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Chapter 2174: With Such Power

Gu Rui frowned.

The monsters obviously hadnt found anything.

“Young Master Gu, these monsters have no intelligence.

Its normal for them to not find anything,” Cheng Mingzi said.

He took out three copper coins that could be used for divination from his cloth bag.

Cheng Mingzi put the copper coins in a turtle shell and shook it twice.

Then he poured out the coins.

“The hexagram points to the northwest.” Cheng Mingzis face was a bit pale.

“We should find it somewhere over there.”

Gu Rui shook the life-death bell and all the monsters turned to look northwest.

Ning Shu noticed how skillfully Gu Rui handled the life-death bell and vaguely understood why the state preceptor disappeared after the establishment of the Jia Kingdom.

With such power in the hands of another, the royal family would absolutely not be at ease.

Even an innocent and ordinary persons talent would lead to jealousy, much less a giant weapon like being able to control immortal monsters that didnt need to eat or drink.

It also seems that the Jia Kingdoms royal family had gone into the state preceptors tomb more than once to try to unearth it.

Otherwise, how could Gu Rui be so familiar with this place

But then, why did he need the map

Ning Shu silently followed along.

She wanted to see what the treasure was.

In the northwest direction was a stream of water with lotus flowers growing in it.

The lotus flowers had budded and were swaying gently.

The scenery was elegant and beautiful.

It was hard to believe that the flowers were growing in a tomb.

Ning Shu saw a glazed ceramic coffin.

A person could faintly be seen lying motionless inside.

Was it a man or a woman lying there

Ning Shus intuition told her that it was a woman because the surrounding arrangements were very feminine.

What mans tomb would be filled with grass and flowers, with small bridges and flowing water

Ning Shu really wanted to open the coffin and take a look.

Ning Shu slapped her own hand.

She shouldnt court death.

Gu Rui glanced at Ning Shu and she asked him, “Was the state preceptor male or female”

“Male,” Gu Rui said.


Ning Shu: …

Shed just conjured up a peerless love story about a lover who had specially arranged this tomb for the woman in the coffin.

Then it turned out to be a freaking man.

“Taoist Cheng, we are running out of time.

We cant stay here for too long.” Gu Rui said with a frown.

Cheng Mingzi looked a little disappointed.

It seemed that he wasnt destined to obtain what he wanted in this life.

He said decisively, “Then we should leave now.”

Gu Rui shook the life-death bell and the monsters gathered and followed behind him.

Ning Shu also hurried over to avoid being abandoned.

“Catch her.” Gu Rui suddenly pointed at Ning Shu.

The monsters tried to grab Ning Shu, but she quickly climbed on top of some large rocks and looked down at Gu Rui.

“Gu Rui, what are you doing”

“You have no value now, so you can die here,” Gu Rui said lightly.” The state preceptor must be lonely all by himself.

Please accompany him.”

Ning Shu: …

She kicked away a monster that had climbed up to her and said to Gu Rui, “Gu Rui, what grudge do you have against me Why are you treating me like this”

Ning Shu slashed the monsters neck with her dagger.

No blood came out and the muscle was deathly pale.

The monster quickly regenerated to its original state.

What power was this

These monsters were even stronger than zombies.

At least zombies would die after their heads were destroyed.

Ning Shu took out a talisman from a pouch and stuck it on the monsters head.


The monster was paralyzed.

Translator: Lili

Editor: Wheat

Translator: Kaho


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