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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 7 - Beaten Up Again

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Chapter 7: Beaten Up Again

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“Dont worry about them. Ill teach you to read and write. After some time, Ill send you and your brother to school. Also, Xu Xiang, you have to go to school too.” Xu Qing touched Xu Zhis head and said seriously.

“Xiao Qing, you…” Qu Feng looked at Xu Qing in confusion.

“Mother, when my wounds heal and I can get out, I will think of a way to earn money. We cant continue like this. Look at my siblings. Do you want to repeat my brothers mistakes Mother, if you really cant stay in that family, leave. The two of us will live with our younger siblings and my children.” Xu Qing looked at Qu Feng probingly. She thought of the Xu familys attitude and felt disgusted.

“Your brother…” Qu Feng clenched her fists. She could not tolerate it anymore. Her first child had died before he turned five years old. She currently could no longer protect Xu Qing, and the three children would have to grow up. She looked at her daughter, who seemed to have been reborn, and she felt motivated. However, she thought of her filial husband who would not go against his parents. “Leave the Xu family… Not to mention your grandparents, but even your father will not agree…”

Xu Qing saw Qu Fengs reaction and knew that this matter would not be settled immediately. However, as long as she had this thought, she would think of a way. “Dont worry, I will get them to agree.” Xu Qings eyes flashed.

“Qu Feng Did you die inside You damned slut, you run to this sluts place every day. Dont you have work to do at home!” A sharp voice sounded outside the straw hut!

When Qu Feng heard this voice, her scalp instantly went numb. Xu Zhi was also trembling in fear. Qu Feng pressed down Xu Qing, who was about to get up, in a panic. “Dont go out. Dont say that you havent recovered yet. Being angry will harm your body. Rest first. I will go see her.” Her daughter had just given birth, so she definitely wouldnt let anyone hurt her.

“Youre going too far!” Xu Qing couldnt help but come to the door and scold. However, when she saw her mothers worried gaze, she sat down again. “Mother, dont go out. Let her talk. If no one responds to her, shell leave!”

Qu Feng shook her head. If she didnt go out, the person outside would come in. How could she let that person come in and affect Xu Qings recuperation The first month after a woman gave birth was the most important. Since Xu Qing had given birth to three children and almost lost her life, she couldnt let anyone affect Xu Qings mood. “Let your brother accompany you here. Ill go back and finish my work. Theyll stop and wait for you to recover. Dont worry…”

At this moment, Xu Qings three babies started to cry one after another. Babies were like this. They would be woken up by the slightest noise. When one cried, the rest would cry too. Qu Fengs heart ached when she saw the children cry. She watched as Xu Qing frantically coaxed the children to stay and she turned to leave.

“Hmph!” There was a middle-aged woman outside the door. It was Qu Fengs sister-in-law, Mo Qiu. When she saw that Qu Feng had finally come out, her expression still didnt look good. If not for the fact that she was worried that Xu Qing, that little slut, would affect her luck, she would have rushed in long ago and wouldnt have just shouted and scolded at the door. “You didnt do your work at home and secretly ran here to take care of your little slutty daughter…”

Mo Qiu grabbed Qu Fengs sleeve and acted as if she had touched something dirty. She cursed along the way and finally arrived at a small farmhouse. There were six to seven mud houses with some chickens, ducks, and geese at the door. The door was only made of a few logs, but it was clean and tidy inside. Qu Feng and her family were the ones who tidied it up…

Qu Feng looked at this complicated family and felt exhausted. Then, she heard Mo Qiu shout sharply, “Mother, my third sister-in-law is back. Come out and take a look!” Mo Qius loud voice could be heard by the surrounding neighbors.

Immediately after, a mean old ladys voice sounded. “Bitch! You didnt even cook and went to take care of that little slut. Do you plan to let me, your mother, cook for you”

The old lady was fat and had a mean appearance. Her saggy eyes made people feel uncomfortable. There were other people from the Xu family behind her.

The Xu family had many members, but they all had different agendas.

“I just went to see my child. Why cant I!” Qu Feng clenched her fists. Although she was afraid of her mother-in-law, Chen Qiulian, she felt brave when she thought of her daughters worried expression. She could not let her daughter, who was still recuperating, feel sad for her.

“You b*tch, you actually dare to talk back” Chen Qiulian was in disbelief at first. Her daughter-in-law, who had always been submissive, actually dared to talk back. Then, she was enraged and looked around for something handy to hit her. “What child Thats the b*tch who was thrown out by the Xu family. Trash! You actually dared to steal the Xu familys things to see her. If you dont bring back what you took from us these few days, Ill beat you to death today!”


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