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Chapter 107 The Holy Light Country Lord With SS-Rank Talent

Qin Feng felt that that reason was reasonably sufficient.

If it were him, he could only find another way out if he did not have enough strength.

“Alright! We can trade right now!”

The [Lords Cornerstone] was not big.

It was a palm-sized white diamond-shaped crystal.

It was usually placed under the Country Lords throne and served as a countrys core.

After the Country Lord was killed, one could collect the [Lords Cornerstone] if one chose to occupy it.

The [Lords Cornerstone] would shatter if one decided to destroy it.

The country would be destroyed entirely if he accidentally shattered the [Lords Cornerstone].

It would lose the systems protection and be attacked by the wilderness forces.

Once the Lords Cornerstone was placed down, it could not be moved or picked up.

And there were two ways to take the [Lords Cornerstone].

One was to kill the Country Lord and subdue or destroy a large portion of the army.

The other was to occupy it for an extended period until the system confirmed the occupation.

Apart from that, the Lords Cornerstone that had been placed down could not be obtained.

Furthermore, the Lords Cornerstone was highly sturdy.

It was not something that could be easily broken.


Very quickly, Qin Feng and Lin Tao completed the trade.

After Lin Tao obtained the [Lords Cornerstone], he immediately prepared to leave.

He had thought about killing his three underlings to obtain the [Lords Cornerstone].

However, he gave up in the end.

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The three underlings were easy to kill, but it would be too much of a commotion to destroy three countries armies.

Several people were surveilling him nearby.

If he alarmed Li Xiang, there would be countless variables when he wanted to leave.

Qin Feng played with the [Bet Token] in his hand and looked at the night sky with a deep gaze.

The thought that Yang Mi might already be enjoying herself under Li Xiangs body made him feel so uncomfortable that he could not breathe.

His hatred, envy, and jealousy directly turned into bloodthirsty brutality and madness.

“Li Xiang! Demon Country! Although my territory talent is SS-Rank Holy Light Summoning, which is the nemesis of your demon, I didnt intend to make an enemy of you so early.

But youve crossed my bottom line, so dont blame me for being ruthless and completely destroying you!”


He could not bear the fact that the woman, whom he saw as his exclusive property, was sexually enjoying herself under another mans body.

That was a massive humiliation to him.

Even though he had no relation with Yang Mi, he still felt like a cuckold.

The following morning, in the meeting hall of the Holy Light Kingdom Country Lords castle.

“What Country Lord, you want to start a duel with the Demon Country”

Below, the experts of the Holy Light Kingdom were all looking at the [Bet Token] in Qin Fengs hand in shock.

“Thats right! The Demon Country is developing too quickly.

We had just unified the entire district, and they had already occupied another district.

Now, they are raiding the third district.

Once they succeed, they will be a huge threat to us.”

“Everyone knows that light and darkness can not coexist! Therefore, we cannot allow the Demon Country to develop so quickly.

We must attack them.”

“Coincidentally, I happened to get a Bet Token.

This is our biggest advantage!”

After saying that, he displayed the attribute description of the [Bet Token].

[Bet Token]:

Grade: Mythical

Function: Activate a forced bet with a specified target.

Description: Based on the strength of the two parties, the initiator can specify the bet of the other party and provide a bet of the same level.

The system will randomly generate a bet mission, and the winner will receive the bet of the other party.

After everyone read the description of the [Bet Token], they fell into deep thought.

“Country Lord, why do we have to activate the bet now In terms of strength, although we are not weaker than the Demon Country, we are not stronger than the other party.

The uncertainty level of this bets risk is still very high!”

The Knight Commander, Wood, dressed in silver-white armor, asked solemnly.

Qin Feng said, “From a personal point of view, I have a grudge against the other party.

From a national point of view, the development speed of the Demon Country is too fast.

If we do not stop it, the situation we will face in the future will be worse.

Therefore, no matter from which perspective, this matter is imperative.”

On the other side, an old man dressed in a white robe asked, “Country Lord, do you have the confidence to win Though the owner of this Bet Token can specify the opponent and the bet, there isnt much advantage in reality.

Once we fail, the consequences may be dire.

Please be careful, Country Lord!”

At that moment, Qin Feng had long been blinded by jealousy beyond recognition, but on the surface, he still said with a serious expression, “This matter indeed has a huge risk, but it is not really a direct fight.

As long as the bet is within our tolerance range, even if we fail, it is not a big deal.

What do you think”

Only then did everyone nod.

Indeed, although the Holy Light Kingdom had just unified its district, its foundation was excellent.

They did not rush for quick success and attacked everywhere.

But that did not mean that the Holy Light Kingdoms foundation was not strong, nor was its strength weak.

On the contrary, Qin Feng was very treacherous.

His displayed strength might seem to be only the strength he had used to complete the districts unification.

But in reality, he could have done that long ago with his strength.

He was just enduring patiently and continued to accumulate strength.

He had not used his full strength.

“If thats the case, we can indeed give it a try.

However, what does the Country Lord intend to use as the bet It wont shake its foundation if its just common property, although it can cause some losses to the Demon Country.

Instead, we will make enemies for nothing.

This is a loss that doesnt make up for the gains.”

The white-robed elder said again.

“Ive already thought about it.

Ill let the other party use their strongest talent as a bet.”

Qin Fengs eyes flashed with coldness as he said coldly, “Ive studied the information of the Demon Country.”

“The Demon Country can develop because of a Demon Lair that the Demon Country has.”

“Although I dont know its level, it shouldnt be inferior to my Holy Light Summoning.

If we can remove its Demon Lair, the Demon Country will not live up to its name.”

When the people below heard that, they immediately looked worried.

“If thats the case, the Bet Token might require Country Lord to take out your talent as a bet too.

This…If we fail, it will be a fatal blow to us!”

Qin Feng smiled indifferently and said, “I have two SS-Rank talents.

One is Holy Light Summoning, and the other is Holy Reincarnation.

They correspond to the Holy Light Altar and the Holy Reincarnation Pool.

Even if I fail and lose one of those, I will still have a chance to turn the tables.

However, Li Xiang doesnt have it!”

Among the numerous Country Lords who descended onto the Myriad World Continent, the vast majority only had one talent.

Those who had two talents were extremely rare.

And those who had two SS-Rank talents were even rarer.

That was also where his confidence lay.

Most importantly, there was overlap in both of his talents.

Holy Light Summoning could summon Light-type heroes, and Holy Reincarnation could also use the Holy Reincarnation Pool to reincarnate Light-type heroes.

Therefore, even if one were lost, it would not have a tremendous impact on him.


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