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After the succubus escaped, her eyes were ice-cold.

She held the Flame Whip in her hand, and flames rose from her body.

She was like a real fire god.


She was enraged.

As a noble demon, she was actually trapped by a group of small goblins.


And it was in front of the supreme demon lord.

If she acted so incompetent, would the demon lord look at her again in the future


The succubus snorted coldly.

Endless firepower was gathered in the long whip, emitting a destructive power.

At the tip of the whip, the head of a huge dragon even materialized, roaring at the goblins in front.

Li Xiang suddenly said, “Succubus, use Flame Flogging to hit those small eye demons.”

The succubus was stunned.

Werent these goblins their enemies

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Although she didnt know what the demon lord was thinking, she still did it without any doubts.

The Flame Whip was swung out fiercely, and flames shot out, covering all the small eye demons.

[Battle Notification: The Six-Winged Succubus has used the skill Flame Flogging on the Eye of Insight, dealing 0 damage!]

[Battle Notification: The Eye of Insight has been attacked by Flame Flogging.

Due to the effect of Fission Rebound, it has successfully absorbed all of the energy, increasing the rebound by 2 times.

It has also released light of the fallen, lasting for 10 seconds!]

Li Xiangs eyes lit up.

This was the inspiration he got when the eye demon absorbed the shamans skill.

If Fission Rebound could absorb the succubuss attack and increase the rebound, it would definitely be a destructive existence for the goblins present.

Originally, he was just holding on to the mentality of giving it a try.

At most, he would lose some small eye demons.

With the Ancient Well of Darkness around, it would be as if there were no losses for the eye demons.

However, he did not expect to succeed in one go!


The violent fire energy had already become the death god of the goblin tribe.

Their eyes had already been burned by the Eye of Insights light of the fallen, and they were temporarily blinded.


It could be said that without knowing it, their bodies were instantly melted by the high temperature, and they died without a trace.

In just a few breaths time, the goblin tribe had lost more than half of its members.

Only the goblins at the entrance and the depths of the cave were spared.

Unfortunately, the female creatures that were abused by them were also doomed.

Li Xiang was unmoved.

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In such a situation, saving people was unrealistic.

He was not a saint.

He could not risk the lives of his subordinates, the succubus, Carl, and the eye demon for these unrelated creatures.


Because of this, these lives were converted into Soul Points and became nutrients for the succubus.

Her beautiful face changed again, becoming more mature and more charming.

Although she had not leveled up, she was not far from becoming an adult.

The power of Flame Flogging was astonishing.

With the Eye of Insights skill and the five-fold increase of the exclusive weapon, not only did she kill a large number of goblins, but she also created a deep pit in the cave, revealing the not-so-spacious passages inside.

The lair was completely destroyed.

And below, it should be the mine that the goblins occupied.

Li Xiang glanced over and saw that it was full of iron ore, which had not been transported away yet.

They were casually piled up in the mine tunnel.

Next, it was a massacre banquet.

Li Xiang wanted to take advantage of the goblins that were still blinded, to have Carl and the eye demon block the entrance and kill all the goblins!

He led the succubus to the depths of the cave and arrived in front of a few goblins who were lying on the ground and wailing.

These were the few who had spoken indecently in the beginning.

“Succubus, they have insulted you, so you should be the one to end their lives,” Li Xiang said calmly.

“Demon Lord… Thank you…”

The succubus felt a warmth in her heart.

She did not expect that the noble demon lord would care about her feelings all the time.

Immediately, her admiration and respect for Li Xiang deepened.

Li Xiang smiled.

“Lets do it.”


The succubus nodded heavily.

A cluster of flames appeared on her fingertip, and she casually threw it out.

The flames split in mid-air and landed at the feet of the goblins.


The flames soared and directly covered their calves.

The goblins cried even more miserably.

But the succubuss eyes did not have a hint of pity.

It even deliberately controlled the spread of the flames.

Only when the flames burned their calves into charcoal did the flames rise bit by bit.

Most of the creatures in the Myriad World Continent had tenacious vitality.

In Li Xiangs eyes, it meant that they would never die unless their HP became empty.

The goblins had about 700 to 800 HP.

After being burned by the controlled flames, it reduced their HP by 10 points every five seconds.

To them, it was definitely a long torture.

Li Xiang glanced at the succubus.

It was as expected from a demon of the demon race.

Its revenge was indeed ruthless!

It was believed that these few minutes were definitely the most difficult time for these goblins in their lives.

Finally, when the flame rose to their chests, their HP finally dropped to zero.

After a final howl, they offered up their souls.

The entrance of the cave was basically cleaned up.

Carl and the Eye of Insight took care of all the goblin cavalry.

Now, only the goblin shaman and a portion of the archers were left.

Carl held a stone axe covered in blood and stared at them.


As long as the Lord gave the word, he would definitely clean up this group of despicable and disgusting creatures!

The 100 goblins did not dare to move recklessly.

In a situation where the tide had already turned, archers with low defense and low HP were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Not to mention that the succubus had just used extremely cruel methods to burn and kill a few of their compatriots.

Now, in their eyes, the succubus was no longer the female plaything that they used to vent their bestial desire, but she became a god of slaughter!

A god of slaughter with ruthless means!

For a moment, even the sound of breathing could not be heard in the silent cave.

“Eye demon.”

Li Xiangs voice suddenly sounded.

“Honorable Demon Lord, please give me your orders!”

The Eye of Insight immediately floated forward, waiting for instructions.

Li Xiang pointed at those goblins.

“Take away all the souls of these idiots.

I want them to become idiotic slaves, mining for me in the mine for the rest of their lives!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The eye demon immediately took action.

The exclusive weapon, the Demon Seed, had the ability to extract souls.

If a soul was completely extracted, it would naturally lead to the death of a creature.

However, if these goblins souls were half extracted, they would become puppets controlled by others because their souls were incomplete, and they would not have complete self-awareness.


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