giant turtle, but at the City of Destruction in the distance.

While everyone was attacking the head of the giant turtle, Lance and the others in the City of Destruction reacted quickly.

They flew out of the city, wanting to stop them.

However, they were enveloped by a huge white light screen in the sky.

Immediately, thick black smoke surged out from everyones bodies.

At the same time, the strength of these enemies was rapidly decreasing.

At this moment, Demon Turtle of Destruction also came back to its senses.

However, the intense pain from its eyes, neck and even its head caused it to instantly go berserk and let out a terrifying roar.


In an instant, a black ripple spread out.

Whether it was Li Xiang or the other heroes of the City of Dawn, they were all sent flying by the black ripple.

Blood flowed out from their mouths and noses, and they were dispirited.

However, the giant turtles body immediately stiffened.

Blood instantly gushed out from both of its eyes.

The blood on its neck poured down like a waterfall, and its aura instantly became sluggish.

Li Xiang checked his own HP and was shocked.

Just that one attack had directly reduced his HP by half and a serious injury status was added.

He felt a sharp pain all over his body, which was incomparably heavy.

Even breathing was somewhat difficult.

However, with a flip of his palm, a jade bottle appeared in his hand.

He opened the jade bottle, raised his head, and drank a drop of Starlight Divine Water from the jade bottle.

Instantly, a cool aura penetrated his entire body.

All his status was instantly restored, and even his HP was full.

“Everyone, quickly consume the Starlight Divine Water!”

Even Kyla, who was casting holy light judgment in the air, was stunned by the death ripple of the Demon Turtle of Destruction.

Fortunately, Li Xiang had already prepared a life-saving medicine for everyone.

Everyone had three bottles of Starlight Divine Water, and each bottle contained a drop of water.

At this moment, after everyone had consumed the Starlight Divine Water, they had all recovered to their peak status.

Then, without needing Li Xiang to urge them, they launched another attack.

After Ya Fei transformed into her black dragon form, although its size couldnt compared to the Demon Turtle of Destruction, it was still very huge.

First, she spat out a mouthful of dragon flame on the neck of the giant destruction turtle to seal the bloody wound.

Then, she opened her mouth wide and bit again.

It was so brutal that it made people break out in cold sweat.

Kyla was even more ruthless.

She directly used a common healing spell to heal the bloody wounds on the eyes of the turtle.

However, there was only flesh and blood left in the wounds.

There were no eyes left.

Even with the recovery ability of Demon Turtle of Destruction, it couldnt recover its eyes in a short time.

Alices Flame Whip once again wrapped tightly around the mouth of the turtle.

However, her thin whip was too weak compared to the big mouth of the giant turtle.

As for Lance and the others who had rushed out from the City of Destruction in the distance, they were also affected by the death ripple.

After Kyla had greatly weakened their level and strength, they were then swept by the death ripple.

Even if they were a little further away, they were also shook into confusion.

They did not have Starlight Divine Water to recover their status.

They looked extremely sad, and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

It was not that they had never met a powerful country lord before.

In fact, they were all top-notch country lords back then.

However, after meeting the Demon Turtle of Destruction, they did not act as decisively as Li Xiang.

More importantly, they attacked the enemies in the City of Destruction and let go of the Demon Turtle of Destruction instead.

This choice was equivalent to giving up on victory.

In the end, their countries was destroyed and they were captured by the enemies in the City of Destruction.

Since then, they became the slaves of the Demon Turtle of Destruction.


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