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Chapter 108 The Beginning of An Ambiguous Relationship

Everyone could see that it was not simply a personal grudge between the Country Lord and the Demon Country Lord.

It was an irreconcilable feud!

At that moment, a trace of unease and worry emerged in their hearts, whether it was Wood, the Knight of Light on the right, Wood, or Morey, the Holy Light Mage on the left.

“This matter is settled.

You guys go and prepare!”

Qin Feng said with a dignified expression.

Even if they wanted to activate the Bet Token, the Holy Light Kingdom would need time to prepare.

It was impossible to start the bet right away.

Although Qin Feng wanted to tear Li Xiang into pieces, he knew that no matter how unwilling he was, what should have happened would have already happened.

There was no point in being anxious.

“And that b*tch.

Ive put in so much effort and sacrificed so much to pursue her.

Not only did I not get any return, she even threw herself into the arms of others.

After I get her this time, I must make her kneel under my crotch and suffer extreme humiliation.”

“However, I am still the Holy Light Kingdoms Country Lord.

I cannot reveal my thoughts.

Perhaps I can secretly build a few secret rooms and lock that b*tch and Li Xiang in together.

I will let them experience what it means to be in a state worse than death.”

Qin Feng felt the blood in his heart begin to boil, but the expression on his face became colder and calmer.

The Hundred Flowers Kingdom.


Early in the morning, after Li Xiang had washed up, he went to the balcony and sized up the scenery outside.

The sun had just risen, and the mist had yet to disperse.

The cool morning breeze blew past, making people feel comfortable instantly.

“Li Xiang, youre up”

Next door, Yang Mi was wearing a black nightgown.

The contrast made her skin look even more snow-white and tender.

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Yesterdays battle was fierce, and it was the first time they met, so he did not properly size up Yang Mi to avoid being impolite.

At that moment, he realized Yang Mi was already very different from his impression of her.

She was taller, her figure was more slender, and her curves were curvy.

Her pretty face was more exquisite and three-dimensional, and her eyes were as clear as water.

She was sexy and enchanting.

Back on Earth, although Yang Mi was also a top rank beauty, if one were to find faults, there would still be a handful.

At least, there would always be flaws.

But now, after her body was strengthened, all her flaws were removed, and she became an enchanting fairy.

“Sister Mi was so tired yesterday.

Why did you wake up so early today”

Li Xiang said casually.

Yang Mi seemed to have thought of something, and her face suddenly blushed, becoming even more attractive.

Only when he saw Yang Mis reaction did Li Xiang realize the ambiguity in his words, but it was hard to explain, so he could only cough lightly.

He changed the topic and said, “Sister Mi, the army captured a large number of enemy troops yesterday.

There are at least a hundred thousand of them.

Ill leave them to you! How about it”

Yang Mis eyes lit up, “Thats great.”

“However, I dont have enough troops at the moment.

Im afraid I wont be able to control so many people.

It wouldnt be good if theres trouble.”

“Dont worry.

Ill leave a team behind to defend! Since we are already here at District 0032, we naturally have to conquer it.

District wars without district barriers are rare opportunities to come by.”

When Yang Mi heard that, her eyes flashed slightly, but she didnt say much.

She nodded and said, “Alright! In a while, I will give you detailed information about the countries in District 0032.

Based on my understanding, the entire continent is currently attacking each other.

Not many countries can be as inclusive as the Demon Country and do things without being extreme.

I think that we just need to fight a few more battles, and most of the Country Lords will choose to pledge their allegiance!”

Li Xiang smiled and asked, “Then…Sister Mi, what do you think”

Yang Mi snorted lightly and rolled her eyes at Li Xiang.

“Im just a piece of meat on your plate right now.

Arent I letting you do whatever you want…”

At that point, she immediately reacted that those words were too ambiguous and instantly stopped talking.

But she had already said it, so how could she take it back

Her face immediately turned as red as blood.

“If this were misunderstood by Li Xiang, wouldnt it become a public provocation”

Therefore, she didnt give Li Xiang a chance to speak.

She turned around and returned to the room, leaving Li Xiang with a puzzled look.

A few minutes later, Li Xiang, who had come back to his senses, smacked his lips.

For some reason, his heartbeat actually sped up.

Even when facing Alice and Alicia, he had never felt such a rush of excitement.

Did that mean that he actually felt something for Yang Mi

“Its really unbelievable.

It seems that I have overestimated my willpower.

However, if so…why do I need to endure it”

Looking at the empty balcony, he smiled indifferently and returned to his room.

Not long after, Li Xiang left the castle with Alice and Alicia, heading toward the army.

Only at that time did Yang Mi appear on the balcony again.

She looked at Li Xiang, who was walking further and further away.

No one knew what she was thinking.

“Yang Mi, what are you looking at”

“Oh, nothing!”

Yang Mi quickly retracted her gaze and asked as usual, “Xiaoyue, you and Li Xiang are university classmates.

Are you on good terms with him He led his army to rescue you from a thousand miles away this time.

Is it because he has feelings for you”

“Yang Mi, what are you talking about How could an insensitive man like Li Xiang have feelings for me I think he has feelings for you, Yang Mi.

When he heard that I was going to save you, he immediately called for the army.

He didnt hesitate at all!”

“What nonsense are you talking about How is this possible Perhaps his plan was to head north.

With you leading the way and I being familiar with District 0032s situation, he felt the timing was just right.”

Ning Xiaoyue looked at Yang Mi with some confusion.

She asked in surprise, “Yang Mi, whats wrong Why do I feel that theres something wrong with you You werent like this before.

Thats not right.

Youre asking so many questions as if youre trying to convince yourself.

Yang Mi, you…mmm…”

Yang Mi didnt expect her usually blur cousin to suddenly become smart and even a great detective.

In a moment of desperation, she reached out and covered Ning Xiaoyues mouth.

Ning Xiaoyue widened her eyes and stared at Yang Mi, eyes full of disbelief.

“Youve only met Li Xiang once and are already in love with him”

Yang Mi wished she could find a hole to hide in right now.

“Dont talk nonsense, do you hear me”

Yang Mi warned fiercely, but Ning Xiaoyue did not show any signs of fear.

She just nodded with a silly smile.

Although Ning Xiaoyue didnt say anything, her eyes were full of meaning, which gave Yang Mi a headache, so she just ignored her.

In the Demon Army camp, Li Xiang sat in the tent and said seriously, “Ive told you in detail about District 0032.

This area is very similar to District 0043.

There arent any strong countries in particular.”

“Therefore, I want you to take down the entire district as quickly as possible.

In a while, Ill release an announcement to ask the Country Lords of District 0032 to surrender, but I dont think the effect will be very good.”

“I still need you to display your might before these people are willing to surrender.”


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