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QTAgainst My Will Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: 2.16 – A day off – Mr. and Mrs. Jelly

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After two years...

Bing Shi 21, Xuan Mu 19.

Xuan Mu got a few days off to prepare for his finals, but instead of studying, he took this opportunity to play with Bing Shi, who had her finals earlier.

After Bing Shi got used to university life, she finished all her exams without any serious problems. Usually, she would go back home to help out her parents. But this time, she decided to stay back.


Right now, both of them were in their rooms, playing an MMO together.

“I need a part-time job. Im going for an interview this Friday. A pretty big construction company. Wish me luck!” notified Bing Shi nervously, checking her avatars inventory.

“Will you be alright Do you need money” asked Xuan Mu, going through the prices of items in the games marketplace.

“No, dont I have a money-making machine” Bing Shi sent all her money from her character to Xuan Mus character.

“Good luck with the interview,” Xuan Mu chuckled and accepted her money.

“Thanks! To be an authorized engineer, I have to have at least three years of working experience, plus, I need to finish a special legislation exam successfully,” Bing Shi sighed.

“Is it necessary” Xuan Mu raised a question.

“Yes! Its peoples safety we are talking about. The Bureau wont accept a blueprint without an authorization stamp. Such a hassle...” Bing Shi sighed again.

“University is such a waste. Students struggle with it for such a long time, and when they finish, they will be less successful than a high schooler,” Xuan Mu laughed at her misfortune.

“You are too much. Stop making fun of us! But what you said is true, haha!” Bing Shi agreed, “Why dont you skip grades”

“I always get calls from the company to resolve some problems,” stated Xuan Mu, “School is a good excuse to get a few days off without looking suspicious.”

“Xuan Mu, I have to congratulate myself for catching such a big fish,” Bing Shi chirped proudly.

“Im a big fish now” Xuan Mu smiled smugly. Until recently, he was her sugar daddy and a money-making machine, “Even that surgeon who was interested in you. Can he be compared to me”

Bing Shi scowled, she only wanted to be with Xuan Mu, nobody else, “Dont even mention him, just hearing him makes my ears bleed. And it wasnt him who was interested but his parents.”

“Is there anyone else who I need to know about” Xuan Mu was enraged with the thought that others would try to get with Bing Shi, even if it was their parents wanting their sons to. What was wrong with all these marriage proposals His little girl was still young!

“Um, my landlord introduced me to a lawyer No worries, I wanted to tell you today. Such an awkward scene, haha...” she laughed awkwardly.

“Did you exchange contact info” Another fly! Xuan Mu wanted to put a bug repellent on her.

“He gave me his business card I didnt give him mine though. But there is a chance my landlord gave him my number...” And right at that moment, she got a message from an unknown number. “Oh, he invited me out for a drink...” she muttered disinterestedly.

“Block him. Delete his number. Throw away his business card,” said Xuan Mu, irritated beyond belief.

“If he werent an acquaintance of the landlord, I would ignore him. But he is. I cant disrespect the landlord, who was always good to me, right” she asked.

“If he contacts you again, Im sending all my lawyers under me, to go after him. If your landlord introduces you to somebody again, Ill be your new landlord.”

Except Bing Shi, nobody knew if he was telling the truth or just joking.

“What if he wants to be friends only I wrote that my parents dont want me to go out alone with a stranger. Like a good girl, I have to listen to them. He has to gain their approval first. I gave him my parents number, let them take care of it,” she laughed evilly, two invisible horns appearing above her head.

“Im calling your parents,” he said. Was this her new way of chasing men away But this man He wanted her as a future wife! Not a one night stand or a girlfriend! That lawyer would call her parents for sure.

“Sure, go ahead, say hello to them from me,” Bing Shi grinned.

That day, Bing Shis parents got a call from two men. After Xuan Mus request, they refused the young lawyer without mercy. Could anyone be compared to their future son in law No! Their daughter never called them, but Xuan Mu always informed them about her well being. He gave off the impression of a mature man.

If they knew about Xuan Mus twisted relationship with Bing Shi, would they still approve of him

Due to their promise of not touching, only Bing Shis parents and brothers knew about their relationship. At school, they knew Bing Shi had a boyfriend, but nobody saw him yet.

Who wouldve thought that this promise would help Xuan Mu in his schemes Because, wouldnt it be bad if someone knew about his weakness

“Bing Shi, you dont even know how much power I hold now, do you”

“Not really, but it sounds so cool! Another reason for me to work harder. I have to catch up to you,” she said, full of determination.

“But dont cheat on me. The thought of you, handshaking with other men, is killing me. Do you have to” he asked for the last time. She could be very stubborn, sometimes. They talked a lot about this problem.

“Xuan Mu, people touched me before, like my doctors when I go for an injection or my dentist. Even though they are all women,” Bing Shi pursed her lips into a tight line.

“You are going to shake hands with men! Your occupation is full of men!” Xuan Mu insisted. Why couldnt she become his wife and stay at home He had to remind himself that they wanted to be an OP couple.

“Xuan Mu its a B.u.s.i.n.e.s.s. handshake. I wont shake hands with people who have ulterior motives, dont worry,” she reasoned.

“Hmpf!” he pouted in refusal.

“...” Bing Shi sighed.

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Who said he is mature Take it back!

During this whole time, they were repeating one dungeon over and over, waiting for one item to drop. Thanks to Xuan Mu, they found the most efficient pattern to finish the dungeon fast.



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