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Chapter 206 The Secret Behind The Title

The High Priest guessed it was very likely due to this worlds special influence.

They might be able to contact their God when they enter the real Myriad World Continent.

Thus, he continued, “However, the Country Lord doesnt have to worry.

We will hold a grand ceremony after we enter the real Myriad World Continent.

At that time, we will be able to contact the Undeads God, and we may be able to obtain the method to become a God!”

When Chen Feng heard that, his conflicted heart finally calmed down.

He had even given up on his own race and became a member of the Undead to become a God.

It would indeed be too tragic if his final plot failed.

At the same time, the other high and low-ranking Country Lords on the Ranking Board were also using their methods to understand the path to becoming a God.

The fastest way to understand that information was, of course, to ask the Lord of Dawn.

But everyone knew their limits.

Information related to vital interests would not be easily leaked.

At the same time, Yang Mi, Zhou Yutong, and Ning Xiaoyue were also on that same topic with Li Xiang through their communication interface.

As for the battle outside, there was no danger for the four of them at the moment.

They did not even use their heroes and armies.

Just the city defense alone could easily deal with it.

“Li Xiang, when did I become your wife”

Yang Mi had questioned him from the very beginning.

She seemed to be very angry.

However, Li Xiang had already seen through Yang Mis heart and laughed, “Ah Isnt this something that will happen sooner or later Everyone in the entire Myriad World Continent knows that the three of you are mine now.

Nothing will change even if I dont say it!”

Li Xiang wasnt wrong.

Yang Mi, Zhou Yutong, and Ning Xiaoyue had recently been contacted by many people whom theyve interacted with in the past.

Some of those were friends, while others were acquaintances.

They all tried to get close to Li Xiang through various methods.

Unfortunately, Yang Mi and Zhou Yutong were completely resistant to that.

They could and did not mind helping.

However, getting into the Harem or contacting Li Xiang through them would be impossible.

Ning Xiaoyue was slightly weaker in that aspect.

This lady was mainly too kind and innocent in the past and didnt know how to reject others.

She was afraid that she would say something wrong and offend others.

Yang Mi knew Ning Xiaoyue well enough, so she asked Ning Xiaoyue to tell her friends her contact number and let them look for her instead.

Ning Xiaoyue no longer needed to feel difficult.

She naturally pushed all the responsibility to Yang Mi and didnt need to worry about other things.

“Li Xiang, what is up with your name as the Lord of Dawn We want to know too!”

That was Zhou Yutong.

She was very straightforward and did not beat around the bush.

Li Xiang thought for a moment and said, “To be honest, even I only just knew about that.

Im not even sure what the key is.”

Yang Mi quickly said, “Just say it.

Dont worry.

The three of us will definitely not spread the news!”

Naturally, Li Xiang trusted the three of them.

Moreover, he was not afraid of the news spreading.

“You guys know about the reward I received when I upgraded the main city to Rank 5 and established the Kingdom of Dawn, right”

Li Xiang had only established the Kingdom of Dawn a little over a month ago, so it could still be clearly remembered.

“It was a Talent Treasure Chest, three Mythical Treasure Chests, 100,000 merit points, and 1,000,000 crystal coins, right”

Yang Mi said quickly.

“Thats right! Although I obtained a few treasures from the three Mythical Treasure Chests, I think the one that has the greatest impact on me is that Talent Treasure Chest!”

“Talent Could it be that becoming a God is related to talent”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “I obtained a new SSS-rank talent in this Talent Treasure Chest.

But thats not the most important thing.

Most importantly, this new talent complements and counters my talent.

It produced a brand new talent after fusion.

And this talent is no longer SSS-rank but a higher rank.

This rank is called – Divine grade.

Does this remind you of something”

Yang Mi and the other two were brilliant.

After hearing Li Xiangs words, the three immediately realized that the Divine grade talent was the key to Li Xiang becoming the Lord of Dawn.

Other things like leveling up a city or destroying thousands of countries were unimportant.

The only way to become a God was to increase ones talent.

Ning Xiaoyue exclaimed, “I cant believe it! Although I know talent can be upgraded, the requirements for talent upgrading are too harsh.

Common low-rank talent may be easier to upgrade, but the higher the rank, the harder it is to upgrade! Like Li Xiang, upgrading a Mythical talent to a Divine grade requires two Mythical talents complementing and countering each other.

It seems that its not just any two Mythical talents.

Its as difficult as ascending to the sky!”

Ning Xiaoyues words were not exaggerated at all.

Even Yang Mi and Zhou Yutong were stunned by that requirement.

The three of them were the ones with the best talents.

They could be said to be the luckiest few among the billions of people on Earth to have reached SS-rank.

Even so, they did not hold much hope in upgrading from SS-rank to SSS-rank.

And the thought of upgrading to Divine grade in the future made them feel hopeless.

“Divine grade talent.

Then do you know what grade is after Divine grade”

Li Xiang shook his head and said, “I dont know either.

My talent has only reached Divine grade, which was only known after the system notification.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have known there was a Divine grade above the Mythical grade!”

Yang Mi and Zhou Yutong originally had high hopes of becoming Gods, but at that moment, their passion extinguished, and they instantly became clear-headed.

“Looks like becoming a God isnt something we can get involved in for the time being!”


Li Xiang comforted them, “Why are you guys in such a hurry Even for me, other than the title of the Lord of Dawn, I didnt notice any other changes! To truly become a God, there is still a long way to go.

If becoming a God was easy, there would have been Gods and Buddhas everywhere.”

Zhou Yutong smiled, “You dont have to comfort us.

We still know our limits! Anyway, you really became a God, but dont even think about getting rid of the three of us!”

“Hahaha, how could I bear to get rid of you guys If that day really comes, you guys will have already set foot on the path of becoming a God.

It is not impossible for you to become a God before me!”

“Is that so Then lets work hard together!”

The four of them ended their conversation.

As for Li Xiang, he also finally understood the reason why he became the Lord of Dawn.

In fact, before that matter broke out, he didnt even know that he had already become the Lord of Dawn from the Kingdom of Dawns Country Lord.

Although it was just a single word difference, the meaning was vastly different.

Li Xiang was naturally pleased about the change, but he did not notice any changes in his body.

His strength did not increase, nor did his attributes change.

It was just a change in his title.


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