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Rong Yue had lived the last three years of her life in the research base that Tong Yang and Li Fan had sold her to.

After basking on her glory for more than six years, Tong Yang had attracted some negative attention where some people who needed highly intelligent people to carry out some research.

Tong Yang had thus being captured and tested, but the people had found her IQ unimpressive and released her.

She had however hatched a plan with Li Fan….

Her experience there had made her alert to danger and she could sense it greatly in that moment.

Instead of moving out, she gently retraced her steps while moving like a nimble cat until she was covered by the shadow of the store.

From here, no one around could notice that there was someone there, after all, she was dressed in black. To make her blend even more, she let down her long and black hair that had been packed in a pony tail and used them to cover her white and flawless face.

Before long, she saw two men come out from an alley that was opposite the store, her brows furrowed as she looked at them intently.

Although they didn appear frail, one of them was certainly badly injured as he leaned on the other which made their pace slower.

They were both wearing black but from where they had come out from made it easy that anyone that was on the street could see them.

Seeing that they were not the ones she had sensed danger from, Yong Yue looked around again, this time more carefully and then she realized why she had felt a strong sense of danger. The whole street was full of danger and most of them were in strategic positions.

She could see two men on the rooftop above them right where they had come out from while there were two others on a building that was not too far from the store.

The more Yong Yue looked around to see, the more she saw and after counting close to ten men, she sighed and gave up.

Out of curiosity, she wanted to see what made all these people that had auras like killers gather together here for. After all, this time in her life, nothing like this had happened.

As she watched on, she saw all the men from where they had been arranged start moving, each one of them faster than the other.

Before long, they had surrounded the two men that looked like they were struggling to move very fast.

"Who are you and how dare you try to attack our second young master." The man carrying him roared angrily as he tired to move himself to cover the other man.

For two people in a circle of more than ten people, there was no way he could block all the sides alone.

The man that was injured and struggling to stand clenched his fists tightly and then forced himself to stand completely.

"If you don want to lose your life, Im giving you a chance to go back and tell whoever sent you that this was a failed mission." Although he was injured, his voice was firm and bold.

The men surrounding him sneered.

"With how injured you are, you still dare to act like your usual domineering self?." One of the men ridiculed while the other ones laughed out.

"What has our second young master done that you are so hell bent on killing him?" They had come out as a group of eight just to check somewhere here that was said to have raw materials. Although they had taken the trip secretly, their team had been ambushed on their way back killing six men that had used their life to protect his master and injuring his master.

He had managed to escape unscathed and thought that he could bring his young master away safely. As the weakest of the team, he had not expected that he would be the one to escape unscathed.

Never would he have thought that they would come here again after they had walked so much.

Even though he had called for back up, their team here was weak and he wasn sure they would even make it before anything happened to their master.

"Just by thinking that only him can rule the capital is enough crime. Or does he think hes invincible and can be killed?"

Seeing that a big fight might break out, Yong Yue knew that she could no longer go home immediately and then stealthily moved to where the back door of the store was.

For someone like her, meddling in a matter that wasn her business wasn her style. More importantly, she couldn fight all of them even though she felt they weren that smart after all, no matter what it was, they needed to have left someone on the rooftops to survey everything that was happening in the vicinity.

"Young master, try to run in the direction of that store, Ill try to stall them." He suggested but the injured man nodded sideways showing he wasn agreeing with that thought.

"Try to bring them in that direction." He said, he had seen a girl just now in that place and then watched as she left, since he was someone with experience, he could tell that the girl was not someone that had hostility towards them and yet, she still had the ability to move away without the men there noticing.

Although the subordinate wasn sure that was the right thing, he decided he would do that once things got heated. As for Yong Yue, since she had no phone, she used the stores landline to call the police.

From the discussion she heard, it was clearly an assassination and if her thoughts were correct, it was probably from some family in the capital.

The capital was dangerous and yet, it was where things happened, later in her past life, she and Tong Yang had moved there when the income from her painting and dress designs had made them plenty money.

What she would not have expected was that while she was trying to sneak out through the back door to pass another route that could take her home, a young man barreled into her.

"Please save me." He muttered and then fell limp in her arms. Although she had received serious training later on, her body was still frail here. More importantly, she had not been expecting his arrival and so she fell down also.

However, she knew that the people after him could not catch him here otherwise, she would be killed by association and so she hurriedly stood up and dragged his extremely long body into the shop.

The store was designed in a way that when one entered from the inside. It looked they could see the back since Auntie Su had only decided to add on a hidden store later on for the rare plants.

For flowers that were rare like that, anyone walking in and seeing it was dangerous and so she made it that the back side of the store was completely hard to notice from inside.

This particular move was what saved them as the leader of the assassin group had been the man that entered some minutes back to make a large order.

The moment they noticed that only the subordinate was still running, he had started to search the area. He had also seen that the little girl had closed and walked away earlier and so all he did was run past the store and continued searching.

As for Rong Yue, she was inside the cramped store space as she looked at the man with the flawless appearance that had been knocked out cold in the store with her.

She could still hear footsteps and knew that those people were still out there. With an injured knocked out man like him, there was no way she could attempt the escape she had in mind.

For someone that had watched her mother heal people and take care of the injured all her life, Yong Yue had good medical skills and so after a while, she finally gave up her reluctance and opened the mans coat.

With the heavy scent of blood around him, he was certainly hurt somewhere and if she allowed him to bleed to his death, only heaven knew what kind of bad karma would come her way just for that.

Luckily, Auntie Su kept a first aid kit around and so the moment she undressed him, she got the box and then looked for his injury.

Her brows furrowed the moment she realized he had two gunshots wounds in two areas, one by the side of his stomach and one to the shoulder.

For her, something like this wasn too challenging but the trouble that saving a man like this could bring to her was not something she was interested in.

"On account that you are good looking, Ill do this for you." She muttered with her red lips pulled into a tight pout before starting the treatment.

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