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Ah, my daughter, Azazels pitch black eyes met my own dark ones as I swept into a low bow out of respective.

Father. You asked to see me? I questioned as I straightened up, taking up my soldier stance.

Yes. He got up from his throne. It was covered with dark shadows and made out of skulls and bones. I watched his movements carefully as he circled around me. There was a predatory look in his eyes that I knew all too well. It was the same expression I wore whenever I was about to kill someone.

He stopped in front of me and looked down at me with his chin held up. For some reason, it irritated me. Youve been doing very well for a young demon.

I bowed my head slightly. It was a sign of respect expected of me at any compliment given to me by our elders. In hell, familial relationships didn matter. Its all thanks to your training.

My eyes didn stray from him in caution. I was on guard as he raised his chin in pride. Yes, thanks to my excellent training, He made special emphasis on the last part that didn go unnoticed. Youve been rising up the ranks quickly.

Finally, his dark eyes met mine, and I couldve sworn I detected a hint of jealousy. The demon master has taken a liking to your abilities. He has asked me to assign you this special task of the utmost importance.

My eyebrows raised as a slight smirk twisted my lips. So thats why he was jealous. It was an honor to be noticed by the demon master, let alone have a task from him. I was aware that my father set in on the demon council, but I was pretty sure the demon master hadn entrusted him with such important tasks. Everyone in hell knew that Samael and Azazel didn get along very well. No one knew exactly why, including myself. But I had a few ideas.

Azazel handed me an envelope. I bowed to one knee and accepted it. When I looked up, there was a victorious glint in my eyes that my father definitely didn miss. If his scowl was any indication of that.

You will not mess this up. Is that clear? We both knew I was the best. His pride and ego were just hurt.

Of course, Father. I got up and swept out of the room. My cloak flew behind me as my boots clinked against the stone floor. I was full out wearing a grin when I made it out of my fathers chambers. The best part was that he had no idea what task the demon master had given me, because only I could open the sacred envelope.

I decided to open the envelope somewhere private. It was hard to find places in hell with no people. Except for your bed chambers. But it was too far, and I was curious. So I decided to walk down to the balcony.

This area where my fathers chamber was located was only for those on the demon council. They had the best of the best. So the view was a sore sight for my dark depths. It gave the perfect glimpse of humans falling into the fiery chambers. You could see the volcanoes in the background, that seemed to always explode with blood. It covered the red hills with a beautiful sheen.

I drew my knife and pricked my finger. There was only one way to open envelopes in hell. Almost all of these were sealed. This seal was created so no one else would be able to open envelopes except for the person the envelope is directed to.

I touched my blood to the waxy seal. It glowed a bright red for a second then vanished. The envelope flew from my hands and floated in air before me. The demon masters face appeared on the cover of the envelope. It was an automated message, the demon master never directly communicated with us.

I want Azazel dead. By tomorrow. The cloaked head vanished. Thats it. I blinked.

I frowned. Azazel and Samael didn get along, yes. But I didn know it was to the point that the demon master wanted my father dead. I mean I didn have a problem with that, but hes immortal. The only way to kill him is using is own blade. The blade that he protected with his life. Even I didn know where he kept it.

I narrowed my eyes at the blood spurting out of the volcanoes. What was the demon master playing at? It must be something big for him to want Azazel dead. Something that I had to know. There was also the problem of the demons turning against me if they find out I had killed Azazel.

My father was quite popular, both in Hell and Heaven. So much so that he had sort of his own fan base. I had considered this before that the rivalry between my father and the demon master could be because of my fathers influence over the demons.

If a war broke our between the two, more than half the demons would side with Azazel. The reason for that was because Samael liked to do things on his own. He usually worked from the shadows, so no demon ever really knew what he was up to until it was too late.

This wasn very comforting for any of the demons. You didn know when you could just drop dead because Samael was annoyed by one of your antics. You didn know if the next minute you could be turned kicked out of hell and forced to live on earth. The demon master worked in mysterious ways.

Azazel, on the contrary, was very vocal about his actions. He liked to brag about his achievement. He liked to create commotion for one of his many plans. It was no secret that almost everyone had had an interaction with Azazel at some point. He was just that kind of person. Plus, his stories of being ruthless when it came to taking souls were famous around Hell.

