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Rong Yue treated him carefully and after she had stopped the blood loss in the two places, she made him sit up slightly considering the position of the two injuries.

It was only after about half an hour that the whole area was already silent. She said a prayer for his subordinate that had been with him. After all, with those group of men, him alone was not enough.

What she didn know was that after she had kept him inside her store, the subordinate had run with the place the gps had guided him to, before long, he had met the backup they requested for and finished off those group of men.

However, when he returned to comb the place for his young master, they didn find him no matter how he had searched. And since his second young master had not told him about seeing a girl across, he didn know there was another person around.

"Are you sure they hadn captured second master while you ran off?" The team of new arrived back up asked after checking everywhere with no results.

Their master had a lot of enemies, they knew that but very few dared to attack him, after all, the team he had built was insanely strong.

Yet today, they had met a very targeted attack.

"First young master would have us buried along if theres any wrong with master." One of the men said, his words making shivers run down the spine of the others.

They all nodded in agreement and then continued their search.

On the other hand, Rong Yue finally managed to take the man home. At first she had thought it wouldn be something too difficult but with no cab and his amazing build, she had felt herself stay on the verge of collapsing every now and then.

"Yue er!" Rong Xia jumped up as she saw her daughter stumble into the room with a man in her arms. From first sight, she could already tell the man was injured.

Her eyes roamed over her daughters body very quickly and it was only when she saw that she was fine that she assisted her to place the man on the only sofa they had in their living room.

One of their old neighbors had struck it better and thus distributed their furnitures and things to the neighbors. The mother and daughter had been lucky to get this since other people already had theirs.

"Yue er, you had me worried." She complained softly like someone that was just reporting something to her daughter.

"I came across this man on the road. He was left by the roadside to die and I thought to help him so his ghost doesn chase me around after."

After some explanation, her mother accepted and hugged her to ease her heart of all the pent up worry.

Unknown to them, some of the neighbors that enjoyed staying out in the evening had seen her come back with a man and many of them had assumed that he was some drunk man that she picked up.

"Say, who would have thought that Yue er would move with people like this? The man looks dead drunk and she even dares to bring him home." One of them commented while snacking on some sunflower seeds.

"Shes only still in high school and she dares to behave like this, would all her good grades be for nothing in the end." San Wu, whose daughter was Rong Yues mate but went to a lower school because she didn have the brains to get a scholarship in Rong Yues school said snidely.

Anyone that was sensitive would sense the pangs of jealousy in her words, yet since all of them saw things the same way, they all nodded in agreement while sneering.

"With a useless mother like that, it isn surprising that she would turn out this way, after all, the daughter is like the mother." This person hadn said anything since and her words even contained a little sympathy as she felt that Rong Yue had a lot to deal with from an early age.

They moved on to other topics about other people in the neighborhood.

As for Rong Yue, her mother had forced her to clean up and have dinner while she tried to treat the stranger better.

"His actually so handsome Yue er, he looks even better than those people that are usually on the screen in our neighbors houses." She commented as she wiped his face clean. Considering that the injury had been there even before he came to Rong Yues shop area, it had gotten some slight infection and had caused him to start having fever.

Rong Yue nodded while she rolled her eyes! She had clearly treated him because of his looks alone right!

Also, from how they had addressed him, he ought to be someone that still had some money. She had every intention to charge him for everything.

She raised her left hand as she used her fingers to count all that she had done for him.

From rescuing him to the first aid treatment to manual transportation and then straight to her mother treating him and accommodation, she calculated everything and had almost reached a sky high amount of a million.

"Yue er, what are you calculating?" Her mother asked with confusion when she was her daughter so focused and lost in thoughts while still moving her fingers.

She had just finished all the treatment and was confused on where he would sleep, after all, he was a very tall man and from his knees downwards, they were dangling from the arm of the couch.

"We have made it rich." Yong Yue said with a smile before standing up to take her bowl to the kitchen.

Since she had lost her memory, she barely got the grasp of many matters and so when Rong Yue mentioned them striking it rich, she only took it as some new slang or money that her daughter made at work.

"Yong Yue, where do we put the man for tonight, his body would certainly be uncomfortable here." She said with concern. Since it was only one couch, it was impossible for the both of them to sleep here. Besides their bed was not any big too and the mother daughter pair were only able to sleep on it because of their slender figures.

"Right where he is. Only his upper body is injured and I would place his legs on this stool here for blood flow." As Rong Yue talked, she carried the stool and placed it right where his leg was.

Although, her mother hesitated, she finally assisted her to place his leg up there.

Rong Yue nodded in satisfaction and went in to bring some several pieces of clothes that could be used to keep him warm.

"So we leave him like this?" Rong Xia asked with a hint of worry.

"Yes mom, lets go in to sleep." After all she still had school the next day.

As soon as the mother daughter pair left the living room, the man that was placed on the couch opened his eyes while he chuckled gently.

"Such a calculative fellow." He muttered before closing his eyes back.

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