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“This time, after taking down the Hundred Flowers Kingdom and capturing Yang Mi, we will definitely be able to obtain many benefits.

There are many specialties here.

Just the various types of nectar and spirit fruits alone add up to more than a dozen types.

We are simply filthy rich.”

The country lord on the left had a face full of anticipation.

“I would like to see Yang Mi with my own eyes.

This is a big star.

If I can get close to her, hehehe!”

“Do you want to die This is the prey Boss Lin Tao wants to be delivered to him in one piece.

When the time comes, Yang Mi will really serve the boss well.

With just a twitch of her lips, shell be able to make you wear countless tiny shoes.”

“Hahaha, dont worry! A woman may have some status on earth, but in the Myriad World Continent, shes just a decoration.

If the boss gets tired of playing with her after a while, he might reward her to us!”

When the other two heard that, they immediately revealed a disgusting smile, their eyes filled with anticipation.

“Hurry up, urge the troops to step up their attack.

Dont be afraid of casualties.

As long as we win, well be heavily rewarded!”

Below the castle gate, barbarians and berserkers had already gathered.

They raised their huge clubs and hammered at the city gate.

The arrows shot from above were blocked by armor and tough skin.

Other than the eyes and other special parts, they were not afraid of the attack of the arrows.

“Brothers put in more effort.

The city gate is about to collapse.”


On the city tower, Yang Mi gritted her teeth and shot out arrows one after another.

At this time, her arms were numb as if they were not hers, but she still had a firm trust in Ning Xiaoyue.

On the city wall, more than ten elves were killed by the gnoll archers below, turning into miserable corpses.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

Suddenly, the earth trembled, and a huge cloud of dust rose in the distance.

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Yang Mis almost numb mind moved slightly.

Her beautiful eyes turned slightly, and she saw a black shadow rushing over like a tide.

“Is… Is the demon army here”

The three country lords on the hill also turned their heads in puzzlement, and then their expressions changed drastically.

They saw a cavalry troop of only 300 people rushing over.

Wherever they passed, the obstacles and soldiers were like paper, unable to cause any effect.

“Is this the reinforcement of that b*tch Yang Mi Only 300 people”

When the 300 cavalrymen approached, the three of them looked at the attributes of these cavalrymen, and their faces turned pale.

“Lets go!”

The three of them turned around and ran at the same time.

As for the army

Forget it!

It only took a dozen breaths for the 300 cavalrymen to arrive at the castle from the moment they appeared.

While the barbarians and berserkers below the castle were still roaring in excitement, streaks of pitch-black saber light had already swept across the mountain with a tremendous force.

At the same time, the tremendous impact sent countless soldiers flying backward.

They were already dead in midair.

There were even more miserable ones that were directly smashed into pieces, their flesh and blood flying everywhere.

Standing on the city wall, even though she had heard of the power of the demon army countless times, seeing it with her own eyes still made Yang Mis heart tremble.

Especially when she saw the real demon cavalry, the bloodthirsty and cruel way they killed the enemy, and the splattered flesh and blood.

Even though Yang Mi had experienced bitter battles, she felt that she could already adapt to bitter battles, but at this moment, she also had the urge to vomit.

After the demon cavalry drew an arc in front of the castle gate, they did not stop.

Instead, they continued to chase after the remaining enemy soldiers.

When they came, the Demon Lord had given an order to kill all the enemies and not to hold anyone captive.

Demons were evil and bloodthirsty, to begin with.

Naturally, they would not let go of such an opportunity to slaughter wantonly.

Looking at the tens of thousands of enemy soldiers, however, under their repeated attacks, their hearts had long been torn apart, causing them to collapse.

They were completely annihilated in less than half an hour.

On the huge open space in front of the castle, there were broken corpses everywhere.

Blood flowed into streams that almost dyed the entire square red.

The elf beside Yang Mi said with a serious expression, “These demon cavalrymen are too powerful and very bloodthirsty.

This is only level 1.

If they continue to level up, each demon cavalryman is a half-boss.”

Suddenly, a figure riding on a horse approached quickly.

“Cousin, cousin, are you okay”

Yang Mi saw the anxious expression on the persons face, and a beautiful smile finally appeared on her cold face.

“Xiaoyue is here! Go and open the city gate! We are safe!”

As soon as she said that, her vision turned black, and she immediately passed out.

The past few days had been extremely torturous for her.

In order to deal with the enemys attack, she had spent a lot of effort and sacrificed countless lives and soldiers in the country.

If not for the last bit of determination in her heart, she would not have been able to hold on until now.


The almost completely damaged castle door slowly opened from the inside.

Ning Xiaoyue jumped down from her horse and rushed in.

“Sister Ruth, wheres my cousin”

The elven hero beside Yang Mi, Ruth, saw Ning Xiaoyue, and she smiled and said, “Miss Ning, dont worry.

The country lord is just too tired that she fainted.

She will wake up naturally after a short rest.

This time, I have to thank you for this.

If you hadnt called for reinforcements, the country would really have been destroyed.”

Ning Xiaoyue said a little embarrassedly, “I didnt expect the Demon Country Lord to be my classmate.

I was desperate when I came to him that I wanted to use resources and money to ask him to help.

But now it doesnt matter.

As long as you are okay!”

A black shadow flashed past and landed beside Ning Xiaoyue.

“Ah, Sister Alicia, I was too anxious just now.

I forgot to greet you and ran here alone.”

Although Alicia was from the dark camp, her intelligence, memory, and personality hadnt changed much, not to mention that this person had an extraordinary relationship with the demon lord.

“Its okay.

Ive already told the army to withdraw from here and stay not far away from here.

They wont cause any harm or threat to this place.”

“Thank you, Sister Alicia.

Come in with me and take a look! My cousin will definitely like you!”


Ning Xiaoyue chuckled and said, “Yang Mi is my cousin, but she doesnt want me to tell others, so Li Xiang doesnt know either.

But it doesnt matter now.

You are a benefactor to my cousin and me so its okay to reveal.”

Alicia didnt quite understand why Ning Xiaoyue hid the relationship, but she didnt ask further.

Her mission here was to lead the army to destroy the enemy and protect Ning Xiaoyue from harm.

After that, Ning Xiaoyue gave Alicia and Ruth an introduction before rushing into the castle and arriving in a room decorated with elegant decorations.

At this time, Yang Mi had already woken up.

It was just that she had used up too much energy these few days, so she was too lazy to get up.


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