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As soon as she got back to the classroom, Tong Yang who was already worried about what could happen if they managed to change her mind rushed to her side.

"Yue er, what was the matter?" She asked gently as she connected her hands with Yong Yues hand and led her to their seat that was directly beside each other.

"Nothing, Teacher Lu wanted me to rethink my decision of going to District A university."

Tong Yan felt her heart beating wildly as she heard that, for her who had low grades and couldn dare to dream about the capital schools, she didn want to allow her friend also go there and be greater than her.

After all, just by studying in the capital, there were many people and things one would do that could change their life history forever.

"Did you now listen to him?" She finally managed to ask.

"Since he doesn know my family and my matters well, theres no way I can listen to him over you." Rong Yue said with a faint smile.

Considering that she already told the principal not to tell anyone about her choice of school, she had no doubt that she would not see it coming her way at all.

Tong Yan nodded and then smiled at her before going back to scrolling on her phone.

Today was a free day and they were only supposed to come to school for filling up the admissions letter, instead of wasting her time, Rong Yue felt that going back home to meet her mother, was a better idea.

Her mother had died when she was in college back then due to lack of funds and care.

As a top painter and designer, her designs had sold well and even rocked the whole country, however, anytime Tong Yan and Li Fan, her boyfriend from then made a sale, they always made one excuse or the other to have the money taken away from her.

Later on, she had discovered that the two of them were originally a pair and Tong Yan had only sent the boy to capture her heart so that no one else would be able to.

The more she thought about, the more angry she got and the thought that the girl was beside her here made her even more frustrated.

"Yan er, Ill be taking my leave and going home now, after all, theres nothing to be done in school this morning."

Her friend understood that she had to do after school side jobs and assist her mother so it was understandable that she wanted to leave early.

So she just nodded and waved her off.

The most important matter which was to make sure she wasn going to the capital university was already removed as such.

As soon as Rong Yue left, many people gathered at Tong Yangs table with eyes gleaming with gossip.

"Is it true that the school belle picked district A university as her school of choice?" Someone asked and many echoed the same words.

Tong Yan put on an helpless expression.

"Since her family condition is weak, Yue er said it would be better to stay somewhere that is close to her mother so that she can still work while schooling."

Many people had shocked expressions, it was better to go to the capital to get some work done rather than staying here.

Tong Yan could guess what they were thinking and spoke up again. "No matter how much have tired to talk her against it, shes determined to pick district A university and so I think that this is beyond just staying close to home, perhaps, Yue er has a reason that she can disclose also…"

Many people nodded in agreement while their mind churned with possible theories of matters that could have made her decide to make such a decision.

Some of her classmates were also happy, after all, those capita schools usually had slots that they couldn go beyond, if one person was out of the way, it only meant that they had more opportunities of getting in there also.

Neither of them would have imagined that the girl that was feeding them the story was the one beyond the sinister thought.

As for Rong Yue, the moment she came outside the school gates, she stood there for a while and took in the fresh air while her eyes turned misty.

She hadn expected that in the last minute when she had killed by those two evil peoples plot, she would once again get another chance.

Another chance to live a better life, to take care of her mother and also get to be happy by herself.

Right now, she wanted to go home and see her mother before thinking of anything, after that, she would probably start thinking of ways to make money.

Since her mother had suffered a lot, she understood that the sooner she started living better, the longer she would live. Together with the lessons from her past life, She didn believe that she would do wrongly.

As she strolled on the street, she attracted several looks from people who were impressed by her beauty. Coupled with her being on her uniform, which made her look young, contrary to the elegant and mature beauty she gave off.

She was truly a sight to behold.

As for the girl who was being stared at by everyone, she slowly made way to the subway where she boarded a bus that took her home without caring about all their stares.

"Yue er, you are back early." Rong Xia said with a smile as her daughter walked in. She stood up from the chair while placing the embroidery she had been doing aside so she could welcome her.

"Today was just to fill the admissions form, since we finished early, I decided to come back and help mother."

"Mother, I missed you." She said as she wrapped her hands around her mother.

Rong Xia smiled gently, her face lighting up with how considerate her daughter was.

"You should rest, studying is hard and you shouldn take on too much at once." She advised while using her hands to straighten a part of her daughters dress.

Rong Yue smiled gently, her expression mirroring her mothers doting one, combined with their similar features, they really looked more like a pair of sisters instead of mother and daughter.

Although her mother was hardworking and kind, in a neighborhood like theirs, her looks were too catchy and so Rong Yue had made her sit at home to avoid trouble. She would usually do some crotchet designs that would be later sold by her daughter for money.

She also helped the people around with some little medicine knowledge that she had and was usually paid in kind or money since her methods were even better than those from the modern hospital most times.

"I made some poached eggs and porridge, you can have some before you rest your head."

Rong Yue nodded and then went into the room she shared with her mother, their house was a simple one room with self contained kind of apartment with one living room, kitchen and one bedroom and since that was all they could afford, the two of them managed it.

After having the simple lunch, Rong Yue changed to a pair of black pants and black top, her appearance was already very eye catchy and so she had learnt to dress in plain colors, especially since she always worked till it was late at night.

"Why are you going out so early?" Rong Xia asked, her eyes dropping slightly at the thought of how hard her daughter had to work.

"I want to see if theres anywhere I can sell some painting around before I go to work."

She spent some time convincing her mother who later relented and thanked her.

In this life and in her past life, her mother had lived a sad life because she had lost all of her memories. So even when she tired to work as a laborer for some small time companies, she always struggled to get things done since her memories were fuzzy and empty.

As soon as Rong Yue left their area, she went straight to one of the branches of the painting association in their City.

Although to be a member, one needed to have extremely good painting skills, she remembered that in her past life, one could also place their paintings here if it passed the evaluation.

As for how much it would make, it would only depend on the people that showed interest.

"What are you doing here?" One of the guards to the painting committee asked her hastily as he took in her shabby dressing. Even if her face was one of a kind, he didn think that she was anyone important with how poorly she was dressed.

"I would like to make some enquiries about the association." Regardless of how he was looking at her, she didn allow her gaze to falter and she even used a sharp gaze on him.

Although she was originally a weak person, she had no choice than to grow later in life, unfortunately, she had been too deep in the trap that her best friend had laid for to save herself.

But now, looking at the man with that sharp gaze, he suddenly felt like he could not afford to offend her.

"Ok…okay, you just go straight till you meet the receptionist." He said and then moved out of the way.

Rong Yue nodded and left without even bothering to thank him, he was not a good person, so there was no need to treat him as one.

If she had been the weaker one here, he would have denied her of a simple thing like just making enquiries.

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