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However, the other lords had already exposed much information about him.

“It seems I have to prepare more trump cards for myself if I have the chance!”

Li Xiang could feel that this so-called world was dangerous.

He suspected that the place they were now was not the real Myriad World Continent but just a novice village away from the Myriad World Continent.

The true experts and factions were hidden in the deeper parts of the world.

Perhaps one day, they would suddenly appear.

Suddenly, he received a message from Yang Mi.

“Congratulations! Youve appeared in the world announcement once again.

You are getting more famous!”

Li Xiang was a little speechless.

He replied, “I am not interested in the fame! The life of a big star isnt easy!”

Yang Mi smiled.

“Is that so With your reputation, you might get private messages from beauties who recommended themselves to you.

Im sure you will like that! You dont have to pay anything.

They would throw themselves into your arms.

What else is there to be dissatisfied about”

Li Xiang laughed.

“When you say that, why do I feel you are jealous”

Yang Mi immediately retorted, “Youre overthinking.

Im here to warn you not to be arrogant!”

Zhou Yutong and Ning Xiao Yues congratulations message popped out.

Li Xiang wanted to ask them about the situation on the battlefield, so he added them to the meeting hall.

“Its fine.

There arent many casualties.

We have killed most of the enemys army, so you dont have to worry.”

Zhou Yutong said, “We obtained a lot of equipment and resources this time.

See if theres anything you need.

Ill get someone to send it over.”

“No need! I have more things here, and my territory has expanded by three times.

Now, my territory has reached 360,000 square kilometers.

On earth, its at least a province.”

Hearing this, Yang Mi and the other two looked delighted.

The stronger Li Xiang was, the safer they would be.

“Theres not much time left before the Evernight Continent descends.

You must prepare early and level up your main cities as soon as possible.

The defense of the castle is still a little weak.

If you need anything, tell me.

Ill send someone over to support.”


“Also, dont keep the low-level equipment from this battle.

Sell them for money or materials, and then build better equipment.”

After this battle, besides the three cups of territory the system rewarded, Li Xiang still had over 300 lords imprints left.

Li Xiang would have a more extensive territory if he included the lords land to his side.

Larger territories naturally needed more troops to protect.

Right now, the 100 thousand troops under Li Xiang were not enough.

At the same time, the territories of Yang Mi and the other two would also expand.

After all, the three girls had over a hundred lord imprints in their hands.

However, it raised the barriers between the various regions once more.

Unless there were a teleportation formation or an alliance that allowed them to travel freely, they would need to walk through the wilderness region.

The danger and uncertainty had significantly increased.

Countries like Li Xiang, Yang Mi, and Zhou Yutong, whose territory had increased greatly, still only occupied one square of space on the map.

However, in reality, the area inside was different.

One day, when these barriers disappeared, the map of the entire world would instantly change.

Countries with enough territory would immediately become regional overlords.

As for countries with small territories, whether they could still defend themselves were unknown.

In the end, they would be considered lucky to become the overlord of a large country.

Therefore, Li Xiang also hoped that the territories of Yang Mi and the other two would be large enough.

This way, they would have more resources, and their strategic depth would also be sufficient to defend against external enemies.

The four of them chatted about their plans and arrangements in the meeting hall before leaving.

Li Xiang obtained many soul points in this battle and decided to recruit more army again.

He had to increase the number of demon armies, especially the Dread Fiend Cavalry.

The number of Demon Mages had to be expanded as well.

As for the Light-type warriors, Li Xiang planned only to recruit angels.

Even if he had only a few, they could still play a decisive role as his trump card.

Li Xiang had to continue recruiting the Light-type warriors not to be targeted by the enemy after getting enough information.

After returning, Li Xiang immediately increased the Dread Fiend Cavalry from 5,000 to 10,000, spending 25 million soul points.

The number of Demon Mages increased to 1,000, spending 5,000,000 soul points.

He recruited the Flame Demon Warriors, spending 1,000 soul points each, which was 20,000,000 soul points in total.

Then, he summoned 20,000 Vine Whisker Demons, spending 1,000 soul points each and 20,000,000 in total.

He had also recruited 20,000 Black Wing Demons, spending 20,000,000 soul points.

The total was 90,000,000 soul points.

Three hundred twenty million soul points were almost 100 million.

If his current level were not only Level 100, he would have been a little impulsive to recruit the light-type divine-level Starlight Angel, Ye Xi directly.

Divine Level was an existence that was one level higher than the mythical level.

The exclusive skills alone had six, and each was extremely powerful.

Unfortunately, it was still out of reach.

Following that, Li Xiang entered the Starlight Shrine again and summoned two heroes.

Each hero consumed three million soul points.

He had spent another six million.

These two heroes were extraordinary.

One was the abyss-type hero, the Dark Dragon Lady, Yafei, and the other was the Holy Light Angel, Kaila.

[ Dark Dragon Lady, Yafei ]

Quality: SSS Mythical

Level: 1

HP: 20,000

Attack: 2,200

Defense: 3,000

Skills: Dragons Breath, Dragons Stab, Blazing Fire Prairie, Dragons Descent

Recruitment Requirements: Level 100; 3,000,000 soul points

[ Angel of Light, Kyla ]

Quality: Mythical

Level: 1

HP: 10,000

Attack: 2,000

Defense: 2,000

Skills: Holy Light Protection, Holy Judgement, Holy Blessing, Holy Sword

Recruitment Requirements: Level 100; 3,000,000 soul points

In addition to these two heroes, Li Xiang recruited 10 SS-Rank guardian angels and 100 S-Rank warlord angels.

He had spent a total of 20,000,000 soul points.

With this, he still had around 200,000,000 soul points left.

However, he could not help these newly recruited heroes and warriors level up.

Although he had accumulated a lot of EXP, after reaching level 100, the EXP required to level up increased exponentially.

He could only level up the two heroes to Level 100.

The rest was up to themselves.

Following that, he devoured more than 300 foreign countries Lords Imprint, and his territory began to level up again.

This time, when it rose, the commotion was much smaller.

The main thing was that his territory was big enough, so the impact was naturally small.

Right now, other than being able to look carefully at the situation within the countrys borders from the map, it would take a lot of time for Li Xiang to look around by himself.


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