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There were two dwarves in the picture.

One of them was respectfully reporting what had happened to him in the mine.

He was the one who had spoken those words.

Li Xiang was confused.

Since when did he have five thousand demon soldiers

There were only five hundred demon soldiers stationed in the mine!

Did the dwarves not know how to count

“Five thousand Humph! Hans, shut your big, bragging mouth!”

The dwarf who was called the king raised his gourd and gulped down a mouthful of strong wine.

“You said that there were 800 ghouls in the West Mountain when there were only eight, and the 2000 aquatic demons in the East River were exaggerated by you when it was only 20.

In the end Werent they all defeated by the King of the Hill, which is me”

The dwarf wanted to cry, but he had no tears.

The king had never seen the terrifying appearance of those demons.

How could this race be compared to those ghouls and aquatic demons

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And… There was indeed a lot of them!

“Pass down the order; the entire tribe will prepare for battle!”

The Dwarf King waved his hand.

“Its just a few demons.

The dwarves are not afraid of battle!”

The dwarf wanted to persuade him again.

However, the Dwarf King had already made up his mind.

He had an expression that said, “If you dare to back out of the battle, Ill give you a good beating.” The dwarf didnt dare to say anything else and could only go out and give the order.

Li Xiang let the succubus stop displaying the picture.

“How could he be so stubborn”

He couldnt help but shake his head.

The dwarf actually wanted to fight him.

This was something he had never expected.

After all, how could a tribe that couldnt even deal with goblins take the initiative to fight him, who had enslaved goblins

No one knew what the dwarf had said to make the dwarf king so stubborn.

“Eye Demon.”

Li Xiang shouted.

“My Honorable Demon Lord, please give your order.” The eye demon was already on the right track, and his attitude was ridiculously respectful.

“Get the Black Wing Demon that was tracking them to come back.

Also, use the small eye demons to scout the area near the dwarf tribe and find the nearest route.

Well take the initiative to attack and scare them.”


“As you wish!”

“Oh right.” Li Xiang asked again, “Can you continuously release your abilities now”

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“With the help of the Ancient Well of Darkness, I can already do it, Honorable Demon Lord.”

“Thats good.”

Li Xiang nodded.

The skills of the eye demon were indispensable.

It was the key to cooperating with the succubus to deal with large-scale area damage.

Of course, he did not want to exterminate the dwarves.

After all, he still had the weapon blueprint that he needed their help to forge.

But deterrence was essential.

Apart from that, he had to give them some benefits.

“Does he like to drink”

Li Xiang noticed the King of the Hill drinking many times in the short picture.

Since the Dark Flower Goblin happened to have the Winemaking ability, he might as well let them bring some mead made from honey over.

By tempering justice with mercy, he believed that the dwarves would submit to him, the demon race.

The Eye Demon and the Flower Goblins began to move.

The Eye Demon was very efficient.

In less than ten minutes, it handed over a map of the territory of the dwarves.

It marked the areas that they had to pass through before they could march from the main base to the dwarf tribe.

It had investigated the kinds of threats that they would encounter in the place and whether it was neutral territory for Li Xiang.

Li Xiang was very satisfied and looked at it carefully.

The Eye Demon explained from the side.

“Demon Lord, from our location to the dwarf tribe, there are three paths to choose from.”

“Two of them have lords guarding it, and one is a neutral territory.”

“But there is a group of offensive creatures in this neutral territory, called Poisonous Man-Eating Bees.”

“Although they dont have much intelligence, they are very poisonous and live near the dwarf tribe.

When they go out to collect honey, they often attack these dwarves.”

Li Xiang nodded and smiled.

“Then lets go to this region.

We will help the dwarves solve this problem, and they will definitely be grateful to us.

Theres no reason not to make weapons for us.”

“Demon Lord, you are far-sighted.

Im far inferior to you.”

“Alright, alright.

Stop fawning.

Go and check on the Flower Goblins winemaking progress.”

“Demon Lord, the Flower Goblins are working very hard.

They are almost done.”

“So fast”

Li Xiang was slightly surprised.

He didnt expect that the winemaking process would also receive a hundredfold efficiency increase.

This would save a lot of time.

Thus, he waited in the territory for a while and made some Honey Roasted Meat.

After the mead was ready, he gathered an army of 1,000 soldiers and headed towards the dwarven territory.

It was worth mentioning that in order to strengthen his reputation, Li Xiang created another 40 Dark Flower Goblins.


This soldier had two summoning conditions.

One was to not add honey, and each unit would consume 500 souls.

The other was to add two units of honey, and it would only consume 50 souls.

The Flower Goblin tribe already had a lot of honey reserves, so Li Xiang took advantage of it.

The hundredfold increase turned into an army of 4,000 Flower Goblins.

Although in reality, only 500 Black Wing Demons and 500 Vine Whisker Demons had the ability to fight.


But this did not affect him conquering the dwarven tribe.

How many people were there in the dwarven tribe

Only 200 to 300.

He believed that when they saw the demon army approaching the city, they would definitely not have the intention to resist.

Even if the King of the Hill was determined to go his way, the other dwarves would not follow and send themselves to death.

Very soon, the army arrived at the neutral territory.

Facing the Poisonous Man-Eating Bees, the wood type Vine Whisker Demons, which were immune to poison, were the first choice to deal with them.

With just three or four Vine Whisker Demons charging in and activating their [Furious Whip] skill, they easily destroyed the nest of the Poisonous Man-Eating Bees and obtained several thousand souls.

Moreover, they obtained a large amount of EXP and became the first batch of Vine Whisker Demons to level up.

They swept away all the spoils of war and handed them over to Li Xiang.

[System Notification: You have obtained the Poisonous Man-Eating Bees Stinger x 172!]

[System Notification: You have obtained a Poisonous Man-Eating Bee Nest!]

The stinger contained poison and could be used to enchant.

The bee nest had a synthesis option and could be used to make [Detoxifying Beeswax].

Anyone who had been stung by a Poisonous Man-Eating Bee could apply the Detoxifying Beeswax to quickly relieve the pain.

“Ill treat it as a gift to the dwarf tribe.”

Li Xiang did not need it, so he did not feel any heartache if he gifted it as he continued to lead the army forward.

Not long after, the army arrived at the city gates.



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