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Chu Yi was quite gentle today.

Not only did he not lose his temper, but he also hugged Su Yao and chatted with her for a while.

Tell me, how did you live in the past” Chu Yi asked Su Yao as he read the document.

Sitting in Chu Yis arms, Su Yaos heart was cold, but there was a faint smile on her face.

“My parents immigrated to America a long time ago.

I grew up in America.”

Chu Yi paused in his actions.

“You grew up in America too”

Su Yao looked at Chu Yi in confusion.

“Young Master, is there a problem”

Chu Yi shook his head.

“Its nothing.


Chu Yis study had huge French windows.

A gentle breeze blew in from the garden outside the window, lifting Su Yaos hair and wrapping it around Chu Yis shoulder.

The butler stood outside the door and looked from afar.

Chu Yi was carrying Su Yao, and the study was silent.

He thought that Old Master was right. As long as a man had a new one, the old one was nothing.

However, in the study, Su Yao and Chu Yi did not look so harmonious at all.

Because Su Yao had just mentioned that she liked daisies.

When she said that, she could clearly feel Chu Yis expression darken.

“In the future, not only must you wear a red dress, but you cant like daisies either, understand” Chu Yis cold gaze landed on Su Yaos face.

Su Yao looked at Chu Yi in confusion.


“Theres no reason.” Chu Yi was not prepared to explain to Su Yao.

“Alright, go and change your clothes now.

Otherwise, disappear from this place immediately.”

Su Yao pursed her lips.

“Okay, Young Master.

Ill change now.”

Ten minutes later, Su Yao walked in in a bright red dress with slightly curly hair.

Chu Yi looked up and fell into deep thought as if he was frozen.

They were too similar.

Their facial features and expressions clearly did not look alike, but Su Yao gave Chu Yi an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Especially when she was wearing a red dress.

She was like a passionate red rose that burned Chu Yis eyes.

Su Yao stood at the door and could feel the pain in Chu Yis eyes from afar.

Her heart ached slightly.

She really wanted to go forward and ask if there was any point in Chu Yi putting on an act now.

Since he would occasionally think of her, the person he had personally destroyed, why could he be ruthless back then

Su Yao tidied up her expression and walked forward.

“Young Master.”

Chu Yi replied and looked at Su Yao with a deep gaze that made Su Yao unable to guess his thoughts.

Chu Yi closed the pen in his hand and pushed the document aside.

He stood up and picked Su Yao up.

Su Yao was shocked and subconsciously hugged Chu Yis neck.

Chu Yi lowered his head and glanced at Su Yao.

Su Yaos bright eyes seemed to have magic power that made one intoxicated.

“Young Master” Su Yaos voice trembled.

Chu Yi carried Su Yao and walked straight into the bedroom.

When she was placed on the bed and looked at Chu Yi, who was untying his tie, Su Yaos eyes finally became flustered.

“Young Master, you…”

Before she could finish speaking, Chu Yi leaned over.

Su Yao struggled twice but was held down by Chu Yi.

“Shut up.

You were sent here.

Dont you know what youre here for”

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