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Pyromaniac (WSA Special) Revenge

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I gasped as cold water dripped down my face. It was too much for me to bear in my weakened state. My body temperature was lowering at an alarming rate. Although my mind was working sluggishly, I knew I won be able to survive living in this freezer for another day. It took me almost five tugs to realize that I was chained and dripping wet all over the hard floor. There was a sharp pain in my head and my vision kept spinning in and out of focus.

My thoughts were scattered all over the place. Images of places I had never seen before in all my sixteen years of living, kept flashing before my eyes. My mind was a whirlwind of voices and strange words in a language I had never heard before.

Normally taken me only five seconds to assess my situation, but this was a unique situation. Still, I had to admit I was a little disappointed.

The coldness was most likely a result of the water dripping down my face. Or the puddle of water I was standing in on my bare feet. Although, its possible that the stone, cold floors mightve also played a part in lowering my body temperature.

Luckily, I wasn in any danger of freezing to death. Whoever was responsible for this knew what they were doing. They wanted me alive for now. The bucket of water had only been to wake me up.

This was confirmed a second later in the form of an unexpected cut on my right cheek. It made me come up The sting came a moment too late than Id anticipated and I hissed in frustration, unable to stop myself.

Ah, sleeping beauty finally awakens.

My head snapped up, ignoring the sharp pain I got in the back of my head at the sudden movement. That was likely from the blow Id been dealt by the kidnapper to knock me unconscious. A foolish mistake on my part, and I hated myself for being so careless.

Any other day, I wouldve been the paranoid freak everyone knew me to be. But he just had to show up and ruin everything.


e so uptight, he kept saying. Why are you so paranoid? Have fun. So I did.

But I shouldve known better. It was all just a ploy to distract me and to have me lower my guard around him. A likely plot for a kidnapping, which meant that it was someone I knew.

I glared into the darkness, wishing I could just obliterate the entire building with my mind. But I needed answers first, so I asked instead, What do you want? Spitting onto the floor for added effect; I desperately hoped it had hit the intended target.

Frankly, I couldn see a thing past my dirty blonde locks. I wasn sure if that was because of the darkness or my messed-up vision. It kept going in and out of focus. I figured that was probably the effect of some drug Id been given. LSD was the most likely culprit, considering my delayed sensory perceptions.

Short-tempered as always. A chuckle, sounds like a woman. Then, Had fun with Jake?

I cringed, definitely a woman. Stupid Jake happens to be Mr Popular at school, so thats a long list of possible suspects. Probably the entire female population at Bolton. But none of them were the type to get their hands dirty, so that left the boyfriends.

According to my memory of three days ago, we have approximately 857 students in the school when rounded off to the nearest number. 429 of them are girls and 428 are boys. Only 296 out of 429 girls are currently dating, while 366 boys are involved in a relationship.

If we consider only the students at Bolton, that gives us 209 possible suspects out of the 428 boys. Im not too sure about the girls in other schools, if they were the type to break a leg for the sake of revenge so the entire teenage population in Providence was a suspect. Which would be approximately 40, 404 suspects. Now I just had to get out of here so I can analyze the list of suspects carefully.

I squinted further into the darkness, wishing for the thousandth time I had mind-reading abilities. It wouldve made things so much more easier.

What do you want? I asked again. My voice was level— despite my throat feeling like sand and gravel, for which I was utterly grateful. I couldn show any signs of weaknesses, especially when I wasn sure what her motive was.

It could be about revenge but I couldn recall sleeping with anyone who happened to have a girlfriend. Or if they did, they didn bother voicing it out loud. Which, technically meant that it wasn my fault but their own for dating such pigs.

My grades aren something to brag about so thats off the list as well. Maybe for dumping trash in Clarissa Bs Ferrari? Or for turning her boyfriend into a pig? Honestly, she should be thanking me for that one. It could also be about almost killing Sarah Fs twin, but hes alive so I don see the problem.

Her tinkling laugh brought me out of my reverie, Im surprised you haven figured that out yet..

My ears perked up upon hearing a quick snap. Immediately, the room was flooded with brightness that made me shield my eyes against the harsh lighting.

