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Chapter 121: Territory Expansion

Li Xiang didnt know about the reaction of the common people, but even if he did, he wouldnt care.

Now, he took out the 200 or so lord imprints and prepared to devour and fuse them.

“Do you want to devour and fuse the 246 lord imprints”



The 200 over lord imprints instantly emitted a bright light, and then entered Li Xiangs body.

Following that, the Demon Countrys ground suddenly shook.

This time, the shaking was a little more intense than the first time.

Fortunately, there wasnt any danger.

But in that empty and uninhabited region, a huge change had occurred.

The earth suddenly bulged, and then it propped up a tall mountain.

Countless plants took root and sprouted, growing rapidly.

There was even a small piece of grassland that suddenly expanded, directly expanding into a vast grassland.

An inconspicuous little bubble suddenly expanded into a huge amber.

Deserts, swamps, mountains, forests, rivers, and canyons…

Strange terrains kept appearing one after another, and the area of the Demon Country also kept expanding and expanding.

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At the same time, the entire 0042 district also began to expand, and the surrounding terrain also began to change.

Li Xiang felt the earth beneath him shake, and he looked at the mountain that suddenly rose in the distance.

He was shocked beyond words.

“This is the power of a god, right And to be able to do this, this shouldnt be a common god!”

“But how does a god actually achieve it Faith…”

Li Xiang still didnt have much of a clue about faith until now.

“The words of God, the actions of God, the rules of God…”

This was the information he got about faith from the simple words.

But from this information, it could be seen that in order to obtain faith, one had to first become a God, and to become a God, one had to first obtain faith.

This was a completely endless cycle.

There was no way out.

Therefore, there was definitely something that he had not figured out.

The transformation caused by the fusion of the lord imprints lasted for a long time.

After two days, the entire Demon Country finally calmed down.

However, at this time, even Li Xiang himself, the Country Lord of the Demon Country, had become extremely unfamiliar.

Alice and the Eye Demon rushed over.

“Country Lord, after this devouring fusion, the area of our country has expanded hundreds of times.

A large number of monster nests and special products, minerals, trees, fruits, and food resources have appeared.”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “Not bad, not bad! Send people to investigate all the places within the borders of the country and mark out the monsters nests now.

The type and level of the monsters inside must be marked.”

“Apart from that, we also have to mark out the maps of the special minerals and crop resources, and then arrange people to manage, mine, and harvest them.”

“As for the manpower!” Li Xiang tapped his finger on the armrest, “Select a group of people from those captives, and use the Ancient Well of Darkness to transform them into dark creatures! This way, they will forever end up in the Demon Country, and will not betray us.”

Succubus Alices eyes lit up as she said, “There are really quite a number of enemies captured this time.

If all of them are transformed, that would be a large number of people.”

Li Xiang actually did not pay much attention to these people.

Having descended into this world for so long, he was already well aware of the nature of demons.

Although they possessed intelligence, they were cunning, suspicious, bloodthirsty, and aggressive.

At the same time, they fervently worshipped the strong.

However, up until today, these people had not provided him with even the slightest bit of power of faith.

Was it that they did not worship him

Or could these things not give rise to faith at all

At this moment, he could not help but think of all kinds of literary works from ancient times to the present.

Regardless of whether it was heaven or hell, they were all filled with covetous desire for the faith of humans.

Perhaps other races could also give rise to faith, but the ones who could really give rise to a large amount of faith should be the human race.

The Demon race was indeed powerful.

They could be used as a sword in his hand, but he was still a human.

If he wanted to embark on the divine path of eternal life, he could only rely on his own race, the human race.

These years flashed through his mind at lightning speed.

He instantly thought of something regarding the millions of captives this time.

“Are there any humans among these captives”

“Uh, yes, but very few.

About a hundred thousand!”

Li Xiangs eyes lit up.

He waved his hand and said, “Build a human city near the castle.

Use these human captives to build it.

After its built, arrange for them to stay in the city according to their performance.

“Remember, these humans are not allowed to be hurt by any demons.”

The Succubus was a little confused, but she still said, “Yes, Country Lord!”

“Eye Demon!”

“Your subordinate is here!”

“You cooperate with Alice to scout the terrain of the entire country, and do the marking and monitoring.”

As Li Xiang said this, he opened the attribute panel of the Eye Demon and channeled a large amount of exp, directly raising him to level 30.

Eye Demon could be considered the highest level demon under Li Xiang.

However, the Eye demons attack power was very low, and its greatest use was to assist in monitoring.

After leveling up to level 30, the number of sub-bodies he could split instantly increased from 200 to 1,000.

With him working with Alice, it would be much more convenient to investigate the entire territory.

Then, he brought Alicia out of the castle and began to stroll around the territory.

Due to the expansion of the terrain, many buildings that were originally placed near the castle had been moved to a very far place, creating a large open space.

There were even two mountains that were more than a thousand meters tall near the castle.

They were lush and full of vitality.

Li Xiang sighed and said, “After the base became bigger, the traffic between them became more difficult.

It seems that road construction will be put on the agenda.

It just so happens that we have enough captives.

The road leading to a few important places in the demon castle needs to be repaired.”

Alicia nodded and said, “Ill remember it.

who should I get to handle this”

Li Xiang pinched his chin and said, “Leave it to Alice too! One of you is a secretary, and the other is a guard.

A secretary is naturally a capable person.”

A hint of schadenfreude flashed in Alicias eyes, but there was no expression on her face.

Riding on the Dragon-blood Warhorse, it still took seven to eight minutes to reach the nearest trading area.

Just as they got closer, they were stunned by the scene in front of them.

He saw a large number of caravans gathering here from all directions.

Each caravan brought a long convoy filled with all kinds of goods.

Some were entering the trade area, while others were walking out.

It was a scene of bustling prosperity.

“What… Whats going on Why are there so many people here again”

Li Xiang rode on his warhorse and looked from afar.

He found that the trade area had been squeezed by the dense flow of people, making it difficult for him to move an inch.

However, he still couldnt restrain the enthusiasm of the people rushing here to trade.

He was certain that there were more than a thousand caravans here.

There were definitely more than 100,000 people, or even more.

The huge trading area that he had originally built was already filled to the brim.


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