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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 6 - Lets Leave

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Chapter 6: Lets Leave

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“So thats it Ill buy paper and pencils!” Bai Xian had been worried for a long time, so he was very generous now.

“Sigh…” Xu Qing sighed again.

“What is it now” Bai Xians heart skipped a beat. He knew that things were not that simple.

“Those surgical instruments are all very exquisite. The pens you bought for me also have to be of various models, including paper. There has to be thin and thick paper. I cant lack any brush, ink, paper, or inkstone! Also, to make the surgical instruments, you have to use the best iron to make them. There cant be any mistakes in any detail!” Xu Qing smiled at the end. “Dont forget to make two sets. Drawing surgical instruments is very tiring. You have to give me some compensation!”

After all, this world was backward, especially a small village. Things like brush, ink, paper, and inkstone were extremely expensive, let alone refined iron. Here, they were even more expensive than gold. Xu Qings eyes lit up.

“Do you know how much these cost Even ten pieces of gold are not enough! I have to give you another set” Bai Xian glared at her angrily.

“Huh A mighty divine doctor actually lacks this bit of money” Xu Qing was shocked. If not for the fact that she could not forge stainless steel here, she would not even ask for refined iron!

Bai Xian was very aggrieved to be questioned like this, but this woman was very capable, so he could only put up with it and was about to leave when he suddenly stopped in his tracks and thought of something. He turned around and probed, “Have you treated anyone recently”

Xu Qing raised her eyebrows. The image of that extremely ugly man appeared in her mind. She had helped that man suppress the poison in his body, so he should be more handsome now, right However, Xu Qing had no intention of admitting to this. After all, she was not stupid. That mans identity was clearly not simple. She did not want to get into trouble.

“Im a pregnant woman who has just given birth. What can I do” Xu Qing snorted.

Bai Xian thought about it and felt that it made sense. He only muttered as he walked, “I must be out of my mind. Why do I feel that it was this little village girl who did it Thats the number one strange poison! Its definitely not the little village girl who cured him. Its most likely Junior Sister who did it!”

If he had to blame someone, he could only blame that brat. If he hadnt said that the poison had flared up nearby, he would not have thought of testing Xu Qing. However, now that he had confirmed that Xu Qing hadnt done it, it must have been his junior sister, who was good at using poison. After all, when that brat came here, didnt he receive news that his junior sister had appeared nearby

Xu Qing rolled her eyes when she heard Bai Xians mutter. What was wrong with being a little village girl Wasnt it just poison As if she didnt know how to suppress it

That mans identity was indeed extraordinary, but this had nothing to do with Xu Qing. She forgot about it because she had something more important waiting for her.

Every time Qu Feng came, her three siblings would come to see her one after another. The oldest was only ten years old, and the rest was an eight-year-old brother and a five-year-old sister. The three siblings were at the age where they were growing, but they were all seriously malnourished and dispirited. However, when they saw Xu Qing, they would smile widely, as if their grievances at home had all disappeared because they saw their sister.

Fortunately, they would come every day and Xu Qing was also helping them recuperate. The divine doctors gold bars were not borrowed for nothing. It was just that although her siblings looked much better, Xu Qing knew that such days would not last long. She had to recover quickly. It was about to be time for her to be busy with the farm. Things were too busy in the fields. The heartless Xu family would let their entire family work in the fields. They were already mistreated enough. If they continued to work, the children would eventually collapse.

Xu Qing looked at her second brother, Xu Zhi, who was coaxing the baby at the side. “Youre eight years old this year. Logically speaking, you should be in school. Do you want to go”

“I… dont want to…” Xu Zhi looked at his sister in surprise, but he thought of something and his eyes dimmed. He didnt hide it from his sister. “I want to go to school, but Grandpa and Grandma wont let me. They said I have to work in the fields…”

Qu Feng had a guilty expression, but she had no choice. Not to mention the eight-year-old Xu Zhi, even the ten-year-old Xu Huai was working in the fields. Their family could barely survive!

Ever since Xu Qing gave her siblings some living expenses, their complexion had improved. That family said that they had stolen something good and turned the house upside down, not even leaving behind an egg skin. Qu Feng did not know how long this would last. Her husband still did not say a word.


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