The sudden change was too much for my sensitive eyes all at once, so I kept them firmly shut. It wasn until I felt something sharp across my cheek that I slowly opened my eyes.

..bestie. I looked up into my kidnappers face, or the face of my sister who died three years ago.

Her screams and pleas for help echoed within my ears as I stood watching the flames dance in the night air. The tears flowed freely down my face but I stayed rooted to the spot. I don think I couldve moved even if I wanted to. Her screams were all I could hear. I abandoned her, after everything we went through. I broke our promise. I killer her. I looked down at my blood covered hands. Im a murderer.

Amanda. I gasped out, sounding as if I had finally reached the surface of the ocean after drowning for ages.

She smirked and blinked at me innocently, Did you miss me?

What.. I heaved in a large breath of oxygen in hopes of getting my rapidly escalating emotions under control. I was pretty sure that I was on the verge of having a panic attack. How-

Amanda gave me a wide-eyed look and pointed a finger to herself, feigning cluelessness, Aren you happy to see me?

Suddenly, she laughed out loud and danced away from me, twirling around the room in her little pink skirt. I blinked at her form, trying to make sense of her erratic behaviour.

Shes always been wild, but this was unusual, even by her standards. Maybe she was locked up in an asylum and went cuckoo in there. That would explain her sudden disappearance three years ago. But it didn explain why she was here now.

I took the opportunity to search the room for any escape routes. Although my vision was still blurry, I was grateful for the bright lighting. It really helped me make out the different shapes and colours in the room. Which was much better than being in the dark, when I was practically blind.

Amanda was surprisingly dressed up like a coquette doll. It actually reminded me of that Anabelle doll with her spooky makeup . As if shed tried to cut it herself and failed. She stopped in the middle of the room and gave me a smile that seemed too wide to be considered normal.

My senses weren working up to their full potential, but I could make out a high-pitched voice from somewhere to my left. It was too dark for me to see anything past my dirty blonde hair, but, surprisingly, the voice sounded somewhat familiar. If only I could get them to come closer, Id be able to get a good look at their face.

Even though my brain was working at a sluggish pace, a plan quickly formed in my head. As long as I stick to the plan, I should be out of here in no time.

I heaved in a large breath. My throat already felt parched as it is, so this shouldn be too hard. Shouldve.. given me.. less.. drugs.. if you.. wanted. me awake.. sooner..

Internally, I cringed at how bad I sounded. It was like a cat dragging its nails across a piece of glass. Id rather choke on a glass of water than sound like a broken record ever again. Kidnappers can be cruel, depriving a lady of the basic necessities of life.

Fortunately, my kidnapper shared my sentiments for I felt something cool touch my lips a few seconds later. I didn delay a moment in taking large gulps of water. Honestly, I was so thirsty I wouldve even chugged a glass of sour milk if forced to.

It also gave me the first glimpse of my kidnapper, who was, surprisingly, a woman. A woman that I knew all too well. A woman that was supposed to be dead.

My mind was screaming at me to use this opportunity as an escape. It wouldve been too easy to strangle her right now and make a break for it since she hadn bothered cuffing my legs. A surprising mistake on her part to underestimate me. The Amanda I knew would never take any chances.

So call me stupid, but I was curious. I was aware that it mightve been a ploy by her, and I was likely doing exactly what she wanted. But I had so many questions. Most importantly, I wanted to know why, and thats exactly what I asked.

Why? Her piercing blue eyes were just as cold as ever as they met my green ones.

Did you miss me, Alicia? I couldn see it but I was pretty sure she was smirking. Oh, she was definitely planning something or she wouldve never come back. Is it because of Jake? No, I highly doubted that. Amandas not that pathetic.

I narrowed my eyes, What do you want?

She laughed in that shrill voice of hers that grates in your ears and makes you cringe. Her smile was a little too wide to be considered normal and not crazy, Aw, come on bestie. I missed you!

Thats surprising.


e still upset I left you behind? I peaked a glimpse at her and immediately regretted not making a break for it when I had the chance. She wanted to keep me here as her little pet to have fun with whenever she wanted. Well, unfortunately for her, I had things to do.

I broke out of my chains with a little pressure. I was done playing this game, and frankly, those chains were a little embarrassing.

