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Behind the castle walls, the archers placed their arrows on the bows.

They could instantly draw their bows and shoot the arrows once Zhou Yutong ordered.

These archers used A-Rank quality Moonbeam Battle Bow, with extremely high attributes.

There were 80,000 of them.

Even a hero would not dare to face such a rain of arrows if they did not have powerful equipment.

Bai Lings figure leaped back and forth on top of the mammoth.

To distract the mammoths attention, Ruth and Aileen also jumped off the city walls and attacked the mammoth from both sides.

Both the girls were using SS-Rank battle bows and were powerful.

Without any doubt, they could cause close to 10,000 HP damage to the mammoth.

With the two working together, the more than a dozen arrows could reduce more than half of the Mammoths HP.


The excessive HP loss caused the blind mammoth to become even more berserk.

Its slow body started to become faster, but the direction of its charge was coincidentally more toward the foreign race alliance army, which was at the small hill not far behind.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It knocked the foreign race alliance army soldiers who had just charged wherever it passed.

It was like a bulldozer, Invincible and unstoppable.

“Charge! Charge! Charge!”

“Block them! Block the mammoth!”

“Charge up the city wall! Quick, quick, quick!”

These lords were all berserk.

Some commanded their troops to charge up the city wall and engage in close combat, while others commanded their armies to block the mammoths charge and resolve the crisis on their side.

The situation on the battlefield was changing.

A moment ago, the foreign races were still cheering for being able to summon the mammoth, but the next moment, they were anxious because the mammoth had changed its direction.


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After Zhou Yutong gave the order, the arrows rain shot into the sky and at the army.


Instantly, a whole group of enemies fell.

The moment they got close, Zhou Yutong killed them.

Not a single one of them survived!

At this moment, Ruth and Aileen had also landed on the back of the mammoth, other than Bai Ling.

The mammoth realized that as long as it ran in this direction, the three terrifying women on its back wouldnt attack it.

It immediately reacted and ran more at ease.

Its aura grew stronger.

There were naturally archers in this million-strong army.

In fact, there were more archers than Zhou Yutong, and the other two girls had.

However, these archers equipment was of various ranks, and their levels varied.

The attack that they released could not cause any damage to the three Level 100 heroes.

The mammoth ignored the attack of these arrows.

On the other hand, dozens of heroes wanted to charge over and force the mammoth to change its direction.

Unfortunately, once the mammoth wanted to change its direction, the three terrifying existences on its back would fiercely attack it.

Compared to the dozens of heroes who gave it a harmless attack, the hero on its back was even more terrifying.

It naturally knew what to choose and didnt hesitate to continue charging towards the small hill.

“We cant stay here any longer.

Lets retreat!”

“Where should we retreat Do you think we can outrun the mammoth”

“Spread out!”

“Thats the only way!”

The lords didnt panic.

After thinking for a while, they decided to spread out.

But they forgot that the threat didnt only come from the mammoth but also the three heroes on its back.

Two of the heroes were long-range attack archers.

Thus, before the enemies could run far down the hill, a life-threatening arrow had already shot at them.


A lord relied on a piece of top-rank defense equipment to withstand the arrows shot, but his body was sent flying by the berserk impact.

Just as he was feeling happy and relieved, the heroes shot them again.

Those with good equipment could withstand a few more arrows, but those with poor equipment were shot to death on the spot.

The attack from the mammoth, caused a fault to appear in the lords command.

Zhou Yutong immediately seized the opportunity.

“Send the Dread Fiend Cavalry! Let them decide where to charge!”


A burst of fireworks suddenly shot into the sky.

After the Dread Fiend Cavalry, hidden in a valley in the distance, saw the fireworks, they instantly got on their horses.

Without hesitation, they charged toward the million-strong army.

Although the enemy was a million-strong army and the Dread Fiend Cavalry only had a mere thousand people, they gave off an oppressing aura.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The ground shook again.

Then, the thousand Dread Fiend Cavalry charged into the enemys army like a sharp sword.

They killed those enemies in their way without hesitation.


A sheeps head was sent flying with a slash, and there was still confusion and fear in its eyes.

Splash! Splash!

The two Taurens, tall and strong, thought they could block the charge of the Dread Fiend Cavalry, but the Dread Fiend Cavalry knocked them away.

They chopped the Taurens body into more than a dozen pieces using the Evil Slaying Saber.

After the Dread Fiend Cavalry changed their equipment, they became even more terrifying.

The Evil Slaying Saber was like Grim Reapers sickle, but it was even sharper and more convenient to use.

Blood surged into the sky wherever they passed, and broken limbs danced in the air.

It was a tragic sight.

Although the number of the Dread Fiend Cavalry was small and the number of enemies they killed might not be much, the shock and fear they brought to the enemy were many times stronger than the archers hiding behind the city walls.

It was not that the foreign country lords had not thought of organizing a large army to surround and kill this army.

However, under the chase of the mammoth and under the pursuit of the two archers, Ruth and Aileen, who were heroes, they did not have the chance to issue a complete order.

They could only run for their lives.

If they were one step slower, they might lose their lives.

As the leader of this foreign allied army, the Gray Wolverine Lord was at a loss.

He had initially planned to completely occupy this human country and make those beautiful lords his.

Who would have thought he would become the prey, the target of the enemys entertainment

That made their incomparably proud hearts filled with anger.

However, no matter how angry they were, it was useless.

If this million-strong army were annihilated, his outcome would only be worse, even if he could escape.

On the mammoths back, Bai Ling waved his hand and swept away a battle spear that came from nowhere.

With a grin, she said, “Sisters, this mammoth is not bad! If we can subdue it and have it by our side, wont the three of us be invincible then”

Aileen smiled and shot an arrow, instantly piercing through the head of an exhausted lord who could no longer escape.

She waited for the head with a reluctant expression to fall to the ground and drop the rewards.

Bai Ling flew over with ease.

After collecting the spoils of war, she landed on the back of the mammoth again.

“Indeed, if we can subdue this mammoth, it will greatly help us.

However, its eyes are blind now, and we used a special arrow.

With the lords poison aura, it wont be easy to cure it!”


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