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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 27 - Divine Farmer Garden

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Chapter 27: Divine Farmer Garden

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However, Xu Qing did not give Doctor Zhu time to be shocked and had already begun the surgery. Fortunately, the effects of the hemostatic medicine were good. Otherwise, if this continued, Xu Jiangxi would definitely lose too much blood…

However, halfway through Xu Qings surgery, Xu Jiangxis condition suddenly worsened. In fact, the reason why he could last so long was partly because he was worried about the children, but also because of Bai Xians pill. However, no matter what, he could not withstand such torture. Xu Qings expression was solemn. Xu Huai had not returned yet…

“Xu Zhi, go see where Xu Huai is!” Xu Qing said in a low voice.

Xu Zhi didnt know what happened, but he still ran out obediently. Fortunately, Xu Huai ran in while panting.

When Xu Huai saw everything in the room, he was stunned, but he quickly reacted and hurriedly handed the ginseng to Xu Qing.

“Put it in his mouth,” Xu Qing instructed without stopping.

During the entire process, she was nervous and excited. Xu Qing finally stitched up the wounds that were dozens of centimeters long. Then, she poured some hemostatic medicine. Xu Jiangxi was quite lucky. Otherwise, he would probably be beyond saving.

When Xu Qing and the others went out, everyone was waiting curiously, especially when they saw Doctor Zhus pale face.

“How magical!” Doctor Zhus eyes lit up.

“How was it inside” someone asked.

“He survived!” Doctor Zhu didnt explain and only said a simple sentence.

Doctor Zhus words shocked everyone again. After all, Xu Jiangxis injuries were obvious to everyone. He actually survived

“Village Chief, can I borrow your ox cart again My father still has to get the doctor in town to take a look.” Xu Qing knew that Xu Jiangxis subsequent recuperation was more important, and she had to use the best medicine.

The village chief naturally agreed.

As for the rest of the Xu family, no one followed. What if they spent more money They acted like it had nothing to do with them. Xu Qing didnt expect this family to have any conscience either, so her family followed the village chief.

There were only two largest hospitals in the town. One was the Divine Farmer Garden. No matter whether they were poor or rich, they were willing to help. The Divine Farmer Garden was the most famous because it received a patient of a dying person every month. As long as you could afford it, you could be cured of your illness. Therefore, the Divine Farmer Gardens medical skills were praised by the world. There was another more eccentric thing about the Divine Farmer Garden, which was that it opened its doors irregularly.

As for the other place, it was a luxurious and huge famous medicine hall. It monopolized almost the entire towns medicinal herbs and only treated the rich. Its medical skills were also extraordinary.

Because they were the first to arrive at the Famous Medicine Hall, and because Xu Jiangxis situation could not wait, even if she felt that there was a problem with the Famous Medicine Halls medical products, Xu Qing could only grit her teeth and endure it. Unexpectedly, just as they were about to carry him in, they were stopped.

That person had a proud expression and said disdainfully, “We dont allow people to owe medical fees here!”

“How do you know that we cant afford it” Xu Qings gaze turned cold.

“Ive already said it very tactfully. You actually have the cheek to ask Why dont you take a look at yourself in the mirror and see how poor you look Hurry up and leave!” The security guard chased them away.

Xu Qings expression was cold. Gao Shi, the village chiefs son, said to Xu Qing, “Lets change places. This is not a place we can afford to offend.”

Xu Qing nodded and remembered the Famous Medicine Hall. She was a doctor and had a kind heart, but no one knew that her heart was actually colder than anyone elses. “Go to the Divine Farmer Garden.”

Gao Shi was a little hesitant. Although the Divine Farmer Garden was a little different from the Famous Medicine Hall, they both required enough money to receive treatment. He wanted to say that he wanted to go to a small place, but seeing Xu Qings certainty, he couldnt say anything. He could only drive the ox cart to the Divine Farmer Garden. In the end, when he arrived, he saw that the place was actually closed!

This time, Qu Feng could not help but cry softly.

“Xu Huai, go knock on the door.” Xu Qing went down herself.

Xu Xiang had cried for the entire day and was so tired that she was lying in Qu Fengs arms. Xu Zhi was still talking to Xu Jiangxi and had always remembered the mission his sister had given him.

After Xu Huai knocked for a while, a young mans voice came from the room. “Its a rest day today. Please go back.”

Xu Huai was a little anxious and was about to say something when he saw Xu Qing take out an extremely good jade pendant and hand it through the door. “Please bring this to your boss. Thank you.”

The boy inside was a little confused, but he felt that the other partys tone was serious, so he brought it in. Before long, a middle-aged man walked out of the room. Although he hid it, people still noticed the excitement in his eyes…


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