There was this one time, when I was five. Azazel had taken me with him on a task. It was a month old baby. The demon master wanted the childs soul for some reason. We had an unfortunate encounter with the childs guardian angel. They usually stuck around until the child was able to talk or walk.

My father had slit his throat in a second. I had been in awe of his speed. The angel hadn even gotten a chance before he was dead. Then he moved towards the child. It was a clean death. He drove his hand through the childs chest and pulled out his tiny heart.

That incident was probably what gave him his fierce reputation, because no demon had killed a child before. Let alone in such a gruesome manner. Azazel was merciless; it was a mistake to make an enemy out of him.

This is the reason why I hadn thought of him killing yet. The thought had popped in my head countless time, but I had dismissed it immediately. Firstly because I wasn strong enough to do it. Second, I didn know where he kept his blade.

But its not like I could disregard the demon masters orders. I just had a different version of carrying out his orders.

I wished my powers worked inside my fathers chamber. Our powers could only work on earth and the hallways of hell, never in someones private chambers.

Azazels shield was a bit too strong to penetrate through. I might be good physically, but I was still young. Our powers grew along with our age. I was 567 now, it would take about a thousand years to get to my fathers level.

Náli, I came face-to-face with Leviathan and smiled. Miss me?

I rolled my eyes, Maybe.

Leviathan was the serpent and a member of the council. He also happened to be my very close friend.

He pointed his chin in the direction of the envelope and asked, Whats that?

I looked at the envelope and waved it in the air, The demon master has a job for me.

I looked at him and rolled my eyes. He was mimicking that weird pose again with his mouth open, eyes wide and his hands clutching his heart- I wasn sure if it was in pain or shock.

He swept me a grand bow and held my hand to his lips, Oh my lady, Im honoured to be in your presence.

I snatched my hand away and smiled at his antics, You

e so annoying.

He grinned and winked at me, You love it. Then he became all serious, and I knew what he was going to ask, What does he want you to do?

I looked away towards the volcanoes and sighed, To kill him.

He looked at me in confusion, Him? Then his eyes widened in realization, Him him?

Yes, I tilted my head in a nod and swept my hand, Him him.

I could feel his stare on me when he asked, Are you going to do it?

I looked at him with raised brows, I don have a choice..

He narrowed his eyes at me, but I looked away. I was afraid that my eyes would give away something. Leviathan knew me too well but this was something he couldn know.

Okay, I believe you. I didn react because I could still feel his stare on me. I knew he was lying, he knew I was planning something.

I had to make Azazels death beneficial for myself. The demon master hadn offered me anything in exchange for killing my father, which meant there was most likely to be no reward. If I followed his orders blindly, that meant suicide for my reputation.

If I didn follow the orders, that meant suicide literally. The demon master wouldn spare me with his fury just because I was one of the best demons. The punishment was same for everyone for defying orders.

But, if I could make a deal with him. A deal that got him what he wanted, and I got what I wanted.

Say, I started, turning towards Leviathan, Can you get me into the Samaels office somehow?

Why? He questioned immediately, eyeing me with suspicion.

I met his gaze head-on and told him, Youll just have to trust me.

He didn miss a beat and leaned in closer, The last time I trusted you, I almost ended up in the Fire chamber.

I pouted up at him and gave him the puppy eyes, hoping it would work. It rarely did, if truth be told, Please.

He looked at me in disgust and turned away, You have the worst dog eyes ever.

So will you do it? I asked excitedly. Even though I already knew the answer.

He grumbled, Fine.

Thank you! I squealed and hugged him, which made us both wince from the surprising body temperatures. He was too hot, and I was too cold.

He rubbed his arms where wed made contact, I don think Ill ever get used to that.

I shivered, Me neither.

Then, from the corner of my eyes, I watched his expression turn playful, and I almost groaned out loud when he said, How are we supposed to hug then? Come here, we have to get used to each other.

I looked at him with a disgusted expression and walked away from him, Call me when you

e ready to sneak me into the demon masters chamber.


e so cold. I heard him say after me but only raised a hand in farewell.

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