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Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Xuan Sheng liked Xia Wanyuan, and it was needless to say how possessive Jun Shiling was of her.

However, what everyone saw now was that Jun Shiling and Xuan Sheng were chatting about something.

They seemed to have a good relationship.

[ I silently imagined countless dramas.

Didnt they say that Xuan Sheng loved Xia Wanyuan but could not get her He can actually smile when facing Xia Wanyuans husband.

Hes a ruthless person.


[Perhaps what you saw was them chatting and laughing.

Only I think these two are secretly competing…]

At that moment, in the airport, Xuan Sheng and Jun Shiling were walking side by side.

Seeing that they had arrived at the door, Xuan Sheng smiled at Jun Shiling.

“CEO Jun, take care.

Please help me pass a message.

When Xia Wanyuan is done with the literature society, I want to talk to her about the Moon Bay project.”

With that, before Jun Shiling could answer, Xuan Sheng got into the car and left.

“…” Jun Shilings expression darkened as he watched Xuan Sheng leave.

In the car, the assistant looked at Xuan Sheng carefully.

He did not know what his boss was thinking.

He had been provoking Jun Shiling on the way here and had to anger him before he left.

“CEO Xuan, will you be hostile to CEO Jun like this” The assistant was really worried that Xuan Sheng would go too far.

If Jun Shiling stood on Xuan Lis side, their situation would be even more difficult.

Xuan Sheng did not look worried at all.

“The person Xia Wanyuan likes is not so petty.”

The assistant turned around silently and did not say anything else.

In the resort, Xia Wanyuan was leading everyone to inspect Moon Bay.

This place was not completely open to the public.

At the moment, only the hotel was open for business.

Many attractions were still waiting to open.

The staff was a little puzzled.

“CEO Xia, isnt this the most popular period recently Why didnt you open the entire resort project to the public in one go”

“Not yet,” Xia Wanyuan said simply.

The staff looked at each other. Isnt it popular enough now When will it be considered high popularity 

Everyone was about to continue asking when Xia Wanyuans phone rang.

She picked it up and said a few words before smiling.

“Okay, Ill come out now.”

After hanging up, Xia Wanyuan said a few words to the staff and left.

Soon, Xia Wanyuan arrived at the entrance of the resort.

Seeing Jun Shiling, Xia Wanyuan jogged over.

Jun Shiling opened his arms to catch her, lowered his head, and kissed Xia Wanyuans forehead.

“Im here.”

“Mm.” Jun Shiling had always taken care of Xia Wanyuan meticulously.

In addition, after Xia Wanyuan got pregnant, she was even more picky in all aspects.

Jun Shiling had not come over for the past few days, and Xia Wanyuan felt uncomfortable everywhere.

Jun Shiling lowered his head and looked at Xia Wanyuan carefully.

“Youve lost weight.”

Xia Wanyuan nodded.

“Now that you came, Ill put on weight again.”

Jun Shilings heart ached and he was amused.

He stroked Xia Wanyuans hair.

“Lets go and eat first.”

“Okay.” With Jun Shiling by her side, Xia Wanyuan was in a good mood.

While Xia Wanyuan was in a good mood, the people at Nancheng University were all extremely worried.

Because there were too many people.

Nancheng University was originally preparing to hold a literature meeting on campus.

However, they realized that the venue was not enough at all.

Even the largest stadium in the school might not be able to accommodate so many people and audience.

Furthermore, even if the school was willing to use the stadium as the venue for the literature conference, the teachers felt that they had lost that mood.

Everyone discussed.

In the end, someone suggested an idea.

It was to be held in Moon Bay Resort.

There was a large area that could be used as a venue.

This idea was agreed by most people.

Most people did not know that Xia Wanyuan was the boss behind Moon Bay, let alone the leaders of Nancheng University.

Such matters of contacting the venue and organizing events had always been the easiest to fish for benefits.

Wang Hui naturally did not want to let go of this opportunity.

He volunteered to coordinate with the resort.

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