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Chapter 106 Lords Cornerstone

Lin Taos expression was a little awful, but to take revenge on Li Xiang, he threw a bomb in the second sentence.

“Yang Mi and I are in the same district!”

This time, the reply was swift.


In a magnificent hall in District 0026, Qin Feng straightaway stood up from his throne.

The subordinates below were confused.

They were discussing the next step of the attack.

Why did the Country Lord suddenly lose his composure

A handsome knight emitting a bright aura stared at Qin Feng and asked, “Country Lord, did something big happen”

Qin Feng knew that he had lost his composure.

He immediately revealed a faint smile and said, “No, its just that I received a piece of shocking news.”

“Todays meeting will end here.

As for the next step of the expansion plan, we will continue to discuss it tomorrow.”


“Yes, Country Lord!”

After everyone had left, Qin Feng once again opened the communication interface.

Just then, the response displayed on the interface made his face instantly turn gloomy.

“Of course its true! Yang Mi is in District 0032.

Although she is still single, I reckon she will soon sleep next to the Demon Country Lord, Li Xiang.”

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“Demon Li Xiang”

Qin Feng asked through gritted teeth.

“Yes, not long ago, Yang Mi encountered some trouble.

I dont know how Li Xiang from the Demon Country found out about it.

Hence, he flew into a rage for the beauty, ignoring his armys exhaustion after the war with the undead, and rushed with his army across the district to kill the enemy.

He is now an honoured guest of Yang Mis Hundred Flowers Kingdom.”

“If Im not wrong, he will stay in Yang Mis castle for the next few days! As for what will happen, I dont know.”

“F*ck! Lin Tao, if you dare lie to me, I will definitely make you suffer the most brutal torture.

Your life will be worse than death.”

Lin Tao looked at the furious text sent by Qin Feng, and his heart tightened slightly.

But then he stopped taking it seriously.

He was about to be forced into the wilderness.

What was the big deal with such a threat from far away

Did Qin Feng think he was still on Earth

But he didnt lose his temper and replied rationally, “You dont have to threaten me.

Im telling you this because my own interests are threatened.”

Qin Fengs expression was gloomy, but he did not lose his rationality.


What do you want to do”

“You are in District 0026, thousands of kilometers away from here.

There are countless countries and dangerous districts in between.

No matter how powerful you are, you wont be able to resolve anything from a far distance.

However, I have a way.

Not only can I let you teach this Demon Country Lord a lesson, but I can also take Yang Mi away.”

After saying that, he sent a screenshot of the attributes of the [Bet Token].

A few minutes later, Qin Feng sent a message and asked, “What conditions do you want”

“I want a [Lords Cornerstone], thats all!”

On the other side, Qin Feng was so angry that he laughed.

An item like the [Lords Cornerstone] could fetch a sky-high price in the Myriad World Continent.

Its function was very simple.

After finding a suitable place and putting it down, the place could become the territory of a country, and the area within ten kilometers would be its territory.

All the functions the system had given to a Country Lord could be regained.

Unlike the countless races and individuals who had descended to the Myriad World Continent and were randomly assigned to different districts by the system, with the Lords Cornerstone, one would have the right to choose their territory.

Lin Tao did not want to wander in the wilderness.

Even if he were to conquer a monster or ferocious beasts nest, he would have to start from scratch.

He did not have the various convenient rights of a Country Lord.

That was something he did not want to give up no matter what.

“Are you crazy What do you think the [Lords Cornerstone] is Do you think it is the village creation token you used to play in other games And you want one piece just because you say so Although your [Bet Token] is not bad, its nothing compared to the [Lords Cornerstone]!”

However, Lin Tao had nothing to fear.

“Im just making a suggestion.

After all, other than the [Lords Cornerstone], I dont need anything else.

At worst, I can go to other districts to fight for territory and live my life.

But you are different.

When Yang Mi was on Earth, she was at the top.

She was the dream lover of countless men.

You better not wait until her child is born before you regret it.”

When Qin Feng saw that, he could not help but curse, “That b*stard!”

The [Lords Cornerstone] was highly precious to many other Country Lords.

However, to powerful Country Lords like Li Xiang and Qin Feng, they dont lack the [Lords Cornerstone].

The reason why it was so valuable was that the Lords Cornerstones could be combined and upgraded.

The lowest grade [Lords Cornerstone] could only build a country with an area of 100 square kilometers.

When 10 [Lords Cornerstones] were combined, one could choose to build a country with an area of 1,000 square kilometers.

100 pieces meant 10,000 square kilometers.

Similarly, the more [Lords Cornerstones] one had, the greater the territory one could occupy in the future and the more potential one would have.

So naturally, it became more valuable.

Each district was 100,000 square kilometers.

They would need a thousand [Lords Cornerstones] if they wanted to occupy all of them.

That meant they would have to destroy a thousand small countries, equivalent to all the countries in ten districts.

But in reality, there would always be some districts that could not be destroyed, or there might be some powerful demon beast that would be encountered.

Hence, collecting the [Lords Cornerstones] had always been each countrys national policy.

However, such an item was the cornerstone of a country.

Very few people would take it out and sell it.

Even if they took it out, they would be instantly killed.

There was simply no market for it.

However, for a Country Lord like Qin Feng, who had already unified an entire district, taking out a [Lords Cornerstone] was a simple feat.

Most importantly, everyone had just arrived at the Myriad World Continent for only over a month, so their strength was still limited.

Not many people would run to the wilderness to establish a country.

Everyones Lords Cornerstone was also stored and not used.

Even if they merged, there would still be a small amount left.

Qin Feng thought for a moment and replied, “I can promise you, but you must send me the detailed information about Li Xiangs Demon Country.

If you deal with it carelessly, dont blame me for pursuing it and settling the score with you!”

Lin Tao was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Dont worry about that.

I also hate Li Xiang to the core! Im also asking for the [Lords Cornerstone] because I have to run away after offending Li Xiang.”

Qin Feng had a thought and he guessed, “Could it be that you had designs on Yang Mi, and then Li Xiang defeated you, so you are running away”

Lin Taos heart skipped a beat.

Although Qin Fengs guess was very close to the truth, he would never admit it.

“Youre overthinking.

Li Xiangs reputation here is already bad.

As long as he attacks a certain district, all the Country Lords in that district have to submit.

If they dont submit, they will die.

What choice do you think I have”


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