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Alicia was even faster.

She flew in an arc.

The remaining four enemies did not even have time to react before her sword beheaded them.

Six SS-Rank heroes!

Even though Lin Feis alliance was mighty, they had not many SS-Rank heroes like him.

It was a huge blow to the alliance now that the SS-Rank heroes had all died.

Especially the few lords, who had sent out their heroes, were sad.

SS-Rank heroes were not something that anyone could obtain.

They had been through to get many challenges to get it.

Now that their trump cards had fallen, the heart-wrenching pain almost made them insane.

These lords were all Lin Feis most staunch supporters before.

Now that they had suffered the consequences of their actions, the few lords dissatisfied with Lin Feis actions felt displeased.

“Lin Feis greed is clouding his heart.

We can not follow his path to the end.

We can not help the evildoers even if we dont help Li Xiang.

I plan to withdraw from the alliance and retreat.

What do you guys think”

“We have to withdraw, but we cant retreat! The enemys power is great now.

Once we retreat, with our strength, Li Xiang will easily destroy us.

I think Lin Fei is also guarding against us.”

“Then what should we do”

“Wait for the opportunity to see if Li Xiang can turn the tide of the battle.

If there is a chance, we will cooperate with him to counterattack.

He doesnt need to be grateful.

A least we can live up to our conscience.”

“Okay, lets do it!”

Anger had shot through Lin Fei.

His eyes were bloodshot, but there was nothing he could do.

“All troops move out.

Compress the battleground of the Demon countrys army according to our plan.

Attack from a long-range first, then we engage in close combat.


Following Lin Feis orders, the human sovereigns army also appeared, charging toward the desolate hill.

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However, they did not realize that two huge teleportation array lights had already begun appearing at different locations behind them.

A few seconds later, Lyss army and another wave of Demon Army directly appeared at the periphery of the encirclement.

A total of 70,000 troops appeared in two different directions.

Li Xiang saw the Demon Army appearing behind the enemy troops, and he sneered.

He gave no complicated orders and asked them to attack the enemies.

At the same time, he used his two halo skills on the two Demon Army instantly.

On the other side, Lin Fei and the other lords did not directly send their troops to attack Li Xiang like a swarm of bees.

Instead, they surrounded Li Xiangs location as if they were playing chess.

The more than ten lords common and elite troops spread their formation.

Then, they all aimed their long-range weapons at Li Xiangs Demon Army.


Lin Fei had a smug look on his face.

The more than ten lords troops had 500,000 to 600,000 people.

Moreover, they were all Level 40 and above.

Even if there were not many long-range troops, there were still more than 100,000 units.

They could shoot 100,000 arrows in one go.

Under the concentrated fire, they could cause huge damage to the enemy.

In addition to the close-range bloodthirsty attack of the foreign races army, they could take them down in one go.


A slightly sparse rain of arrows gathered from all directions and fell rapidly.

The Demon Army under Li Xiang had not made much of a move.

Besides the 30,000 flame demon warriors facing the Blood Claw Race behind him and the 10,000 Black Wing Demon Warriors who had gone to support the fairy castle, Li Xiang still had 10,000 Vine Whisker Demon warriors, 1,000 Dread Fiend Cavalry left, and 9,000 flame demon warriors.


Arrows rained down one after another.

The dense number of arrows still caused quite a bit of damage to the Demon Army.

However, these demon armies were all wearing equipment above B-Rank.

Their levels were close to Level 100, their HP was high, and their defense was strong.

They would only lose HP and get injured, but no one died.

The effect of the high-rank reflect damage halo reflected the damage of the arrows by 80%, causing 80% damage to the attacking enemies.

The HP and equipment of the Demon Army were of high ranks.

Even if they only reflected 80% of their HP, it would instantly bring about a huge and terrifying effect.

The archers hiding far away from the arrows lost more than half of their HP.

It emptied the archers HP immediately, and their lives ended.

Thus, a strange scene appeared on the battlefield.

The archers fell in large numbers.

After the two rounds of sparse arrows shot out, they became lesser.

Lin Fei, the other human country lords, and the foreign country lords were waiting for the Demon Army to suffer heavy casualties to launch an all-out attack.

Yet they were all dumbfounded when they saw the scene.

“Whats going on Why are all my archers dead”

“There are only a dozen or so of my archers left.

Those are jungle arches! Theyre all elites!”

“I dont understand.

They died without any warning! Could it be that the Demon Army has an army that can camouflage and attack”

“Are you a fool Even if there is an army that can turn invisible, it is impossible to kill so many archers in unison.”

Lin Fei suddenly said in a deep voice, “Stop arguing.

I know why!”

Lin Fei fixed his gaze on the two halos under the Demon Armys feet.

He sounded a little conflicted and discouraged, “The skill that caused the archers to die was the halo skill under the Demon Armys feet.

If I have not guessed wrongly, one of the halo skills must be the reflect damage halo, and its reflect damage ratio is high!”

The lords gasped.

This time, even those foreign lords who looked down on the human race looked at Li Xiang in disbelief.

“High-rank reflect damage halo We should have thought of it long ago.

Otherwise, why would Li Xiang bring such a small army and take the risk to come here He wouldnt be unaware of the situation here.

He is confident and not doing it because he is reckless.”

“Reflect damage halo It has such a high ratio of effect.

The archers only shot twice, and the reflected damage had killed them.

I wonder how great is the damage of the reflect damage halo How can we win this battle if he is using that”

“Dont worry, although the reflect damage halo is insanely powerful, its not like we have no chance of winning.

I had planned to use the batch of soldiers as a trump card, but now it seems we have no choice but to use it.”

When the other lords heard this, their eyes lit up with hope.

They seemed to have thought of something, and their flustered eyes instantly became firm.

The foreign lords were also curious about what trump card Lin Fei had.

That was a good opportunity to understand this human genius, which might be useful in the future.

Lin Fei snapped his fingers, and everyone could hear an intense rumbling sound from behind a relatively tall mountain slope.

Then, everyone saw hundreds of giant lizards rushing toward the battlefield at a breakneck speed.

“Giant Lizard Cavalry! Level 80 elite troop!”

That was Lin Feis greatest confidence and why he could become the alliance leader.

Only with enough power could he gain the respect of others.


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