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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 4 - The Man in the Corn Field

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Chapter 4: The Man in the Corn Field

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Bai Xian had long guessed that this little village girl was not that simple. Now that he heard Xu Qings affirmation, his interest was piqued. He first asked a few simple questions and obtained Xu Qings unique treatment methods. Instantly, he felt that he had not waited in vain for so many days. With an excited expression, he took out a box. “There are five gold bars in here. Use them first. I still have a difficult illness that has been troubling me for many years. If you can cure this patient, I can be a matchmaker and matchmake the two of you. Other than being a little poor, youre good in all other aspects. As for him, hes rich but has no other good qualities. The two of you are perfect!”

“Lets talk about it another day,” Xu Qing interrupted. She looked at Bai Xian. It was obvious that this was his biggest problem. During this period of time, Xu Qing had some understanding of Bai Xians medical skills. That patient of his would probably be very difficult to cure. She had to recover well before discussing it. If she couldnt cure him, this old man might very well do something like taking the gold bars and leaving!

After all, a normal person would not be able to introduce a man to her, right What was her situation She was so poor that she could barely survive. With three children, who could she marry

If Bai Xian knew what she was thinking, he would have been enraged. He thought about how he wouldnt be able to see that man recently, so he didnt say anything and continued to pick herbs in the mountains around this village.

Xu Qing rested for another ten days and could finally walk around. During this period, other than Qu Feng, Xu Qings siblings, and a friend of the Host, no one had come. It was as if she had been forgotten.

Xu Qing recalled that when Qu Feng came this morning, although she tried her best to hide it, her red and swollen face and the injuries on her arms were inadvertently revealed, and she recalled her skinny siblings. A cold glint appeared in her eyes… According to the Hosts memories, these children were simply living inhuman lives. In the past, she could not do anything about it. However, Xu Qing had grown up in an orphanage and was not a person who would suffer losses. When she completely recovered, the Xu family would probably…


A loud bang interrupted Xu Qings thoughts and frightened the children on the bed into crying. Xu Qing hurriedly comforted the children and coaxed them for a long time before the three children fell asleep. Xu Qing was furious! She was a girl who had never even been in a relationship, but she became a mother immediately and even had to coax three children! It really wasnt easy for her, okay

Xu Qing held her stomach and slowly pushed the door open to go out. A dark figure came out of nowhere and fell at her door. He landed on the cornfield that she had just grown! In front of the straw hut was a small cornfield that her mother had painstakingly created for her. The seedlings had just grown and were all gone now.

Xu Qing approached. That figure was probably a man. She raised her leg and kicked that person angrily. Unfortunately, giving birth made her weak and she had not completely recovered yet. This kick did not have any strength at all. That man did not move at all. Xu Qing used her strength to flip the man over. In the end… this man was actually wearing a jade mask

Xu Qing raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at the two extremely sexy lips under the mask. He probably had a very handsome face, right When she reached out her hands to touch the jade mask, she sighed. The mask was really nice to the touch, and it was definitely worth a lot of money! This person was quite cool. He was wearing black and a mysterious mask. However, when she lifted the mask, a ghastly face was instantly exposed. Xu Qing was so frightened that she fell to the ground!

It was not that she despised him, but this person was really ugly. There were dense black lines on his face, and his entire face was puffed up like a steamed bun. He was extremely ugly! Originally, she was very angry when he pressed down on the little corn seedlings at the door and frightened the children awake. She thought that if he was handsome, regardless of gender, she would at least feel some comfort, but now…

Xu Qing was very angry. However, after watching for a while, she discovered a problem. He seemed to have been poisoned Xu Qings eyes flashed slightly. A few days ago, that divine physician, Bai Xian, had given her a set of silver needles. Ever since she came to this world, she had never met a patient. Her hands were itchy…

When Qu Feng came to cook for her daughter at night, she saw that all the green corn seedlings at the door had fallen. Tears streamed down her face. These were her daughter and three grandchildrens rations!

“Little Qing, this…” Qu Feng looked at her daughter.

“Uh… it was windy! Mom, its fine. When Im completely recovered, Ill take good care of you.” Xu Qing felt troubled and could only comfort her mother. Then, she thought of something and pointed at a pile of tattered blankets. “Mom, when you leave, help me throw these away. There are bugs in here…”

Qu Feng was still immersed in sadness because the corn seedlings were all dead, and did not pay attention to Xu Qings words. She only nodded. However, when she dragged the tattered blanket to throw it, she fell silent. Why was this thing so heavy However, because of what had happened recently, she was distracted. Thinking that it was filled with bugs, she threw it into the villages junkyard. That place would be burned every once in a while, so Qu Feng lit the fire again without any scruples. When she saw the flames rise, she felt relieved and turned to leave.


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