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Qing Ying naturally knew of Alice and Alicias auras.

She let out a soft cry as a greeting.

However, when she saw the two of them arrive, the fear that had just risen in her heart instantly dissipated.

She cried and ignored the three wild bosses that had already revealed themselves and had a berserk aura.

She directly flew towards the fleeing lords.

These lords were all grand prize EXP packets, and she couldnt let any of them go.

Thus, on the battlefield, a strange scene of the Phoenix chasing hundreds of foreign lords and killing them appeared.

With her sharp eyes and sense of aura, the Phoenix quickly killed the lords who only cared about escaping and didnt hide their aura and whereabouts.

Every time she killed one, she gained a large amount of EXP.

However, some lords remembered to hide their tracks and auras.

That made it quite difficult for Phoenix Qing Ying to chase after them.

Hence, Phoenix Qing Ying decided to start a random killing mode.

If she found some clues, she would burn the nearby area into a piece of bald ground.

With that, she could see the entire battlefield.

Soon the grounds around her were bald.

On the empty land, the burned corpses of the Foreign Race Alliance Army were everywhere.

Many of them had even turned into ashes.

The scene was extremely tragic.

The Little Phoenix was still not willing to relax.

It flew around the battlefield.

The Foreign Race Alliance Army was in a panic.

They ran around the battlefield.

Wherever the Phoenix flew, it would be chaos.

Alicia, Alice, and Modo each sealed with one of the three bosses the lords had summoned.

Of the three bosses, two were legendary, and one was mythical.

The legendary was a Level 60 Boss, while the mythical was a Level 80 Boss.

It was about 20 levels lower than the bosses of the same quality in Li Xiangs territory.


Therefore, although they were all strong, they had no way to fight back against the three mythical-level heroes on an average Level of 130.

They only had enough HP and took the heroes longer to kill.

However, no matter how much HP they had, they would not be able to hold on for long.

Little Phoenix had not killed all the Foreign Races lords when the heroes had already killed the bosses.

Little Phoenix was angry.

The Phoenix fire she had just leveled up had spread across the eastern battlefield.

Her level had risen by five levels again, reaching Level 95.

After such a big battle, Little Phoenix felt a little tired.

Without even saying goodbye, she flew straight back to the City of Dawn and transformed into the size of a house sparrow, landing on Li Xiangs shoulder.

Her tiny claws clung to the clothes on Li Xiangs shoulder, and her body hung on it like a pendant, falling into a deep sleep.

Li Xiang felt that this little girl must be tired, so he did not disturb her.

He continued to sit there and connected to the western battlefield.

Although the Alliance Army did not have fast information, they soon received news of the southern and eastern fronts.

Even the news from the north came one after another.

An all-out defeat, saying that it was a defeat, was giving them face.

In truth, Li Xiangs army nearly wiped out the Alliance Armys millions of troops in the south or the east.

The north was slightly better.

However, they still suffered great losses.

It was so quiet in the Foreign Race Alliance Armys headquarters that was extremely far away that one could hear a pin drop.

“Weve failed! Weve suffered a huge defeat.

We underestimated Li Xiangs strength!”

“This time, its not our fault! Who would have thought that a divine beast, Phoenix, would suddenly appear A mouthful of Phoenix fire directly burned the two armies into ashes.

Even if we were to lead them, the result would be no different!”

“But this loss is too great!”

“So be it! The most important thing now is to bring back the soldiers from the Western Front.

We cant lose any more men.

Now that weve suffered a great loss, we must keep some men alive to prevent Li Xiang from taking revenge at any time!”

“I hope he comes quickly.

In our territory, even if theres a phoenix, we have the confidence to kill him!”

“Whats the use of saying all this now Lets think about how to bring the army back.

The Kingdom of Dawns army wont just watch our men retreat.”

“How about this Ill get someone to send three more mythical-level summoning tokens over.

With the three in their hands, six summoning tokens should be enough to tie down Li Xiangs army.

After all, they dont have many people!”

“Three isnt enough.

Weve underestimated Li Xiang before.

We didnt expect that he would have a divine beast Phoenix as his pet apart from a few top-tier heroes.

Hes a lucky person.

Its too heaven-defying.”

“I only have three left…”

“I will contribute a mythical-level summoning token.”

“I will also contribute a mythical level.

Legendary-level is no longer of much use.”

Hence, it did not take long for them to gather almost mythical-level summoning tokens.

These summoning tokens were meant to be used as missions, but now they had become essential resources and reserves.

“Immediately send them over.

When we reach there, we immediately summon all twelve summoning tokens.

Then, the army will retreat immediately.

All the teleportation formations of the Alliance Army will be activated so that most of our men can return!”

Soon, someone brought the summoning tokens to the western battlefield and handed them over to the leader of the Alliance Army.

That leader of the Alliance Army had long received the news that something unexpected had happened in this battle.

He was panicking when he knew the Alliance Army had all been wiped out on the other three fronts.

When he saw that the person had brought the order from the Alliance Army Headquarters and had a great weapon in hand, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

That person was quite honest.

He did as the headquarters ordered.

After gathering the troops, apart from the soldiers at the back, they had already started crossing the border.

Li Xiang saw that these soul points were about to flee.

So, he immediately sent Alice, Alicia, Demon Hunter, Lys, and the other commanders of the other demon race over.

Even the 60,000 demon army that was free also began to rush towards the Western Front.

The moment the Kingdom of Dawns army moved, the leader of the Alliance Army immediately noticed it and did not dare to dawdle.

He threw Twelve summoning tokens in the direction of the Kingdom of Dawns army.

Among them, only two of the summoning tokens summoned legendary-level bosses.

The remaining ten summoning tokens were all mythical-level, and each was above Level 80.

There were even two that were Level 100.

These bosses were huge.

They blocked the path of the Kingdom of Dawns army and launched an attack.

In reality, these summoned monsters could not differentiate between friend and foe.

No one could control them.

They would always target those around them.

Whoever was close to them would be the first person they attacked.

Under the plan of the Alliance Armys leader, they trapped the army of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Li Xiangs army even suffered some casualties.

Although Li Xiang wanted to keep all of these enemies, the reality was cruel.


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