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“Its scary.

What kind of weapon is the enemy using If we cant find a solution, no matter how many troops charge forward, it will all be in vain!”

Some lords saw that Li Xiang had almost eradicated the troops charging forward.

Their hearts ached so much that they almost cried.

Lord Rui Feng felt fear and knew it.

With Li Xiangs current attack power, it would be difficult for them to obtain effective results even if the millions of soldiers behind him attacked together.

“Ask the Black Eagle races lord to attack from the air with a bow and arrow! Im sure that will do.”

One of the lords thought of an idea and immediately suggested it.

Lord Rui Fengs eyes lit up slightly, and he nodded and said, “Its just that the Black Eagle Races lord isnt enough.

Its best to have all the lords of the races that can fly attack from the air together.”

Thinking of the units in the sky, the lords of the other races immediately regained their confidence.

So what if the enemys crossbow arrows are powerful They doubted Li Xiang could kill them with the crossbow arrows.

Following that, the army in front immediately retreated.

At the same time, a large group of aerial soldiers flew up from the back.

These soldiers were of all races, including the Eagle Race, the Crow race, the Sparrow race, and the Crane Race.

It was like a gathering of flying animals!

Li Xiang used the shared vision of the eye demon to see the changes on the southern front.

A strange smile appeared on his face.

Then, he patted the Little Phoenix Qing Ying on his shoulder and said, “Qing Ying, go.

There are a lot of strange birds in the south.

They are all your prey!”

Curiosity flashed in the Little Phoenix Qing Yings eyes.

She let out a low cry, turned into a flame, and flew into the sky.

The Little Phoenix Qing Ying could fly twenty kilometers in a split second.


As soon as she arrived, she saw a large group of birds coming from all directions in the sky.

They let out a series of unpleasant cries as they rapidly approached.

The hostility and killing intent from their bones immediately allowed the Little Phoenix Qing Ying to distinguish between friend and foe.


A clear cry of a phoenix resounded through the sky and earth.

In an instant, the bodies of those bird species initially filled with a violent and bloodthirsty aura trembled.

The suppression from their bloodlines instantly made them almost unable to control their bodies.

They fell from the sky as if they had forgotten their flying instincts.

Lys had initially planned to have the Black Wing Demon take off and use the Purgatory Divine Crossbow to fight in the air.

Perhaps there would be quite a few casualties, but it would still be able to attract the enemy into the air firmly.

However, the current situation left him at ease.

That was the lords pet, the Phoenix Qing Ying.

The Phoenix was known as the emperor of the hundred birds.

Its bloodline had a huge suppression effect.

Now that it was in the hostile status, the suppression effect immediately increased several times.

These bird-like foreign warriors had no way of resisting at all.

After the Phoenix cried out, the bird races began to fall from the air.

A small number of those with stronger resistance were also swaying as if drunk, unable to control their bodies.

More than 300,000 to 400,000 bird-like foreign warriors were flying in the sky this time.

Looking at the sky from the ground was like a continuous stretch of dark clouds, making people feel despair.

Who would have thought that with the cry of the Phoenix, these bird-like foreign warriors would start to fall like raindrops

“Everyone, get ready.

Aim at these bird-like foreign warriors in the sky and shoot.”

Behind the 30,000 troops, there were 10,000 Vine Whisker Demons and 10,000 Black Wing Demons, other than the 10,000 Flame Demon Warriors.

The Vine Whisker Demons could control three Purgatory Divine Crossbows, while the Black Wing Demon could control one.

That was 40,000 Purgatory Divine Crossbows in total.

The quiver of arrows powered the Purgatory Divine Crossbow.

Its shooting speed was fast, and it could shoot out an entire quiver of arrows in a dozen seconds.

Thus, everyone witnessed a spectacular scene.

On the ground, the rain of arrows continued.

The bird-like foreign warrior in the sky was directly hit by the arrows while falling.

Then, with the blessing of Li Xiangs five halo skills, the Explosive Halo and the Spattering Halo unleashed their power, and almost no bird-like warrior corpses fell on the ground.

Most of them had already been dismembered in the air.

The feathers of countless birds danced in the air, igniting them by the splashing flames, forming a scarlet rain of light in the sky.

Lord Rui Feng and the other lords of the Alliance were dumbfounded.

They wondered how they were supposed to fight Li Xiang.

They thought their hundreds of thousands of bird soldiers would be able to slaughter everyone.

However, Li Xiang refused to show mercy.

He released his divine beast, the Phoenix, to deal with their attack!

Even if the foreign races on the ground werent birds, they still shivered under the pressure of the Phoenix.

“We cant fight this war anymore! The intelligence didnt mention that Li Xiang, the Lord of Dawn, had a phoenix with him.

Looking at the golden flames burning on the Phoenixs body, it is an adult Phoenix.

Im afraid that it will destroy us all!”

“Whats the point of saying so much Lets quickly retreat!”

Lord Rui Fengs face was slightly pale, and he said thoughtfully, “Its too late!”


Following that, everyone discovered that after the Phoenix let out a clear cry and transformed into a streak of fire.

Thinking about the place they were flying towards, its speed was fast.

Without waiting for them to run, a wave of scorching aura gushed over them.

In front of them, a golden flame rose.


Qing Ying looked down at these guys dressed differently from the rest, screaming miserably in flames, she spat out.

She did not have the slightest bit of sympathy.

She even felt it was not satisfying, so she spat another mouthful of Phoenix fire.

As a result, the screams also disappeared.

In a split second, they turned into black ash.

At the same time, Qing Ying got a huge amount of EXP.

She had even leveled up one level.

As a divine beast, the difficulty of leveling up one level needed higher EXP than an SSS-Rank hero.

Although she had recently participated in clearing the wild monsters lair, there were still no changes in her level.

She did not expect to gain so much EXP just by burning hundreds of strange monsters to death.

Qing Yings bright, clear eyes filled with excitement as she flew high into the sky again.

Looking at the millions of enemies on the ground behind him who had different appearances but had extraordinary auras, she immediately let out a cheer.

With a dive, Qing Ying spewed her fire all over the place.

Wherever it passed, no living creature could survive.

They all turned into Qing Yings EXP, and she burned most of the spoils of war into ash.

Lys stood on the peak of the hill and watched this scene.

He could not help but smile bitterly.

He had prepared for half a day but did not expect Qing Ying to annihilate the enemy easily.

Only wisps of green smoke rose from the ground.

“Who is the devil, me or her”

Not to mention Lys, even Li Xiang did not expect Qing Ying to be so excited today.

Initially, he only wanted her to go and support Lys and, at the same time, to control the birds in the air.

Who would have thought that the Little Phoenix killed all

She did it so decisively and left nothing behind.


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