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3556 Completely Lost It! (3)

From Li Leyuns point of view, Huang Yueli was no different than a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

She slowly approached Huang Yueli, and first kicked her on the waist.

Seeing that she didnt respond, she immediately showed an icy smile.

“Tsk tsk, you stinky girl with the surname Li, you still have today! Arent you very arrogant and proud You think that as long as you can use despicable tricks to captivate brother Moying, you can ascend to the sky and become the young lady of the Cloudy Qilin Clan Huh But look at you now, arent you lying at my feet like a dog”

At this time, Huang Yueli had completely lost consciousness.

Although these evil qi had integrated well with her own profound energy, there was still too much!

The raging evil qi poured into her dantian crazily.

It was fine at first, but later on, it increased more and more, and it almost caused her dantian to explode!

A blush appeared on Huang Yuelis face, and she began to feel pain.

Seeing that she was silent, Li Leyun felt annoyed.

She lowered her head to Huang Yuelis ear, and said again: “Speak! Why dont you speak Is it because youre hurt too badly, or did you not put me in your eyes at all Do you think… I dare not kill you Now that brother Moying has been rescued, and there is no one else here, no one will know if I kill you!”

The evil qi in Huang Yuelis body flowed more violently, and beads of perspiration started to form on her forehead.

But, she still couldnt move!

Moreover, she couldnt feel any movement from the outside world.

Even if Li Leyun spoke so close to her, she didnt hear anything.

When Li Leyun saw that there was no response at all, she was disappointed.

She said these words in order to humiliate Huang Yueli, and she wanted to see panic and unwillingness appear on her confident face, so as to remove the psychological shadow caused by Huang Yuelis repeated slaps in the face.

However, Huang Yueli didnt respond!

No response, whats the point of scolding her then

Li Leyuns plan to kill Huang Yueli was originally just a threat, but as soon as she said the words, she suddenly realized that this was really a golden opportunity!

After killing Huang Yueli, no one will come to snatch Li Moying from her again!

Moreover, there arent any witnesses here, and she wants to deny it afterwards, without any effort!

All she needed to say was that when she came, Huang Yueli was already dead!

Even if Li Yuntao and Li Yunhai might think of her, they will definitely not stand up and testify, because they definitely want Huang Yueli to disappear quickly!

Huang Yueli did not hand over Grandmaster Xiaos business to the Cloudy Qilin Clan, but instead cooperated with the Black Tortoise Clan.

This matter made the two Divine Generals very angry!

Thinking of this, Li Leyun suddenly became terrified!

She raised her right hand, and the profound energy in her body condensed towards her palm, and soon formed a blueish purple ball of light on her hand.

Li Leyun narrowed her eyes, ruthlessly slammed towards Huang Yueli!


A loud bang!

Li Leyun held on to the idea of not doing one thing and not doing the other, so she acted extremely viciously, and used the secret method of the Cloudy Qilin Clan!

But this time with all his strength, the attack was clearly aimed at Huang Yuelis heart, but it seemed to hit an iron plate directly!

At the same time, a force of counterattack turned towards Li Leyun instead!

Li Leyun did not expect such a thing to happen.

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