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Chapter 117: Invasion Notifications Have Flooded the Screen

However, Li Xiang had killed a powerful lord so quickly that Sun Feng felt a little fearful and uncertain.

After thinking for a while, he opened the system and posted a bounty on the bounty interface.

[Bounty]: Anyone or any faction that kills the Country Lord of Demon Country, Li Xiang, will receive two million gold coins and a piece of SS-grade equipment.

This reward will always be effective.

On the reward interface, there were all sorts of rewards.

Some rewards were to be given for finding things, some were for finding people, and of course, some were for killing people.

However, the number one reward was only a reward of 100,000 gold coins for killing an interracial powerhouse.

After all, everyone had only arrived in the Myriad World Continent for a little more than a month.

Apart from a few top-tier countries that were developing quickly, most of the countries were extremely poor, and a small portion of them could not make ends meet.

The individuals or forces that could offer a bounty of gold coins were definitely of relatively wealthy and powerful existence.

At this moment, this 2,000,000 gold coin bounty has instantly become the biggest reward on the bounty interface.

If one wanted to issue a bounty, they had to prepare the gold coins and items in advance.

Now that the bounty had appeared in front of everyone, it proved that whoever issued the bounty had already stored the gold coins and equipment in the warehouse dedicated to the bounty.

As long as someone completed the mission, they would definitely receive the bounty.

“Hiss! What a huge sum! Two million gold coins in one go.

Even if I sold my country, it wouldnt be worth this money!”

“This person didnt even hide his own information.

There are only twenty members in the Skywalker Alliance, and they are so rich.

Yet they still actually want to issue a bounty to deal with a country”

“The person above told the cruel truth.

An enemy that even twenty countries can not deal with.

Just thinking about it is terrifying.”

“Demon Country! Not long ago, they just defeated the undead and also conquered a region of a hundred countries.

Just think about it.”

“Hehe, thats not all! The Demon Country has even conquered and unified its own region.

So, although the Demon Country is only a country, its current area is two hundred times that of a common country…”

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“Im trembling! Just looking at the figure oftwo hundred times is enough to shock me silly.

What kind of powerful figure and country is this Isnt the expansion of a powerful country through the devouring of and merging with other countries”

“Thats why they call him a god! He didnt follow the path given by the system at all.

He went out to seize territory by himself and beat those lords up until they fled in all directions.

‘Those who submit to me will prosper and those who defy me will perish.

Hes extremely overbearing!”

“Previously, I thought that the Skywalker Alliance was so powerful.

With twenty countries besieging a country, victory was almost assured.

Now, look at it in reverse, isnt this an alliance formed by twenty countries with the aim of invading two hundred countries Fuck, are they tired of living Fortunately, I came over to take a look.

Otherwise, I would have definitely been killed!”

“Hmph, what two hundred countries So what if there are two hundred more As long as we attack with enough people, even the Demon Country with such a large territory will definitely not be able to defend itself.”

Countless people were discussing on the chat channel.

Some were in awe, some were disdainful, and there were even some who were gloating to watch the show.

Around the Demon Country, the hearts of the many lords who received the bounty information skipped a beat.

They originally had evil intentions.

Even without the bounty, they were still thinking about how to invade the Demon Country.

Now that there was a two million bounty and a piece of SS-grade equipment, this was definitely the best opportunity.

However, the news that was revealed on the chat channel also shocked them, and they could not help but hesitate.

Of course, there were those who hesitated, and there were those who were impulsive.

“Lets do it! Lets be as bold as the people are, as productive as the land is.


When the others saw that someone was leading the charge, they also started to move.

The others cautiously watched as so many people charged, and they also felt relieved.

With so many people as cannon fodder, even if something unexpected happened, they would have enough time to retreat.

Instantly, Li Xiangs system notification sounded again.

[Ding! An enemy army has invaded our borders.

Please send someone to exterminate them immediately!]

[Ding! An enemy army has invaded our borders.

Please send someone to exterminate them immediately!]

The number of enemies that had invaded this time was much more than before.

There were dozens of consecutive invasion notifications and it showed no signs of stopping.

Li Xiang frowned slightly and realized that something was not right.

Twenty countries are enough, but what was the origin of the dozens of invaders that followed

Suddenly, he thought of the evil forces around the borders of the country, and his heart turned cold.

At this moment, Yang Mis communication came in.

“Li Xiang, the leader of the Skywalker Alliance has issued a bounty on the bounty interface.

Whoever kills you will be rewarded with two million gold coins and a piece of SS-grade equipment.”

“2,000,000 gold coins Thats a lot of money.”

“Li Xiang, I suggest that you hide for a while.

With your army, it wont be difficult to defeat the enemies one by one.

However, it will be very difficult to face them head-on.

This is not a joke.”

Ning Xiaoyue also sent a message: “Li Xiang, run away quickly! There are hundreds of lords who are greedy for the bounty and are about to declare war on you.”

Originally, Yang Mi wanted to send a message to explain the cause of the incident, but she was not a naive little girl.

If it really worked, she would definitely do it.

But she knew that it was impossible.

If the Skywalker Alliance was still acting in the name of revenge before, then the enemies who broke into the Demon Country now are not only after the two million gold coins and equipment, but also a greater ambition… They wanted to completely annex Li Xiangs Demon Country.

After all, it was the time of the regional war.

If they killed Li Xiang, they would be able to obtain a large number of points and resources.

There was no more suitable trade than this.

Li Xiang opened the bounty channel and looked at the information on the top of the list.

He did not show any fear or panic on his face.

Instead, his eyes were filled with excitement and anticipation.

“I didnt expect that a single reward would be able to attract so many people to send themselves to their deaths.

It saves me the trouble of going out to look for them one by one.”

Li Xiang is not unaware of the enemies with various strengths hiding around the border, but so what if he knew

After all, his army was limited.

If he wanted to clear them out one by one, they might not fight him directly.

The effect would not be much better.

However, leaving this person behind was a huge hidden danger.

He did not think that the way to solve these people would be to post a reward on the reward channel.

“You dont have to worry, I can be calculative! Oh right, Sister Mi, leave the army in the city and the cavalry outside the city.

Dont care about anything else! I will use my fastest speed to solve this side.”


Yang Mis heart trembled and her eyes turned slightly red.

She didnt know why, but at this moment, she wanted nothing more than to come in front of Li Xiang and throw herself into his arms.

Li Xiang didnt think much about it.

He touched the Dragon Slaying Battle Bow in his hand and a cold smile appeared on his face.

He casually opened his system panel and quickly clicked on it.

“You have leveled up.

Current level: Level 11!”

“Current level: Level 12!”

“Level 13!”

“You have leveled up.

Current level: Level 25!”


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