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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 3 - You Know Medicine?

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Chapter 3: You Know Medicine

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Xu Qing was unconscious for four days. Qu Feng sat at the head of the bed with her rough hands holding a pair of thin hands. She looked at the person on the bed with exhaustion. As she watched, tears fell. “Little Qing…”

Xu Qing felt that it was very noisy. She wanted to leave, but she realized that she couldnt move. Thats right… she seemed to have transmigrated to the body of a woman who had given birth. Then, in order to save that child, she used all her strength to give birth to that child. She thought that she would die in a time and space where technology was backward. She didnt expect to still be alive.

Xu Qing tried her best to open her eyes and saw that the woman beside her was already in tears. She felt terrible. This was the Hosts mother, an extremely gentle woman. However, the Xu family was simply a blood-sucking den. Qu Fengs husband was extremely cowardly, her in-laws were mean, and there were a few sisters-in-law who caused trouble. Even if Qu Feng gave birth to a few children, life would still be difficult for her.

But even so, Qu Feng still tried her best to protect her daughter, who was about to drown. She had also lost the money she had brought from her family, including one of her precious family heirlooms. Without money, Qu Feng was like walking on thin ice in the Xu family.

“Mother…” A weak voice sounded.

“Little Qing Youre finally awake! Thats great…” Qu Feng was overjoyed.

“Mother, Im hungry.” Xu Qing looked at the ecstatic Qu Feng and her heart warmed. She was originally an orphan with nothing but medical skills. Now that there was someone who loved her in front of her, how could she not cherish it

“Alright, Mother will cook for you now!” She immediately went to the kitchen and busied herself.

A smile appeared on Xu Qings pale face.

“How lucky.” The old man sighed.

Xu Qing was not surprised to see the old man who suddenly appeared in front of her. “I knew you hadnt left. Thank you, old man!” Xu Qing smiled. She could feel that her health was improving. It must have been done by this doctor. Although she knew some advanced medical skills, she was definitely inferior to him in terms of regulating her body.

“My name is not old man, its Bai Xian! How rude, hmph!” Bai Xian was unhappy that Xu Qing called him an old man. He only looked old and had not reached an old mans age at all!

“Oh,” Xu Qing replied calmly. However, she was extremely grateful. Her many years of being an orphan enabled her to cover up many of her emotions.

“I wont bicker with you!” Bai Xian was curious and asked all the questions he had been holding back from asking for the past few days. “How did you know that you had to press that area to give birth to the baby And why did you touch the babys heart with your finger that day Why did she really revive You know medicine”

Xu Qing raised her eyebrows and was about to say something when she saw Qu Feng carrying a bowl of porridge.

“Doctor, youre here too Have you eaten Theres still rice and porridge in the pot. Ill bring it for you.” Qu Feng saw Bai Xian and was not puzzled as to why he was there. Just like when she saw Bai Xian treating her daughter, she only felt pleasantly surprised. He was her daughters benefactor.

“Theres no need.” Bai Xian had a cold expression.

“It just so happens that my family is poor and cant afford it.” Xu Qing looked at the bowl of porridge that didnt have many grains of rice and could only smile bitterly. To think about it, he was a doctor. His food, clothing, residence, and travel accommodations were not top-notch, but now This was really worlds apart from her previous life. She really didnt know how to live in a world with no technology and outdated information.

“Xiao Qing, dont spout nonsense. The Divine Doctor is your savior. The medicine you drank was bought for you by Divine Doctor.” Qu Feng berated.

“I said the wrong thing. Thank you, Divine Doctor! Mom, where are my children” Xu Qing smiled obsequiously. She was grateful for his good intentions, but her expression was still cold.

“Arent they beside you” Qu Feng looked at Bai Xian helplessly. Fortunately, the divine doctor did not mind.

Xu Qing looked embarrassed. It was really difficult to immediately take on the role of a mother. She finished the bowl of porridge that was not really considered porridge and picked up her sleeping daughter. Then, her stomach hurt. Xu Qing gasped. It really hurt! It was really difficult to be a mother!

In the next few days, because Qu Feng still had to return to the Xu family to do farm work, Xu Qing, a new mother, finally began to familiarize herself with taking care of the children. However, her body was weak and she did not have milk. Not to mention that she could not tolerate drinking rice soup every day, and the children were the same.

Xu Qing looked at Bai Xian, who was taking her pulse and stroking his beard. He was dressed in high-quality material. Her gaze changed and she said, “Doctor, can you lend me some money”

Bai Xians hand trembled.

“When I recover, Ill return it to you double.” Xu Qing saw that Bai Xian still had no reaction. Xu Qing said with a helpless expression. “If you have any difficult illnesses in the future, Ill help you resolve them!”


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