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Pyromaniac (WSA Special) The Capture

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My head was dizzy from the blow Id received earlier. I touched the back of my hand and felt something wet. I almost groaned, the blood was going to be a hassle.

But it wasn like I had any other options. I pushed forward despite the dizziness and the pain. My abilities weren working as well as Id like them to, but I had to make do.

It was too dark in the corridor, I was getting delayed responses. But I kept moving forward. I came to a halt as I heard voices getting louder. It seemed that they were coming this way so I used my invisibility.

It was too much in my weakened state but I had to push through. I was pretty sure that I was flickering in and out of sight.

When I felt that I couldn hold the invisibility spell any longer, I let go. The voices had vanished thankfully, so I continued forward. My legs were wobbly, and I felt as if I was going to collapse at any second.

I could see brightness ahead, so I continued toward it. This place was huge, and Id only been here for three days. I wish I had more time to survey this place, or maybe some kind of mind power that allowed me to see past walls.

Standing in the bright hall, I looked around me for clues. There were no sharp objects in this place and almost everything was made of metal. I wouldve killed to have a knife right now, but most objects were scarce and unbreakable.

It had been a hassle even getting out of my room. I was almost on the verge of burning the entire place down but I had no urge to die this early.

Scoping out the place had been on my mind since the first day. But supervision was too high around here. They even accompanied you to the bathrooms and there was no concept of privacy. One of the guardians always stays in my room even when Im sleeping.

I don understand the point of it when they couldve just put up cameras.

I struggled against the cloth someone had placed around my nose. My mind had already alerted me to the high salt concentration so I held my breath for as long as I could.

Unfortunately, I had to start inhaling at some point. The drowsiness took over. All around me, I could see colours and shapeless objects.

Although I was still drowsy, I couldn fall asleep. My mind was awake but clouded in a mist of fogginess.

I could vaguely make out the voices in the dark. But everything seemed too far away. I felt the harsh feeling of hands grabbing my arms and dragging me.

Through lidded eyes, I tried to search my surroundings. But we were moving before I could even take a peak.

I felt something hard beneath me, followed by a slight prick in one of my arms. My limbs were feeling heavy, and I passed out within a second.

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