You broke my favourite toys.. I looked up at Amandas perfect expression of a lost puppy. Three years ago, I wouldve cuffed myself if she gave me that expression. But today, it only seemed annoying.

Can we have a little light in here? Not everyone has super vision. I stared at her pointedly at the last part. All she did was show her pearly whites and snap her fingers.

I groaned at the sudden brightness. It took me a few minutes to adjust to the brightness and my state. I was a mess. Amanda had put me in this gross, makeshift cloth dress that was stained in dirt, and.. probably blood. My kneecaps were bashed, I couldn remember how so I looked up at Amanda with a raised eyebrow.

You fell on your knees after I bashed your head two days ago. She smiled, as if she was delivering the evening news. Now even I was starting to get worried. Did she maybe fall off a cliff, lose her brains and miraculously survived and lost her sanity? Or was she locked up in an asylum for three years for murdering someone?

Apparently, Amanda saw the question on my face for she said, Oh, Aly, don feel bad. It was all thanks to you that I got to spend the best three years of my life.

I frowned, Thanks.. to me?

You know, when we were kidnapped by those trafficking idiots, you somehow escaped and burned the whole place down.

I-I was scared. Like I was right now as I backed away from her. I thought shed died in that place. The police confirmed it.

Yes, but you left me behind. She looked at me with that puppy dog expression again. I narrowed my eyes even more. Suddenly I got the urge to get out of this place. Something felt wrong, maybe it was Amanda or just this whole place, I wasn sure. I just wanted to leave.

I didn have a choice. I said as I edged towards the only door in this room. I figured we were in the basement, and I was desperately hoping she hadn hired any guards.

But you have one now. I snapped my head towards her. She was coming towards me with nunchucks. I had no idea where shed even gotten ahold of those but I wasn planning on sticking around to find out.

I used my telekinesis abilities to get rid of all the locks on the door from the outside. Id really been hoping it wouldn come to this but I was out of options. I could only hope now that my abilities would last long enough for me to get out of here.

I slammed open the door and almost ran into the two men guarding the door. Shit. Immediately, I tore the door off its hinges, broke it into pieces and sent one piece flying toward each of the men. I didnt stick around to find out what happened and made a quick decision to go right as I could barely make out another corridor at the end of it.

My sweetest Alicia, you can run but you can hide. Well duh, my plan only includes running as far away as possible from here. Maybe even burn this place to the ground as well, and leave you in it on purpose because this is not my Amanda.

There were doors on my both sides, and I was scared to know what was behind them. The corridor was silent except for mine, Amanda and the two guards footsteps and voices. I don know what has happened to Amanda. We were only fourteen, I was scared for my life. It wasn like I wanted to leave her behind on purpose, she was like a sister to me.

Even after three years, that whole memory tortures me every day. I just wish I could turn back time and save Amanda. Leaving her behind has been my biggest regret all my life. And now shes back.

I was able to maintain a cool exterior in front of her, but I feel like breaking down right now. She was my best friend, it wasn easy for me to accept that she was dead all those years ago.

It doesn matter, I have to get out of here. Amanda died three years ago. Whoever that is, shes not my best friend and she never will be. I turned into the other corridor and immediately backed away. Two more guards were patrolling the corridor, and looking behind me, Amanda had almost caught up.

There was only one thing to do, I went invisible. It would use a lot of power but I didn know what else to do. I just had to make it to the top floor, and then I could jump out the nearest window. I ran down the corridor, past the guards. At the end of the corridor, I took a left as I could see the staircase in the hallway.

There were no more guards around here so I ran as fast as I could. Just as I was about to escape past the stairs, I tore a large chunk of the wall from down the hall I came from, and sealed the staircase. I hadn seen Amanda but I could vaguely hear her voice in the distance. Suffice to say, she was angry and very much likely to murder me if she wasn before.

I was starting to get weak and blinking in and out of invisibility. Forcing myself to push a little longer, I looked around for windows as soon as I reached the first floor. There was one right at the end of the corridor. I shattered the glass with my mind and jumped out the window. It wasn too high but I still rolled into a ball to prevent any injuries. I was running before even fully getting and became visible right then.

