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Plundering in the Apocalypse Chapter 27 Explanation

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Reina nodded at Alfred's words and started speaking.

"The world we know has many mysteries shrouded within. There are many secrets hidden from the common populace.

One of them is the existence of superpowers beyond common sense.

Not only now. But from a very long time ago. The superpowers which deemed fiction existed. Hidden from the general public.

Many families and factions were hiding this secret for themselves.

We of the Wolner family are part of the main Wolner clan. We are a family of martial artists. It's not your run-of-the-mill martial artist. What we practice is to break through our human limits and become stronger.

We have a long history of more than 1000 years. The techniques and scriptures which our family hold help us to practice and become stronger by using the source."

Reina said as she looked at Alice's expression.

She was confused and surprised, and all sorts of emotions could be felt in her eyes. But most of all she was amazed.

It felt the world she lived in was still unknown to her.

Reina smiled and continued.

"I don't know what energy are you using to grow at such an incredible rate but I can tell it's not the same one we use."

Alice suddenly thought of mana. Was that the energy they were talking about But she also uses chaotic energy so it's kinda complicated.

She couldn't come up with an answer so she didn't say anything and continued to listen to her.

"By refining the energy while removing impurities and absorbing simultaneously from around us. The flow then shifts from within us and we manage to store it at the allocated point. By using-"

Reina was interrupted by Shin.

"Um, mom maybe you should explain in more simple terms. She might not be able to take all that together if you complicate it." Shin said hesitatingly.

Reina glared at him. But he knew it was needed. When his mother starts talking about these things she never stops. She doesn't care if the person in front of her doesn't understand her one bit.

Alfred just smiled at them profusely. He made sure to not get mingled up in their conversation. He doesn't want to quarrel with Reina. Knowing full well how terrifying it may be for him.

Reina was about to say something to Shin while glaring but she stopped as she thought of something.

'That's right Alice doesn't know anything so I should explain in simple terms. After all, she will become a part of the family so she needs to know.'

She cleared her throat getting everyone's attention and continued.

"What we use and call it is Life energy. It is the essential energy that exists everywhere on this planet. Let's say, have you ever thought about why are we able to live

What determines our life span Why are some people able to live longer than others

Everything works with the fuel which we call life energy. Plants, animals, or any other living beings are all alive with life energy flowing in them.

We refine that life energy within us and strengthen ourselves. With the use of special techniques, we can tap on that energy and use it."

"Just like our and some other ancient families which have their techniques to refine it and get stronger. Any question" Reina stopped before turning to Alice and asking.

Alice was a little hesitant but tightened her grip.

'Calm down Alice it is important for becoming a better wife in the future. I need to know about my husband's family.'

"Can you tell me about the Wolner clan" Alice asked the question which thought might have been rude but still decided to ask taking their future into the account.

Reina wouldn't have told anyone about their family and their secrets even if she was Shin's girlfriend. But Alice is a good girl. Her love for Shin was clear and Reina knew Alice didn't have any bad intentions.

"I shouldn't tell you this as we are required to keep it a secret. But seeing the current situation of the world it's pointless to hide it. You are also like a part of the family so I will tell you now. Even so, I can't tell you everything. I'll give you an overview."

Reina said while resting her chin on her hand as she stood up. She started walking thinking about where to explain. She pondered before she finally opened her mouth and started explaining.

"Wolner clan is a very big group consisting of many families. The families are divided into main and branches which determines the type of martial art they are allowed to practice. The main elders of the clan have close tie-ups with the government so we have been able to hide perfectly."

"The clan has a very big network and their private communication channel. We can't contact them directly but we are still connected to the channel and we're able to get information." Reina stopped for a second thinking about something with a deep expression and sighed.

Alice had many questions in her mind.

'Why are they living here if that's the case'

'Why can't they directly contact the family'

But seeing Reina's expression she didn't ask them. She knew it was not the right time.

Reina calmed down and continued.

"The clan is helping by sending their people to different cities by killing stronger monsters that people aren't able to take care of and the weak ones are left for newly awakened and the military."

"Even if people get access to sudden growth like this. They still need time to grow. We have to take care of the stronger monsters first. Other families are also working with the Wolner family and sending their support everywhere they can."

Reina noticed that the whole time she was talking about the family. Shin had a grim expression on his face. She felt sorry for him and continued.

"Many monsters are killed by now and the awakened people are killing other monsters trying to get stronger faster than anyone else."

"That might become a problem later on. I'm having a headache thinking about that." Reina rubbed her forehead and Alfred nodded his head agreeing with her.

"But we have a more troubling situation for now. We aren't able to find the boss monster in this city."

Shin's expression turned stiff at that moment.


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