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President Qins Little Wife Is The Strongest Chapter One: Reborn

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In City A High School,

Rong Yue looked around the crowded hall as several students filled their entrance examination forms.

"Yue er, when we get to the district university, my uncle would help us select the best majors that fit what we want to study." Tong Yang said with a sly light flashing through her eyes even though her words sounded completely considerate and kind.

Although the girl beside her nodded her head, she didn notice the clenched fists and chilly look that flashed through her eyes at that moment.

To think that she had returned to this moment.

A time before she made the biggest mistake of her life.

Rong Yue looked around the hall again as if trying to confirm that everything was true. That it was really happening.

"Rong Yue, would you be going to the capital university?" Xi Fan asked curiously as he tried to see what was written in her university application form.

As the top student in her school, everyone had been curious about what school she would pick and yet, there were also some rumors about her picking some small time school.

"You will know once the admission letters are sent." She said mysteriously while Tong Yang who was beside her also smiled gently.

Without Rong Yue as a comparison, Tong Yang was a very attractive lady, she had the kind of looks that would make men rush to protect her with only a blink of her eyes. However, instead of a pure looking eyes, anyone that took a look at her would see that she was scheming.

More importantly, Rong Yue was the kind of beauty that couldn be seen in hundred thousand of women and one look at that delicate face would usually leave one stunned and captivated.

While standing there and looking around, Rong Yue was sorting through her memories of this particular time and thus, she was not surprised when Teacher Lu entered the hall and started looking around.

"Yue er, come with me." He called out the moment his eyes met hers and Tong Yang who was beside her revealed a look of panic.

"Don let Teacher Lu talk you out our decision, they don know your family situation like I do." She said with too much concern and a little bit of panic.

Rong Yue nodded and then removed her grip gently. These were the same things she had fallen for back then, thinking that since her best friend came from a better family, she was more inclined to know the better decisions and so even when she had gotten a scholarship offer from the capital university, a news had been circulated online that claimed she despised their eduction.

Although it wasn something important at first, but Tong Yang, who was already a small time influencer had escalated it more until the capital university withdrew their offer.

As for her, she hadn even minded, Tong Yang had completely convinced her and her mother that those schools always buried talents if they didn have the background to back it up.

"Teacher Lu, is anything the matter?" She asked gently as she met him at the entrance of the hall and the man who didn look like he was anything beyond his thirties looked at her with a complicated gaze and then nodded his head negatively.

"The principal wants to see you." He said after a while and led her away. As for Rong Yue who had already lived through this scene and knew what they wanted to talk about, she walked along quietly.

The administrative block was quite close to the big hall they had gathered the senior students since most times it was only important matters they made them gather there for.

It being close to the administrative block would only make it easier for the not so young staffs that they worked with.

The principal office was at the end of the hallway with the front being occupied by a secretary that was already in her mid forties. She smiled as soon as she saw Rong Yue and teacher Lu.

"The principal asked that I bring student Rong Yue over.." Since he was the one in charge of her class, it was relatively normal for him to deliver such a message.

"You can leave her and go, the principal is already waiting for her." The secretary said and stood up as a buzzer rang on her table.

Teacher Lu nodded and then looked at Rong Yue before going. If it was in her last life, Rong Yue would have gone ahead to ask what was wrong with him.

The secretary opened the door for her to enter, a office she had entered many times in the past because of her always outstanding results.

"You are here." The man seated in the office said with a kind elderly smile as soon as she closed the door. Although her family wasn able to contribute anything to the financial welfare of the school, Rong Yue herself always took several competitions right from the onset which usually made their school name have more respect and visibility in their city.

This had made the principal take a liking to her and thus the moment he had heard the rumors about her settling for a small time college here in their City which would limit all her options and opportunities in the future.

"I heard… what university have you decided on?" He asked rephrasing his words at the last minute so as to not appear gossipy.

Rong Yue smiled gently and then passed him her form without a word.

The principal looked through it hastily and frowned the moment he saw District A university.

"Rong Yue, for a student like you, aiming for the capital university isn a dream and you shouldn limit yourself to small time universities like these. Although they have their strengths, but, they won be able to allow your full potential shine in the future."

Rong Yue deliberately displayed a confused expression, "although the capital schools are good, I have heard that they tend to bury talents with no financial background and since I still have to rely on students loans to pay for my university education, I have to pick schools like this."

With her words, it sounded like this wasn something she wanted but was making herself settle because she didn dare to dream higher.

Principal Wangs face darkened at her words.

"Where did you hear such baseless rumors? With your grades, you can even get a scholarship over there. On the other hand, these school that you pick are the ones that promote the wealthy kids because they still need funding."

Seeing her helpless and ignorant expression, he felt like he had to guide her properly before she would make a decision that would ruin her life.

"Since you don know all these, go back to the classroom, Ill pick a good school that would be sure to be suitable for the majors that you want." He said thinking of getting another form for her.

Rong Yue agreed and then passed him the admissions form with her.

"What majors do you want to focus on?" He asked her as he saw that she had left that space blank.

"Ill be picking them much later." She replied.

It wasn only her, many senior students usually had to fill their head with many subjects and all most of them thought about was graduating from school with good grades.

As for the major they wanted, they usually preferred to have those picked out when they finally got the university admission and could think more clearly.

So for this reason, that was not somewhere they had to pick at the moment.

As for Rong Yue, she didn think that going for only one major was good, besides, she had taken two majors up until the completion and all in her past life so she wanted to take her time to decide.

After talking more with the principal, he allowed her to go back to the classroom, his original worries were already removed and so he could talk even more naturally with her.

Rong Yue left his office and walked towards the direction of her classroom while looking through the past life memories gently.

Most of them were unhappy and bitter and she could still hear her final cries of despair as each part of her body was being pulled apart by those scientists.

"Tong Yang, Li Fan, you two better watch out because in this life, Ill be the one making the rules."

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