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A few minutes later, everyone heard the roar of an army charging forward.

Li Xiang waved his hand and said, “Everyone, get ready! Be careful not to make a sound!”

The Dread Fiend Cavalry tacitly mounted their nightmare warhorses, and all the heroes drew their weapons.

The roar was getting closer and closer.

Although the distance was already more than a thousand feet, no one could see who it was.

Those who could travel freely in the Evernight were not friends.

Li Xiang knew what was happening.

The previous wave of enemies had lured him out of the city to deal with him.

However, he did not know the exact method they would want to use.

However, based on the enemys strength, they should not be able to defeat him.

After realizing they couldnt trick Li Xiang, the best way to enrage Li Xiang was to attack Emperor City or Business City.

The Business City was in the east and was further away, so Li Xiang brought his army to Emperor City as quickly as possible to wait for the enemy.

He was unsure if his guess was correct, but it was better than letting the enemy lead them by the nose.

He did not expect these enemies to do as he had expected.

Not long after they arrived, the enemy came.

He was sure that this wave of enemies was the one they had chased because there was only one organized team near the City of Dawn.

Li Xiang listened to the movement of the enemy troops and estimated that there were at least 10,000 of them.

That was only based on his rough estimation.

As the saying goes, you should be lenient when you predict the enemy.

Now that he had obtained the information of 10,000 enemies, he would make preparations for 30,000.

Li Xiang mounted his warhorse and waved his hand, “Follow me and charge!”


The army suddenly moved out.

The distance between them was less than 500 meters, and they arrived instantly.

Charging forward, Li Xiang saw that this army was made up of tall, sturdy humans who wore superior armor.

However, these humans looked strange at a glance.

Their faces had terrifying black patterns, and there were no whites in their eyes.

Their skin was pale with a greenish-gray color, and their hands were like ghost claws.

Li Xiang did not hesitate and directly launched an attack with the commanders sword in his hand.

When Li Xiangs army moved, the enemies who passed by this area instantly noticed it.


A furious roar broke the silence in the darkness.

In front, the middle-aged man, thinking about how to take down Emperor City quickly, had a slight change in expression.

When Li Xiangs army moved, he had already noticed the abnormality and abruptly turned his head to look.

He saw a shining army charging in from the side, directly cutting off the army behind him from the middle.

As they moved, the gap continued to expand.

Hundreds of soldiers were killed in this sudden attack.

The middle-aged man roared angrily, turned his horse around, and charged at Li Xiang.

The mocking attitude in his mind had disappeared, and he only wanted to kill Li Xiang immediately.

He felt that his victory was in his grasp, and his well-thought-out strategy seemed to have turned into a childs trick, mercilessly mocked by this human lord.

His face was filled with an unprecedented fiery feeling, as if he had been ruthlessly slapped, causing him to be filled with a sense of shame.

Li Xiang saw the enemy who had turned around and charged toward him, and his eyes flashed with a fiery passion.

Almost at the same time, he activated all of his five great halo skills.

Previously, Li Xiang had shut down all his equipment and skills to avoid being noticed because he had to hide his existence.

Now that Li Xiang had switched them on again, a ring of different colors appeared beneath their feet.


Li Xiang saw a middle-aged man charging at him with a black spear in his hand from afar.

The black patterns on his face looked even more terrifying under his ferocious smile.

Li Xiang was not afraid at all.

He looked at the man coldly and charged at him as well.

At the same time, he activated his scouting skill and obtained information about the enemy.

[ Evernight Slave Army Leader Morey ]

Aptitude: SS

Level: 115

HP: 30,000

Attack: 3,000

Defense: 2,800

Skills: Rage Dragon Spear, Frantic Dragon Spear, Rising Dragon Spear, Divine Dragon Strike

“What the hell! He is a hero who is proficient in spear techniques! Slave Army, it seems that this guy must have been a human hero in the past and a very powerful one.

But now, he might have fallen!”

Li Xiang didnt overthink, nor did he have the time to do so.

The opponents long spear had already become a raging dragon, swallowing him.

Only now did Li Xiang realize that he didnt have any attack-type skills.

Most of the time, the ruler of the country didnt need to go into battle to kill the enemy, and he didnt pay attention, relying too much on his subordinates.

However, the attack was right in front of him.

Even if he did not have any skills, he was not afraid at all.

He swung the long sword in his hand and directly met the opponents attack.



Li Xiang felt a violent force coming from the long sword.

Then, the opponents long spear instantly hit his chest.

Although the battle armor had weakened most of the force, the powerful force still involuntarily sent him flying.


Many of the subordinates behind instantly rushed forward.

Alicia hugged Li Xiang, who was flying backward.

The others immediately activated berserk mode as they charged toward Morey.

At this time, Morey displayed his powerful battle talent.

With four skills, he could firmly block the fierce attack of six or seven heroes.

The other subordinates behind him also rushed forward to help.

“Lord, how are you”

Li Xiang shook his head and said, “Im fine! Go and help!”

He touched the huge hole in the armor on his chest and could not help but feel some lingering fear in his heart.

If that spear had advanced a little further, it would have pierced through the armor and injured his body.

With force contained in the opponents spear, it was likely that it would be able to crush his heart in an instant.

At that time, he would be dead.

Li Xiang made up his mind that he had to master a few powerful combat skills.

Otherwise, he would need his men to guard him all the time when he entered the real Myriad World Continent.

It wasnt that Li Xiang hadnt obtained any attack skills before, but because the quality of his combat skills wasnt high, or he didnt learn them because they werent suitable for him.

At this moment, he strongly desired to learn these attack and defense skills.

On the other side, Morey was besieged by eight heroes whose levels were even higher than his.

Although he could hold on for a while, it was only for a while.

After Alicia returned, these peoples anxious moods eased when they knew Li Xiang was fine.

The heroes restored their rationality, and the strength they displayed and their tacit cooperation made Morey almost unable to retaliate.


Relying on her solid defense, Yafei directly charged into the flashing spear shadow.

With a punch, she sent Morey flying.

She was still in the air, but Alices whip had already coiled him instantly.

Thinking of that, she swung her whip behind her.

Mias figure flashed, and her sword chopped off Moreys head.


Moreys headless corpse fell onto the ground, causing a cloud of dust to fly up.


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