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Alice glanced at Mia indiscernibly and said indifferently, “Of course I wont break the rules.

I want four guards too.”

Alicia also suddenly said, “I want four too!”

Li Xiang could see that even though he had set the restrictions, the competition between demons and angels was still going on.

“Alright! From now on, every hero has the right to recruit four guards!”

“Thank you, Your Highness! Then can we choose a target from the existing demons”

“You cant use Dread Fiend Knights, Demon Mages, and Flame Demon Warriors.

As for the rest, you can discuss with their commanders and get their approval.”

After saying that, Li Xiang and the others left the City of Dawn.

At this time, there were not many civilians living in the city.

All the humans were still living in a newly-built city which was 50 kilometers away from City of Dawn.

This new city could accommodate five hundred thousand people, but the construction had only just begun.

It would take at least one to two months for it to be put into use.

Outside City of Dawn was a road that extended in all directions.

The road was constructed using special materials and magic.

Not only was it wide, but it was also extremely sturdy.

Although Li Xiang had raised his level to level 100, he still could not fly.

However, if he really ran on his own now, his speed would be even faster than a warhorse.

However, as a country lord, he would naturally not run on the road.

That would be too laughable.

Therefore, the other heroes and guards also followed behind on their warhorses.

These warhorses were all Dragon-blooded Warhorses that were purchased through the trade interface.

Not only were they tall and majestic, but they also had high speed and endurance.

They were extremely precious special resources.

The group of people rode on their warhorses and charged towards the second mythical-level creature.


Only the little phoenix, Qing Ying, flew in the sky happily.

Not long after, the group of people arrived at the edge of a huge swamp.

“Your Highness, the first mythical-level monster is in this swamp.

Its an Abyss Octopus, and its also level 100.”

Alice was an extremely competent secretary.

She knew all the information in the territory like the back of her hand.

“Does this monster have halo skills”


“What a pity!”

As Li Xiang spoke, he activated the five great halo skills.

Then, he waved his hand and said, “Kill!”

The heroes did not hesitate.

They flew up and pounced towards the swamp.

Li Xiangs five great halo skills could cover a radius of 20 kilometers, just enough to cover more than half of the swamp.

He did not care about the battle.

He only knew that there were roars and rumbling sounds coming from inside.

The ground shook, but it only lasted for about ten minutes before Alice used Flame Whip to tie up the corpse and brought it back.

Alicia handed four or five items to Li Xiang.

They were all items that were dropped from killing the wild monster.

There was a mythical-level equipment and two legendary-level equipment inside.

The attributes of these items were much better than the few pieces of equipment that he had on him.

However, these three pieces of equipment were all personal equipment.

They could not increase the strength of the troops under him.

In comparison, if he changed to such equipment, the strength of the troops under him would be weakened although his strength would increase.

As a country lord, there were very few opportunities for him to make a move.

He also had powerful hero guards by his side, so there was no need for him to be equipped like a turtle shell.

Therefore, these three pieces of equipment didnt mean much to him although they were good.

He still had a lot of such equipment.

He had killed quite a number of mythical-level creatures after all.

“Unfortunately, theres no halo skill stone.”

Other than these three pieces of equipment, there was also a mythical-level poison sac materials and a thousand-year-old spiritual herb.

They had extremely strong detoxification abilities.

He waved his hand and collected all the items.

Then he turned his horse around and said, “Lets go to the next place!”

The second mythical-level creature was a Nine-tailed Scorpion that was usually hidden in the yellow sand.

The most difficult thing to deal with this monster was to find it.

As long as one found it, theres completely no chance of retaliation for it in facing the different techniques of a hero.

However, what surprised Li Xiang was that this Nine-tailed Scorpion was a mythical wild monster with a halo skill.

The halo was called Toxic Halo, and it was its only halo.

However, unexpectedly, there were three low-rank halo skill stones dropped after killing it.

Li Xiang looked at these three skill stones and hesitated.

If he used them himself, there was a high possibility of duplicate skills.

He only had ten skill positions after reaching level 100, and now he had already used up half of them.

If he were to learn these three skills, he would only have two left.

He could unlock one skill position for every 10 levels up.

But the further he went, the harder it was to level up, and the more precious the skill positions were.

Now, five halo skills were more than enough for him.

He didnt even have enough Soul Points.

Learning three more halo skills wouldnt improve him much, and would instead become a burden.

“Skills are valued for their quality rather than quantity.

Ill give these three skill stones to Yang Mi and the others then!”

Li Xiang thought about it and finally made this decision in his heart.

It just so happened that he had settled most of the matters in his territory.

It was time to move Zhou Yutongs territory.


After returning to City of Dawn, Li Xiang brought his heroes to the Exotic Treasure and Beast Hall.

“Have you collected all the beast souls I asked you to collect”

“Of course!”

Besides Mia, Alice, Alicia, Lys, and the others all had a small black bottle in their hands.

After the small bottles were opened, wisps of grayish-black beast souls flew out of the bottles and were quickly devoured by Beast Hall.

Then, they condensed into beast eggs in the beast space.

Different mysterious patterns were formed on the beast eggs.

Although they were not as complicated as the patterns on the little phoenix, Qing Yings beast egg, they were not much less complicated.

Through the Beast Hall, Li Xiang could clearly feel that the aura of life was gradually being produced in the beast eggs.

Although the aura of life was not dense enough yet, one could feel that their potential was extraordinary just by looking at the patterns on the eggs.

There were many legendary and mythical Boss beast souls inside.

After transforming into beast eggs, their future achievements might not necessarily be lower than little phoenix, Qing Ying.

“Alice, Alicia, Mia, and I will go to District 0032.

The rest of you can go!”


These demons could also see that the country lord was more intimate with beautiful heroes.

But this was human nature, and there was nothing to complain about.

Li Xiang brought the three heroes.

Through the alliances connection, they could use teleportation arrays to teleport over.

They didnt need to cross-border teleportation arrays, so the consumption was very low.

With a flash of light, Li Xiang appeared in Yang Mis elf castle.

“Youre here!”

As soon as Li Xiang appeared, Yang Mi noticed him and she directly went to the balcony of the castle.

Then, Zhouyutong and Ning Xiaoyue also appeared behind her.

“So you all are here!”


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