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After a long while, someone posted a message carefully.

“Is there no one who can detect the true level of the soldiers of the Kingdom of Dawn”

“No! Its not that I dont want to, but I cant detect them with either tools or skills! Once I detect them, Ill immediately alert these soldiers, and I might get myself killed!”


If thats the case, its almost certain that the soldiers of the Kingdom of Dawn are at least 30 levels higher than you!”

“Then doesnt that mean that the soldiers of the Kingdom of Dawn are all of Level 70 to Level 80 Isnt that too ridiculous”

“No! I remember that not long ago, the lord of the Kingdom of Dawn was only Level 50!”

“Dont you know That must be a disguise, skills, or equipment.

Li Xiang is cunning and wretched.”

“Hehe, what benefit would you guys get if you brag about the Kingdom of Dawn Do you know how many people the foreign races have joined in the mission this time Forty-eight races, over 500 top-tier lords, and more than 10 million soldiers! That was without mentioning the hidden trump card.

But how many people does the Kingdom of Dawn have At most, there wont be more than 200,000 people.

That number of soldiers from the foreign race was enough to eliminate the Kingdom of Dawn.”

Hearing these words, those who had some hope for the Kingdom of Dawn to win immediately shut up.

Even if the Kingdom of Dawn had an army of 200,000 soldiers above Level 100, it would be difficult for them to win against an army of over 100,000 soldiers above Level 50.

It was not an exaggeration to say that a colony of ants could kill an elephant.

That was a difference of more than 50 times!

Immediately, the public opinion in the chat zone began to be pessimistic about this battle.

Although many human lords with foresight wanted to help Li Xiang, their strength and distance were the biggest limitations.

They could not help but watch helplessly.

The Foreign Race Alliance Army had already advanced to 20 kilometers in the Kingdom of Dawn.

As the Southern Alliance Army commander, the top lord of the Blood Claw Race, the Level 60 Lord Rui Feng looked at the valleys entrance and sneered.


The Army of the Kingdom of Dawn did not hide their presence on the mountain.

After all, the Foreign Alliance army also had aerial reconnaissance units, so it was not easy to hide their tracks.

“Humph! A mere 30,000 people are trying to stop us They are ignorant of our ability!”

“Lets defeat them and go on with our plan.

However, the soldiers of the enemy army are all of the high levels.

After our investigation, almost all of them showed question marks.

Obviously, they are all above level 90.

Likely, the 30,000 soldiers formed by Level 100 are still quite a threat!”

“Although we have many soldiers, every one of them is of our bloodline.

We can not waste them at will.

It is best to break through by crushing them and strive to be the first to reach the City of Dawn!”

“How are you planning to crush them” Lord Rui Feng asked indifferently.

“Hehe, isnt it simple Dont you have three summoning tokens If you randomly release one, it will attract the attention of this army.

The other armies will swarm over too.

Even a Level 100 warrior will be useless by then!”

Lord Rui Feng frowned slightly.

That plan seemed simple, but it could significantly increase the attacks efficiency.

After all, even if it was just a common legendary Boss, the threat and damage it could cause were not to be underestimated.

However, before they set off, the Foreign Race Alliance Armys summit had said that these three summoning tokens real purpose was to restrain the Kingdom of Dawns top-rank heroes.

If they couldnt restrain those heroes, the war against the Kingdom of Dawn would have various outcomes.

It might even affect the whole operation, resulting in defeat.

“No! We havent even come into contact with the army of the Kingdom of Dawn yet.

So, its too risky to use the summoning tokens.

No matter what, lets fight them first and see how strong the soldiers of the Kingdom of dawn are before we make any plans!”

When the other lords heard this, they also felt it was reasonable.

So, they did not insist.

After all, they had brought too many troops this time.

Even if they suffered some casualties, it would not matter.

If they could find out the strength and trump cards of the Army of the Kingdom of Dawn, it would be even more worth it.

Thus, the Foreign Race Alliance Army on the Southern Front immediately deployed a huge formation of 100,000 people, equipped with long-range, close-combat, air, and magic skills.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The army marched in an orderly manner towards the valley and the small mountains on both sides.

Lyss gaze swept across the 100,000-man army on the mountain peak before landing further behind.

The scene of the densely packed Alliance Army of over a million foreign races was breathtaking.

Although Li Xiangs armys levels were high, their equipment numbers were high, and their strength was strong, they could not help but be shocked when faced with such a large number of enemies.

If they fully deployed an army of millions of soldiers, it would probably take more than a hundred kilometers to accommodate them.

In other words, those armies could crush the Kingdom of Dawn.

“Vine Whisker Demon, prepare the Purgatory Divine Crossbow!”

At this moment, five rings of different colors appeared under every soldiers feet, and their status was unprecedentedly powerful.

When the army at the foot of the mountain reached a distance of 300 meters, Lys waved his hand and ordered, “Shoot!”


Each Vine Whisker Demon controlled three Purgatory Divine Crossbows.

In an instant, 30,000 crossbow arrows flew out, covering all the foreign races within a kilometer.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After the continuous arrows landed on the ground, they instantly exploded, and purgatory flames flew in all directions.

Almost instantly, smoke and dust from the explosion covered the ground at the foot of the mountain and enveloped everyone.

However, the screams of pain were endless, and the flames gradually grew bigger.

Three hundred to one thousand meters was one-third of the foreign races army of 100,000.

The army behind them continued to charge forward, and the spreading purgatory flame enveloped and burned them.

Behind them, Lord Rui Feng was shocked when he saw this.

“What is this Can the crossbow explode Why didnt we get the relevant information before Quick, order the army behind us to retreat!”


A desolate horn sounded, and the charging foreign Race Alliance Army immediately stopped and retreated.

At this moment, the smoke and dust were gradually blown away by a breeze over the hillside, and the burning purgatory flames slowly extinguished.

Only charred corpses were left on the ground.

These corpses were all hideous and terrifying, and a faint smell of meat came along with the wind, causing discomfort.

“What the…”

Seeing this scene, the lords of the Southern Alliance Armys faces turned pale.

That was an attack launched by 100,000 soldiers from the foreign race armys side, and Li Xiangs army had killed nearly half of them in the attack.

There were no survivors, no injured soldiers.

Only countless corpses remained on the mountain slope.

Even Lord Rui Feng could not help but gulp when he saw this scene.

In just a few seconds, the casualties were beyond their expectation.

It was simply unimaginable.


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