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Plundering in the Apocalypse Chapter 29 Call Me Mom

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"Shin can you tell us more about your awakening."

Alfred was also curious about this as his ears perked up.

At that moment Shin's mind was filled with many different thoughts. 'Should I tell them Haizz, what am I thinking If I can't trust my parents. Then there's no one I can trust. Alice already knows about it a little and she is also someone I can trust.'


Shin cleared his throat noticing everyone's attention was on him. He started speaking.

"I got awakened when I killed a goblin for the first time."

"Ahh, those little things are creepy," Reina said thinking of goblins they met outside while trying to kill monsters in the area.

"Yeah, they are very creepy and disgusting. Anyways, when I killed it. I got some weird floating screen in front of me. Which explained information about my physical stats." Shin said while thinking of a proper way to explain.

"Can we also see it" Alfred questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Um, I don't think so. We can only see our screen but not others. It's only visible to the user. At least that's what I think." Alice said before Shin could reply to Alfred.

"I see." Said Alfred somewhat disappointed.

"I gained an ability which help me gain more skills. We get stat points as we level up which we can use to get stronger. There are different stats such as strength, agility, stamina, dexterity, and mana. Well, at least those are the only ones I have." Shin tried explaining calmly.

"So the energy which you awakened use to grow is mana" Alfred questioned.

"I don't know about that but I think awakened are different from our traditional martial artists. I don't understand many things too. We need to level up to get more answers." Shin said thinking about the notifications he got.

"We need to keep fighting monsters to level up. I also have a manual that records the information I learned about a monster. It updates automatically. Do you have one too, Alice" Shin asked Alice to confirm.

"Yes." Alice nodded.

"So does that mean awakened and these weird phenomena are related," Reina muttered while her chin rest in bet hand.

"It seems so," Shin replied to her.

"If that's the case. I think you guys should level up and get stronger. Things don't look good as of now." Alfred replied with a serious look on his face.

"What do you mean by that, Dad" Shin questioned trying to understand his father's words.

"It's just as I said by you will understand it soon enough. It's better to see it with your own eyes rather than I explain." Alfred said while rubbing his forehead. He felt a headache thinking about that.

"Let's not dwell on it further. We better do something instead of wasting time." Reina said thinking of something.

"So what should we do now. Um, mam." Alice questioned with hesitation. She wasn't sure what to call her. She wanted to call her mother but they still aren't married so she didn't want to rush. 'Aunty is a no-go. So mam should be fine.'

'Yes, that's it. But I still would have liked to call her mother.' Alice was a little sad but she can't be impatient.

Reina looked at Alice and a warm smile appeared on her face.

"You can just call me mom. You are like my daughter after all." Reina said to Alice. She turned to glance at Shin with a knowing smile.

Shin felt something a miss. His mom's actions were weird. He knew his mother likes Alice a lot but. Why is she looking at him like that

Alice was on cloud nine.


'Did I hear that right'

'Did she already accept me as her son's wife'

'How embarrassing.'


'Mother you are so sweet.'

'Just as you said I'll call you mother.'

'Ohhh. Just thinking about it makes my heart flutter.'

Alice looked at Shin and blushed. She turned her head at Reina and replied meekly.

"Y-Yes Mom," Alice said.

'Uhhh. I'm so embarrassed.' Thought Alice while her face turned red.

Reina was overjoyed when Alice called her mom. She had some tears in her eyes.

She used to worry of her son would be able to find a good girl to marry. But now he found such a good girl. She was proud of him.

She looked at Shin with a proud smile. Shin who felt her gaze wondered what is this about.

'It seems something is happening but I don't understand what.'

To Shin. He thought Reina did this so Alice could feel the familial love she might have been missing from losing her family.

But somewhere in his heart, he had a weird feeling.

"You can call me dad too," Alfred said not wanting to miss out.

"Yes, Dad," Alice replied with a smile.

Alfred was happy.

"Anyway let's continue where we were before," Reina said getting everyone back on the important topic.

Everyone looked at her with a serious look.

Seeing that she had everyone's attention she continued.

"Now that we understand some things about awakened. We need to decide on our actions from now on. If we sit idly by that will become problematic later on. I don't believe this will be the end of the monsters. If people are getting stronger, monsters might too.

So I suggest. You guys should level up by clearing as many monsters as you could and we will help you. Next, we should train both of you to get good combat experience. I know teaching you guys how to fight should have been the priority but we can't let the chance to level you guys up go by."

Shin and Alice nodded at Reina's words.

"So get ready both of you. We are going out to hunt monsters. Before you guys arrived your dad and me, cleared most of the monsters in this area. So we will need to travel to other areas." Reina continued.

Alfred brought out a receiver and a city map and placed them on the table. After looking into it he said.

"Let's get going, shall we. It's time to hunt monsters."


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