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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 29 - Child Crisis

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Chapter 29: Child Crisis

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Chen Qiulian stood outside the straw hut and instructed her two daughters-in-law. Mo Qiu and Zhao Bing hurriedly moved their things, and their faces were all smiles.

“You cant snatch Little Qings things!” Auntie Wu hugged Xu Hanxue and coaxed her while shouting anxiously at Chen Qiulian.

Mo Qiu and Zhao Bing still had no intention of stopping. They smiled even more happily.

“This little slut actually hid so many good things!” Zhao Bings eyes lit up, and her greedy look made it seem like she wanted to swallow this straw hut.

Only Mo Qiu, who was at the side, was a little wary. She no longer dared to scold Xu Qing for being a little slut. After all, her brothers miserable state was still vivid in her mind, but she was still greedy. She looked at Chen Qiulian and was no longer afraid. She shut up and moved the things.

Chen Qiulian placed her hands on her hips. Her fat body was like that of an old hen that had flown up. She said arrogantly, “You piece of trash that no man wants. This is my granddaughters house. I can take anything I want. Its none of your business! Besides, its already so late. Why are you still here Are you trying to steal something while theres no one here”

Wu Xiaoans eyes turned red with anger. “My mother didnt steal anything. Xu Qing asked us to stay here and take care of the children!”

“Tsk, my granddaughter isnt here now, theres no one to prove that what you said is true! There are only two families at the foot of the mountain. You must be feeling greedy since you think theres something valuable here. Now that youre hugging her children, are you thinking of selling them” Chen Qiulian looked at the three little bastards. They had rosy lips and white teeth, and were as beautiful as the wealthy young masters and young mistresses from the city. A scheming look flashed in her eyes. She would sell them while that little slut was not at home. She had heard that beautiful children were the most valuable. She had spent a lot of money today and could make up for it!

“You unwanted bitch, you must be thinking of selling the children. Hurry up and give them to me. Otherwise, when my granddaughter comes back, youll suffer!” Chen Qiulian reached out to snatch the children. She had already thought it through. If the matter was exposed, she would say that Wu Cuizhen had done it. Anyway, no one would believe that she, the grandmother, had sold off the children.

“Chen Qiulian, youre shameless! Youre too vicious.” Wu Cuizhen cursed as she dodged. She could tell that Chen Qiulian had ill intentions.

“Bull**! Youre the vicious one! Arent the two of you going to help” Chen Qiulian roared.

Instantly, the curses in the room and the cries of the children rose and fell. Wu Xiaoan was burning with anxiety and did not dare to leave since she was afraid that they would hurt the children.

When Xu Qing returned, she saw Chen Qiulian pulling Xu Hanxue, who was in Auntie Wus arms, and Xu Hanxue crying loudly. Her heart ached.

The two brothers on the crib also cried.

Wu Cuizhens heart ached for the child, so she could only let go. However, she did not expect Chen Qiulian to not hold her and drop Xu Hanxue from her hand!

“No!” Xu Qing roared and rushed forward crazily. However, the child fell too quickly and everything happened too quickly.

Bang! A sound rang out!

Xu Qing sat on the ground with a pale face. At that moment, she was already filled with killing intent. If anything happened to Xu Hanxue today, she would definitely let the Xu family die with her. Fortunately, Wu Xiaoan caught the child.

However, Wu Xiaoan was also a thin and weak little girl. The moment she caught it with her body, the already weak Xu Hanxue was still frightened. Wu Xiaoan also broke her arm.

Xu Qing propped up her limp body and helped Wu Xiaoan up. She checked Xu Hanxue and confirmed that she was not injured. She handed the child to Wu Cuizhen and quickly bent Wu Xiaoans arm over, causing her to cry in pain.

As for the two brothers, they seemed to have sensed their sisters danger and were crying at the top of their lungs. Even the eldest brother, Xu Yuanguang, who usually didnt make a sound, cried hoarsely.

All of this happened too quickly, but it did not stop Chen Qiulian and the others from wanting to run after taking the items. Xu Qings bone-chilling voice sounded. “Damn old witch, where are you going”

That cold voice seemed extremely sinister in the cold night.

“You little slut, how can you speak to your grandmother like that” Zhao Bing shouted while stretching her neck, as if she wouldnt be afraid anymore if she acted like this. In front of her chubby body was Xu Qings familys rice.

“You threw my daughter to the ground, snatched my things, and injured the Wu familys mother and daughter. You want to turn around and leave” Xu Qing kicked a certain acupoint on Zhao Bings body and directly kicked her fat body to the ground. The rice in Zhao Bings hand also fell to the ground while she cried out…


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