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The Demon Seed, an exclusive weapon, had a bit of a special attribute.

It was different from the Flame Whip.

It didnt have any attack and attribute bonuses, only pure ability bonuses.

Even so, it could still give enough bonuses to the Eye of Insight.

With the increase in skill level, its power would be even stronger!

Moreover, it would also have a percentage increase in the abilitys boost attribute, allowing its damage output to rise to a whole new level!

Li Xiang could even imagine the scene where the eye demon would go and find trouble with the goblin tribe after it had stacked up to 300%.

When the other party throws a stone over, it would use Fission Rebound and return a nuclear bomb to them instead.


Hmph! Fair and just!

Its very reasonable!

After the eye demon obtained it, it exclaimed, “Isnt this the legendary treasure of the ancient times in the tribe Its actually in the hands of the Demon Lord.

Oh my God.”

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Li Xiang grinned.

“Eye demon, it just so happens that we have the Ancient Well of Darkness recharge to help us.

We have to use our abilities a few more times to maximize the damage!”

The eye demon was confused.

“Demon Lord, are you making a scholar like me practice magic power Oh… This is too difficult…”

“I didnt ask you to learn magic.

Just do it.

I have my own plans.” Li Xiang glared at it.

The succubus also glanced over.

Why did this new companion seem to be a little disobedient

Should she teach him a lesson

The eye demons body trembled.

As if sensing danger, it hurriedly released its skills.

With the addition of the Demon Seed, it could already summon more than two hundred small eye demons at one go.

In a short while, all of them spread out and continued to expand their horizons, clearing out the fog of war outside of their territory.

Li Xiang waited by the side.

At the same time, he told the succubus to help him shift the perspective of the other small eye demons to further understand the goblin tribes situation.

The small eye demons were very powerful.

Under their fearless exploration, the fog of war near Li Xiangs territory was almost completely uncovered.

Moreover, he also obtained information on the location of the goblin tribe, the types of soldiers, and the number of goblins.

This was his confidence in winning!

Goblins had a total of four types of soldiers.

They were divided into goblin infantry, goblin archers, goblin cavalry, and goblin shamans.

The strength of their abilities ranged from low to high.

Among them, the goblin shamans usually had the status of elders and had the authority to lead.

They even knew some superficial spells.

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That was the so-called skill.

However, to the succubus and the others, it was nothing.

It was just that there were too many of them, and it was not easy to deal with them.

But after Li Xiang observed for a long time, the weakness of the goblins was very obvious.

It was lust!

They were too promiscuous!


It was just nightfall, and the sky had not completely darkened yet.

Many goblins on duty had already rushed to the cave excitedly.

They pulled out the cat-eared ladies that they had captured in the afternoon and abused them in the grass.

“No wonder the reproduction rate is so fast.”

Li Xiang sneered.

How could it not be fast if they were copulating every day

But at this time, it was often the time when their guard was the lowest.

It could be said that the entire goblin tribe was having fun, doing all sorts of improper things.

There were no exceptions from shamans to infantry!

If they attacked at night at this time, would they be able to withstand it

It was deep in the night.

Four figures were like ghosts, moving through the forest as if they had become one with the darkness.

“The goblin sentry is in front.”

Li Xiang swept his gaze over.

“Succubus, you go.”

“Yes! My Supreme Demon Lord!”

The succubus accepted the order and left.

Li Xiangs old face turned red.

He liked this title!


Carl was deep in thought.

Next time, should he add some words like supreme, ruler of a myriad world, king of all gods before addressing the lord.

In front, the succubus was very fast.

She was already dressed in tight black clothes, but now she had transformed into the Queen of Darkness…

Oh no, she was still a girl.


But even though she was so young, her attacks were still quick and decisive.

In just a moment, the heads of the two goblins who were on top of the cat-eared lady had been cut off.

Fresh blood sprayed onto the cat-eared ladys white body.

She looked at the headless corpse in front of her and instinctively cried out loud.

Then, she quickly covered her mouth.

“Youre safe.

Leave quickly.”

The succubus spoke indifferently.

Her expression was cold.

She did not have the warm and respectful attitude she had when she faced Li Xiang.

The cat-eared ladys delicate body trembled as she pushed away from the goblin that was still pressing on her body.

She pulled the dirty thing out of her body, knelt down, and bowed deeply to the succubus.

She had never thought that she would be saved by a seven or eight-year-old little girl.

Then, a tall figure came into view.

Carl took off the animal skin clothes on his upper body and handed them to her.

He gave a simple and honest smile.

“Are you alright Hurry up and leave.

We cant stay here any longer.”

“Thank… Thank you…”

The cat-eared lady came back to her senses and hugged the animal skin tightly.

She gritted her teeth and looked at the cave.

“I cant leave… My tribesmen are still inside…”

Li Xiang also walked over, followed by the Eye of Insight.

“Im here to find trouble with the goblin tribe.

If theres a fight later, I wont be able to guarantee the safety of your tribesmen.

So, youre already lucky to be able to keep your life.

Go out and leave a spark for your tribe.”

The cat-eared lady didnt say anything.

With just a few people, it was completely unrealistic to think of defeating thousands of goblins.

But there was nothing she could do.

This man was right.

It was better to leave a spark for the tribe.

She looked at them deeply with gratitude and silently limped into the darkness.

Her figure gradually disappeared.

They were all warriors!

“Lets go and find trouble with them.

Well go to the deepest area first and kill the leader first.”

Li Xiang snapped his fingers.

Carl and the succubus took the lead.

He and the Eye of Insight followed closely behind.

Most of the goblins were in the cave.

Their way of life was also relatively primitive.

A large group of people lived in the cave.

They spread hay on the ground and use it as a bed.

It was very simple.

The cave was very dark.

Other than the goblins panting and howling, there were also the screams of female creatures.

Demons were born with excellent eyesight.

They were originally a race that belonged to darkness.

Walking in this place was no different from walking in the daytime.

Li Xiang could also be considered a demon lord, so he would receive a certain bonus.

After adapting to it for a while, it would be easy for him.

It was even more so for the Eye of Insight.

Such a dark environment was more suitable for it to hide.

Only Carl was a little uncomfortable.

The goblins were completely unaware and immersed in their many-on-one game.

However, at this moment.

A ray of light lit up in the depths of the cave.


A loud shout.

It was the goblin language.

Through the systems translation, it meant that someone had come.

The surrounding movements instantly fell silent.

It was visible to the naked eye.

The goblins were already looking at them.

When they saw the succubus, their eyes lit up.

A figure wearing animal skin and holding a long banner suddenly appeared in the depths.

It was the goblin shaman!

The leader of the goblin tribe!


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