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Pyromaniac (WSA Special) Asmodeus

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The powerful boom of my fist connecting with the punching bag echoed throughout the gym.

I imagined it was the face of Azrael and it fueled my anger. Blood was soaking through my bandaged knuckles but I barely felt the pain.

It was just like him to underestimate me in front of everyone. He should just go ahead and adopt Eurynome at this point.

I imagined the punching bag was Eurynomes pig face. My powers were so much better than that good-for-nothing spoiled brat. All he knew was how to manipulate shadows.

He wasn even special. But no, he was good enough for Azrael. Náli was stupid just because she was a girl. She could burn Eurynome to ashes within a second but that didn matter, Eurynome was still better.

I rested my head against the punching bag, glaring at nothing in particular. My power was flickering in and out of focus because of my anger. If I wasn careful, the entire gym would go up in flames. Thankfully, the building was spell-proof so the only damage would be to the other demons in the room.

My breathing was heavy but Id know that cold voice anywhere, Surprising seeing you here.

I snapped my head towards him, my eyes were narrowed to slits as I spit out, What? Just because Im a girl?

Asmodeus shrugged in a nonchalant manner, I guess.

I ground my teeth as he started running on the machine next to me. I was about to blast him to pieces when he said, Im a girl too so..

I blinked in confusion, my anger fading away. He- or, well, she probably noticed my expression and side, Its easier to get away with anything when you

e a guy.

But I was still contemplating something, Girl- like, biologically or pronouns?

Biologically. I raised my eyebrows.

But I don understand why.. I trailed off then shook my head, saying, Nevermind.

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