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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 9 - The Xu Family

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Chapter 9: The Xu Family

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“Husband… why are you back” Chen Qiulian looked at her furious husband and was afraid.

“If I dont come back, are you going to kill them” Old Master Xu looked at the people gathered outside and felt embarrassed. His expression darkened. The Xu familys reputation would be ruined by this woman sooner or later! She didnt even care about what the people outside said about them…

“Its not like that. That b*tch Qu Feng actually stole stuff from the family to give it to her shameless daughter. If I dont interfere, this family will be destroyed! Our family will be emptied by her sooner or later.” Chen Qiulian pointed her finger at Qu Feng and cursed, not treating her as a family member at all.

“I didnt steal anything from the house! I earned that money by doing needlework and making clothes for others. Little Qing has three children. She has no one else to take care of her…” Qu Feng thought of Xu Qing and said despite Chen Qiulians vicious gaze.

“Pa!” When Chen Qiulian heard this, she raised her hand and slapped Qu Feng. “You actually dare to keep money for yourself!”

Xu Jiangxi was shocked and hugged the trembling Qu Feng. He really didnt understand why his mother was like this.

“Three children” Old Master Xu glared at the unreasonable Chen Qiulian and said in shock. This was the first time he had heard that someone could survive after giving birth to three children. After all, in the past, no one who gave birth to twins could survive. He did not expect Xu Qing to be so lucky. However, no matter what, she was a slutty woman. She was not worthy of staying in the Xu family, so he ordered her to be chased out.

The surrounding neighbors were also shocked when they heard that. The triplets had all been born and the mother and children survived. Not to mention their entire city, but even their entire country had never had such a thing happen.

But no matter how shocked they were, the people outside the yard still pointed fingers at the Xu family. Because Old Master Xu was around, they spoke even more unscrupulously, saying that having such a wife was really detrimental to a mans reputation…

He didnt care about anything else, but when it came to his ego, although Old Master Xu tried his best to act nonchalant, his heart sank bit by bit. He was afraid that everyone would think that he, the head of the family, was trash!

“Pa!” In a fit of anger, Old Master Xu slapped Chen Qiulian. “Why must you make a scene on such a good day If you dont want to live peacefully, get lost and go back to the Chen family!”

No one expected Old Master Xu to hit Chen Qiulian and even ask her to return to the Chen family. Even Qu Fengs family were stunned.

In this era, if a woman was chased back by her husband after she got married, it would be a great humiliation. For prides sake, they would either let their daughter fend for herself or strangle her to death!

“Father, how could you say such a thing You even hit Mother. What did she do wrong!” Xu Yunqiaos heart skipped a beat.

As for Chen Qiulian, she was completely stunned by the slap and was even more stunned by that sentence. Then, she wailed and slapped her thighs with both hands. She sat on the ground as she started to wail and throw a tantrum. “Ive been married into the Xu family for more than fifty years and have given birth to six children for you. Old Master Xu, you have no conscience. You actually treated me like this… I cant live anymore…”

Old Man Xus expression darkened even more when he saw Chen Qiulians embarrassing behavior. Their family had a scholar, so they were quite esteemed in the village. How could he tolerate her throwing a tantrum He was about to continue hitting her when he was stopped by his eldest son, Xu Jiangdong. He had actually returned long ago and was just watching from outside. “Father, stop fighting.” Then, he turned around and shouted at the others, “Second Brother, Third Brother, Sixth Sister, hurry up and come over.”

Xu Jiangnan was the second son of the Xu family. He was a lazy bum and had never cultivated crops seriously all these years. Xu Jiangxi was always the one who did so.

However, no matter how the four siblings persuaded him, Old Master Xu was still enraged and wanted to hit Chen Qiulian. The eldest son, Xu Jiangdong, had no choice but to turn around and face his wife, Mo Qiu, and shouted, “Hurry up and call Fifth Brother out.”

As a sickly young man ran out of the mudroom and said a few words softly, Old Master Xu finally let go. After all, the only scholar in the family had spoken. Old Master Xu cared about reputation the most, so he agreed.

Xu Jiangzhong, who was the fifth son of the Xu family, was in his early twenties. He was weak and sickly, but he was smart. Therefore, Old Man Xu scrimped and saved to send him to school. Xu Jiangzhong was also hardworking and had outstanding grades. He was the best student in the village, so he was cocky. He helped Chen Qiulian up and glared at Qu Feng, the troublemaker.


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