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Chapter 105 Bet Token

Just then, the leader of the Four Symbols Alliance in District 0032, the Azure Dragon Nation Lord, was filled with gloom.

When the so-called Four Symbols Alliance was on the run, it had already fallen apart and completely disintegrated.

The White Tiger Nation Lord straightaway announced that he had withdrawn from the Four Symbols Alliance, and even the countrys name had returned to using its original name, the Ardent Tiger Country.

As for the Vermillion Bird Nation Lord, he did not even say goodbye and disappeared.

Only after he sent someone to investigate did he discover that the Vermillion Bird Nation Lord had crossed the border with his army, running away.

What made him the most furious was that before he left, he had even applied to transfer the countrys territory to the Demon Country in exchange for the Demon Countrys understanding and would no longer pursue his original hostile attitude.

That ostentatious operation had entirely caused Lin Taos people to abandon him.

What Four Symbols Alliance It was now a joke.

“Country Lord, what should we do”

The three Country Lords underlings who had escaped were also dumbfounded at that moment.

Back then, after they had checked the data of the Dread Fiend Cavalry, they fled without even thinking, leaving behind the army.


But it was precisely because of their actions that they had saved their lives.

Otherwise, based on the orders given by Li Xiang at that time, they would have died without a doubt.

But after returning, they found out that the army that beat them up was only one-tenth of the Demon Countrys knights, and there were nearly 100,000 soldiers behind them.

They also thought of abandoning their country and developing elsewhere.

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The idea was lovely, but the reality was ruthless.

It was okay to bully a Country Lord who focused on business like Yang Mi, but they did not have the strength and boldness to fight for territory.

So now they could only look for their big brother and suck up to him.

At the very least, it was a way out.

Lin Tao had nowhere to vent his anger.

When he was asked by those lackeys, he became even angrier.

“What to do What to do How should I know what to do Why didnt you just send some experts and secretly kidnap Yang Mi when I asked you to get her here Why did you send out an army Great, even the Demon Country has been summoned now.

What can I do”

The facial expressions of the underlings were a little unsightly.

Lin Tao didnt say that before.

Now that something had happened, it was their fault

They would definitely turn around and leave if they had other choices.

This kind of irresponsible boss was really not worth following.

After a long time, Lin Taos emotions recovered.

His IQ once again occupied the high ground, and he leaned on the Lords throne, saying, “With the strength of the Demon Country, it wont take long for them to attack us.

We have a great enmity with Yang Mi.

If Li Xiang is served well by that b*tch, we wont end up well either.”

“Thats right! I think our best option now is to leave District 0032.

With the strength of our four countries, it shouldnt be difficult to snatch a few territories from other districts.

If that doesnt work, we can enter the wilderness and occupy a piece of territory.”

“Thats right.

I heard many Country Lords who couldnt survive in their districts would bring their military assets into the wilderness and sacrifice a bit to conquer a monsters nest.

Although they dont have the title of Country Lord, they are no different from when they were Country Lords.

Its just a title.”

“Boss, if thats the case, we can totally turn into bandits in the wilderness and rob those traveling merchants.

Our lives might be better than now.

After all, countries report to each other in these districts, and their interests are intertwined.

If we really make a move, there will be a lot of trouble.

One wrong move and we will attract a lot of enemies.”

Lin Tao listened to the suggestions of his subordinates.

To be honest, he was a little tempted.

Even if one were powerful, it was tough to expand in the district.

Even if they cleared the wilderness, they would eventually collide with other Country Lords.

They would either stop expanding or fight.

However, it would be different in the wilderness.

The districts of Myriad World Continent were districts with an area of 100,000 square kilometers each.

Apart from the 100 countries with an initial size of 100 square kilometers, there was also a large amount of wilderness.

However, this was only within the district.

Not every divided district would have a descended ruler.

Some places had harsh environments, some areas had groups of ferocious beasts, and some places had continuous natural disasters.

However, some districts were connected to others with a descended ruler.

Therefore, although the districts were connected, not every district had people.

And the locations of those districts were often important transportation routes.

As long as they were opened up, it would be a considerable profit.

Lin Tao was indeed very tempted after a few rounds of consideration.

But he was also very reluctant to part with his foundation here.

But at this time, even if he was reluctant, he had to.

Because in a few days, even this piece of land might not belong to him anymore.

Finally, Lin Tao gritted his teeth fiercely and said, “Alright, I will take you to the wilderness to create another territory.

However, before I leave, I cant let Li Xiang enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I want him to pay a painful price for stealing my beauty.

When the three people below heard that, their eyes lit up and revealed looks of anticipation.

Lin Tao opened his friends list and quickly found a familiar profile picture.

Qin Feng.

When this guy was still on Earth, he had already pursued Yang Mi crazily.

No matter who wanted to get close to her, they had to face his crazy persecution.

That also caused Yang Mi to remain single even though she had debuted for nearly ten years.

It could be said that Yang Mi was practically this guys obsession.

Previously, when he discovered Yang Mi was in the same district as him, he had no intention of contacting the other party.

Although Qin Feng was a vicious person, he was not some good-for-nothing.

In his previous life, he had relied on his ability to build a large company with more than a billion assets.

According to his understanding, he had also made great achievements since he had transmigrated to the Myriad World Continent.

He had already completed the unification of his district and was planning to use regional war activities to expand outwards actively.

He was in District 0032, while the other party was in District 0026.

They were very far apart.

He just didnt know if the other party would be angry and rush over with an army if they knew about Yang Mis news.

However, logically speaking, since he was already in the Myriad World Continent, he didnt lack any beauty.

He might not be fixated on a woman that he had taken a fancy to previously.

Lin Tao flipped his palm, and a strange token appeared in his hand.

The wordBet was written on the token.

He had obtained this special item after wiping out a monsters nest.

Through this item, he could select an opponent to initiate a bet.

The most overbearing part was that this bet did not care about fairness.

As long as it was a designated opponent, it did not matter whether they agreed or not.

Of course, the penalty for failure was also very severe for such an overbearing treasure.

The system would automatically judge the bet.

Only when enough bets were placed could it be activated.

“Qin Feng, how are you”

Opening the communication channel with Qin Feng, he sent a message over.

However, after waiting a long time, Qin Feng didnt respond.


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