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Plundering in the Apocalypse Chapter 30 Let's Choose A Weapon

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Alfred brought out a receiver and a city map and placed them on the table. After looking into it he said.

"Let's get going, shall we. It's time to hunt monsters."

Everyone nodded with enthusiasm.

"But where are we going, Dad" Shin asked.

Alfred rubbed his chin for a moment and turned to the city map.

"Most of the Lawrence area is cleared by us. So the number of monsters should be less. We should target a place that is close by and might have a large number of monsters." Alfred said with some thought.

"As It will take a long time to reach other areas and I'm pretty sure we will be quite late if we go there now so it's better to focus on the Northern sector. We don't want to get in trouble cause of carelessness."

Shin nodded his head in understanding. Just as his father said. If they decide on going to other areas it might bring trouble.

They aren't the only ones trying to reap gains now that the boss monster is missing. Dead to be exact. But others don't know yet. As there is no body to be found.

Seeing everyone agreeing to his suggestion. Alfred continued.

"Not in the Northern sector. I say. It's better to focus on the places which have high public traffic. The information I got from the receiver is that most monster attacks are concentrated in places with more people."

Alfred said with a grim expression as he remembered the slaughter at the park nearby. They were too late to protect them. Just the two of them weren't enough to control the situation.

Shaking his head he carefully observed the maps.

"Now we are down to these options.

-Aston-Krat Mall.

-Flamingo Amusement park.

-MSR Hospital.

These three are the places closest to us and have dense traffic every day."

"Isn't MSR Hospital" Reina questioned Alfred in a tone indicating her meaning without expressing.

"Yeah, it's them." She nodded at Alfred's confirmation.

Shin and Alice felt left out of the conversation. But before they can question Reina said.

"Let's go to Aston-Krat Mall first." Hearing her words everyone agreed. It's not like they had any objections.

"Now that this is out of the way." Reina smiled with a wide grin and turned to Alfred.

He sighed.

​ "Alright. Guys follow me. It's better to have a weapon right"

Shin knit his brows in confusion. What is he talking about

They were led toward the storage room and Alfred brought out some keys as he used them to open a separate door inside the storage.

Shin's eyes widened in shock. It was only a space of about 4 Square feet. But inside there were several weapons hung on the wall. Short sword, long sword, broad sword, spear, halberd, axe, and a few others.

Shin could tell they were not as lethal and outstanding as the ones used by the clan. But they were still pretty good.

He turned to Alfred in a questioning gaze who feigned ignorance.

"Since when did we have all these weapons I thought you stopped using them"

Alfred felt wronged and he couldn't refute that. He indeed stopped using them these few years but he still kept them. His love for weapons and martial arts was still there.

Seeing the situation. Reina butt in.

"Calm down Shin. He indeed stopped using it but you can't expect a full-fledged fighter to start hating weapons. He kept them but didn't use them. It was good, isn't it Now they can be used right"

"Yeah, fine. I understand. I'm sorry. I should have considered the situation." Shin apologized.

Alice was still at loss for words. There were many things she didn't understand from their conversation but she decided to leave them for later.

"So anyway which weapon are you going to choose" Alfred said prompting him to make a decision. He was also curious about Shin's choice.

He never thought the day would come. When he will show his son these weapons and he will be the one using them. He was happy inside.

He wanted to teach his son martial arts too. But alas. Destiny had something else in mind. But now fate is taking another turn. He chuckled at that thought.

Shin checked all the weapons. Up until now, he was using an iron rod or knife as a weapon. He felt pathetic. But now he can at least fight with something decent.

He checked all the weapons. After some thinking. He picked a long sword. One short sword and a few throwing daggers.

Shin thought to himself.

'This will be good. I can change with the long sword and the short sword as I need. As the throwing daggers.' A smile crept on his face.

'Hehehe he.'

'If everything works as I think it will be super cool.'

He thought of something as he started thinking of different ways to fight using these weapons.

Seeing Shin's choice Alfred nodded in approval.

"It's a good choice for now. Hmmm, practicing with a long sword will be pretty effective as you don't know the basics of swordsmanship."

He continued.

"Your choice of Wakizashi is also good. Hmm, it's a nice auxiliary weapon."

He continued nodding his head with a pride full look. He was proud of his son's choice for some reason.

Shin frowned as he heard his father's words.

"What is he even talking about" He couldn't help but mutter with confusion plastered on his face.

'What Wakizashi I've never even heard of many of these weapons. How would I understand what is auxiliary or whatever'

Understanding Shin's thoughts Reina chuckled and proceeded to ask Alice.

"Alice, which weapon will you use"

She looked a little hesitant as she said.

"Mom, I will keep a short sword with me too." She said as she went forward to pick the same type that Shin picked.

Seeing her choose a Wakizashi Shin frowned. But then he remembered Alice's scythe is made of her skill and is overpowered. She is fine with a short sword for emergencies.

He nodded his head thinking. Alice is quite smart.

Unbeknownst to him. Alice's thoughts were a little different.



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