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“This guy actually has such a powerful pet.

No wonder he is so arrogant.

He doesnt care about us at all.”

“This Fire Phoenix is at least level 50!”

“If thats the case, we might not be a match for this Fire Phoenix even if we work together!”

“What was that pearl that the Fire Phoenix took out just now It seemed to be some kind of incredible treasure, yet it was swallowed directly.

Doesnt it afraid of choking to death”

“I dont know, but it must be something good!”

“What should we do Are we still staying here to watch I dont think that the people under this person have any intention of making a move.

If they attack together, they might have a chance of winning!”

“Impossible! So many country lords had joined forces but still failed previously.

How could a mere person win”

“Lets retreat a little further and pay close attention!”

The middle-aged man finally made a decision.

He also felt that the country lord leading the team was somewhat unreliable.

However, for some reason, he felt somewhat uneasy.

He chose to trust his intuition, but he was unwilling to give up the opportunity that might come in his heart.

Therefore, after considering the pros and cons, he felt that retreating a little further would be safer and give him more leeway to make a choice.

However, he had forgotten that this was Evernight Continent, not Myriad World Continent.


The Fire Phoenix, Qing Ying, was circling around the Two-headed Demon Dragon like a fire elf.

Occasionally, it would stretch out its claws, causing the dragon to bleed.

Or, it would reach out its mouth and peck, tearing off a piece of flesh on the dragons body, leaving a bloody hole.

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Even though the Two-headed Demon Dragons defense was extremely strong and its recovery ability was even more amazing, it was still being battered by Qing Ying, causing it to let out a series of angry wails.

The hot blood fell onto the ground, corroding holes of different sizes.

“The young phoenix is going to win!”

Although Li Xiang did not have any special talent in battle, he could still see that the young phoenix had already obtained the initiative in battle.

It was continuously bleeding and killing.

The Two-headed Demon Dragon simply could not hold on for long.

Sure enough, after a short while, the Two-headed Demon Dragon began to slow down as it lost a lot of blood and stamina.

Its speed then decreased, making it even more difficult to defend against the young phoenixs attack.

Suddenly, the young phoenix let out an excited and clear chirp.

It retracted its wings, and the golden phoenix flames enveloped it.

With a dive, she turned into a ray of golden light and directly pierced through the Two-headed Demon Dragons chest.


The Two-headed Demon Dragon did not even let out a cry before it fell from the sky.

The Earth trembled, and the dust that flew up condensed into a huge cloud that spread out for thousands of feet.

[ Ding! ]

[ Your pet, Fire Phoenix, has killed a level 60 Two-headed Demon Dragon.

You have received 10,000 EXP and 10,000 points.


[ Ding! Double EXP has been triggered.

You have received 20,000 EXP.


[ Ding! Congratulations! You have been promoted to the first place in the leaderboard.

Please keep it up.

You will receive a mythical-level reward in the end.


Li Xiang was a little happy.

Although he already knew the result, it was still a great achievement to see the young phoenix to kill a level 60 Boss in Evernight Continent by itself not long after it was born.

After all, the Bosses in Evernight Continent were different from those in Myriad World Continent.

Their strength had almost doubled here.

As for the number one position on the leaderboard, he did not care much about it.

With his strength, it was only a matter of time.

It did not matter if it was earlier or later.

Moreover, he was already number one on the leaderboard with more than 10,000 points.

He felt that the human country lords who entered Evernight Continent were really too weak.

“I reckon that when they see this ranking, they will be very unwilling and angry.

This is just right.

Lets give these country lords a little stimulation and let them experience what it means to be in despair!”

The hearts of the middle-aged man and the others who had just retreated far away trembled.

“It died just like that”

“This was a slaughter from the beginning to the end! It was completely powerless to resist.”

“Fortunately, we didnt make a move just now.

Otherwise, wouldnt we be sending ourselves to the death”

The middle-aged man frowned and said in confusion, “Who are these people Their strength is much higher than ours.

Why do they seem to have suddenly appear out of nowhere”


The young phoenixs body emitted a few rays of upgraded light consecutively, and its level directly reached level 85.

“Come back!”

After the young phoenix upgraded, it became even more handsome.

The feathers on its body emitted seven-colored radiance, and it was extremely beautiful.

However, with an order from Li Xiang, all the divine light was instantly withdrawn.

It turned into a streak of golden light and landed on Li Xiangs shoulder, emitting a series of crisp chirps.

Meanwhile, its body also directly shrunk.

It was not much bigger than a common sparrow.

“Not bad, not bad.

Qing Ying is very powerful!”

Li Xiang could clearly feel Qing Yings emotions as a pet.

He quickly praised it.

At this time, Alice had already put away the items dropped by the Two-headed Demon Dragon, as well as the entire corpse of the dragon.

Li Xiang frowned and asked, “The monsters here are all corroded and polluted by the Shadow Fog.

If we bring them back to Myriad World Continent, will it cause pollution and threats”

Alice said, “Dont worry, Your Highness.

I will clean up the Shadow Fog in the corpse before bringing it back.

It wont cause any threats or effects.”

“Thats good! Let me see what items have dropped”

Two pieces of S-Rank equipment, a sword and an armor.

The quality wasnt bad, but they werent of much use to Li Xiang at the moment.

There were also some black crystals condensed from Shadow Fog.

From the introduction, they were a type of material.

To the creatures of Evernight Continent, they were energy crystals that could be absorb.

This item was also of no use to Li Xiang.

The last item was a mirror that looked like it was made of crystal.

“Another mirror”

Not long ago, he had obtained an Infinity Mirror that had the ability to replicate.

[ Projection Mirror ]

Quality: Legendary

Description: You can project yourself to any place through this mirror.

The projection will inherit 50% of the users own abilities.

All feelings will be shared.

Once the projection breaks, it will take a month to accumulate energy.

Characteristics: Only places you have been to can be projected.

There is no time limit for projection.

Li Xiangs eyes lit up.

“This treasure is not bad! If thats the case, doesnt that mean I have a clone If I want to leave the territory in the future, I just need to leave a projection.”

Previously, he could not leave the country border for too long because of the restriction that Lords Imprint and Lords Cornerstone could not be separated for too long.

But now, if this clone could inherit the aura of his Lords Imprint, then he could leave and not be restricted within the country.

Or he could let the projection go out and he would stay within the country.

Since the feeling was shared and the projection would inherit 50% of his strength, the feeling when the clone went out was the same as when he himself went out.

“Tsk Tsk, this thing is not bad!”

With a thought, a white light shot out from the mirror in his hand.

This white light landed on the ground and directly reflected a figure that was exactly the same as Li Xiang.

From his clothes to his aura and from his equipment to his eyes, they were almost exactly the same.


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