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Principal Yang was stunned for a moment, but he did not hang up on Xia Wanyuan.

“Tell me.”

The head of the art department and the head of the literature department looked at each other.

“Principal, Im afraid well have to give the students a break in the next few days.”

“What do you mean” Principal Yang was puzzled. There werent many holidays recently. “Why are you on leave”

“Because there are no more teachers.” The directors faces were filled with helplessness.

“Where are the teachers” Principal Yang was completely confused by the two directors words.

“Theyve all gone to Linxi.” The director looked helpless.

“There was an uproar at Nancheng University.

When the teachers heard about this, they were furious.

They bought plane tickets and left.”

“…” Principal Yang raised his hand and patted his forehead.

“What is going on”

On the other end of the line, Xia Wanyuan was also a little helpless.

“Principal, why dont you let those professors go back first”

Principal Yang thought for a while.

“No need.”

From another perspective, it might not be a bad thing.

Because of the secret struggles between the universities in the north and south, there were all sorts of estrangements between the teachers.

Other academics paid attention to integration, but Chinas academic world had already formed a separation between the north and south.

It had been many years since they had a decent exchange.

Principal Yang thought for a while.

It was good to use this opportunity to let the teachers go out and receive some new information.

“Let them go.” Principal Yang looked at the directors in front of him.

“The two of you can pack up.”

“…” The two directors did not expect things to turn out like this.

They had come mainly to let the principal control the scene and pull those teachers back.

This time, even they had to go over.

“Okay, Principal.

Lets set off now.”

The directors left the office.

On the other end of the line, Xia Wanyuan had roughly guessed Principal Yangs thoughts.

All along, Xia Wanyuan had admired Principal Yangs tolerance.

“Principal, youre magnanimous.”

Principal Yang laughed out loud.

“Being magnanimous is one thing, but in my heart, I still hope that you can win and make me proud.”

He and the principal of Nancheng University had been sworn enemies for decades.

That old man made him unhappy every day.

If Xia Wanyuan could disgust him, Principal Yang was happy to see it.

“Ill try my best.” Xia Wanyuan said a few more words to Principal Yang before hanging up.

Xia Wanyuan put down her phone and was about to go out for a walk when her mailbox began to ring with reminders.

Xia Wanyuan clicked on it and a helpless smile appeared in her eyes.

Xia Wanyuan was very popular, and there were reports about her in the international media.

Many people abroad naturally knew about the battle between Nancheng University and Xia Wanyuan.

Immediately, many people were willing to come and help Xia Wanyuan.

Among the people who were emailing Xia Wanyuan now were professors from Cambridge University, members of the American Painting and Calligraphy Association, and many internationally famous experts and scholars.

One after another, the usually silent Linxi became the focus of the world.

In the end, the scene was so big that even Nancheng University did not expect it.

Furthermore, the development of the matter was not under their control at all.

This literature meeting began with Nancheng University versus Xia Wanyuan.

Now, it had become a grand event that involved the entire world and the entire Chinese academic world.

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