Ill GET YOU, ALICIA. ILL COME FOR YOU. MARK MY WORDS. Amanda yelled from somewhere in the distance but I didn bother looking back.

I didn know where I was but I was surrounded by trees all around me. Im not sure if Ive been to this part of Manhatten, or if I even was in Manhatten. In the distance, I could hear cars going by so I quickly ran towards the sound. It was the highway so finding a lift here might be a little difficult.

I was getting angsty just standing here and wanted nothing more than to get out of here as soon as possible. A truck was passing by just then, and I grabbed ahold of it just in time. I climbed u the back and into the cargo boxes lying in the back.

Even if this truck goes out of Manhattan, I can get a ride in the morning. For now, Ill just sleep because Im so exhausted. Today really wasn what I had in mind. Then what Amanda said like five minutes ago, it seems like shes determined to get me, and I don even understand why. Ill just have to be prepared for her next time. Yeah. The boxes were a little uncomfortable but I was too tired.

I woke up the next morning tied in chains, again. For a second, I blinked, thinking that maybe I was just dreaming. But no, it was the same darkness as yesterday. Again, I was dripping wet and my throat was dry and my feet were bare.

What the.. I whispered.

Ah, so the sleeping beauty awakens.

I blinked again and tried to find Amanda in the darkness. I didn know what was going on, I was confused.

What.. is going on.. I whispered. My voice made the same scratchy noise as yesterday. Yes, yesterday. I escaped from here. I saw Amanda yesterday. Then I jumped on a truck and slept in it. I should be in Manhatten or somewhere similar. What the hell is going on? I can be here again!

I felt Amanda place something cold near my lips, but I didn drink it.

Drink. She commanded and pushed the glass forcefully against my lips so I had to take a few sips.

I don , I don understand. I escaped from here. How am I here again?! I demanded, my confusion getting the best of me.

But Amanda only laughed as if I had made the funniest joke of the century. Escape? But you and I are just getting started.

Her voice grated on my ears, and I closed my in hopes that this nightmare would disappear. I had no idea what was going on, but I just wanted to get out of her. To be free of Amanda.

Thats it. I opened my eyes. I will get out of her. Maybe Amanda found the truck Id been sleeping in and taken me, hostage, once again. Yes. That made sense. Besides, it wouldn have been that difficult to find me. I had let my guard down, but I wouldn do it again. That was a promise.

Maybe Amanda saw the determination in my eyes when she said, Oh? You think you can escape from here?

I raised my chin in defiance as an answer. She chuckled, and I narrowed my eyes.

Im sure you will. I heard the clicking of heels on the stone, cold floor as she walked away from me. Was she leaving or was she grabbing something? I desperately hoped it wasn the latter.

But then I heard the sound of a drill machine echoing through the walls, and I bit my bottom lip. My heart sped up at the sound. So thats her plan, to slice through me. I was frozen in shock. I couldn believe it.

I didn even realize she was standing in front of me until she spoke, which only made me jump, in surprise or fear I couldn be sure, Im going to savour every second of this..

I panicked and screamed as the machine came toward me. I didn what else to do. I was scared. If this was a dream, it should end right now. And it did as soon as the machine touched my hair.

I woke up again. Third times a charm, right? I laughed weakly. It started slow until I was laughing hysterically until my stomach hurt and I started crying.

Ah, sleeping beauty finally awakens.

NO! I screamed and tore through my chains. I didn care about Amanda, all I wanted was to get out of this nightmare. I had had enough of this.

I ran blindly across the room, trying to search for the walls, or the door, or anything. I didn feel the pain in my lower abdomen until it was too late. My hands enclosed around the painful area and touched something wet. It was dark and I wasn sure what it was. But it hurt so bad, and it had a metallic odour. Blood. Amanda had stabbed me.

Still, I didn give up. I moved past the pain and kept my hands on the wall in search of the door. Another pain shot up my leg. I screamed and fell to the floor. The tears flowed freely now.

Im sorry, Im sorry.. I kept on blabbering hoping that this nightmare would fade away and Id be back in school.

Aw, but you never felt sorry for me. My horrified eyes met blue ones as the last blow pierced my blackened heart.

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