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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 25 - Splitting Up

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Chapter 25: Splitting Up

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“Make way, Doctor Zhu is here.” Someone in the crowd shouted.

When Xu Jiangnan heard this voice, he instantly turned around and thought that he didnt have to make the trip.

Old Master Xu felt his face turn red and got them to disperse.

Doctor Zhu ran over while panting, but he didnt dare to delay any longer. After all, Xu Jiangxi was clearly on the verge of death. He went forward to check for a while and shook his head while sighing. With his medical skills, he couldnt save Xu Jiangxi at all!

Xu Jiangxi had encountered a big black bear in the mountains. His chest had been slapped and four of his ribs had been broken. His legs were also lacerated. If not for the fact that he had happened to encounter a man from the Cao family hunting in the mountains, Xu Jiangxi would have been swallowed by the black bear.

Qu Feng wailed and fainted. She had never expected that Xu Jiangxi would actually go hunting in the mountains in order to let them have a better life in the Xu family in the future. He wanted to earn as much money as possible for the Xu family. However, who would have thought…

“Mother!” Xu Huai and the others cried again. They had already lost their father, so they couldnt lose their mother too! Despair enveloped three small figures.

Doctor Zhu hurriedly pinched Qu Fengs philtrum. However, after she woke up, she cried again. She was about to faint again.

The surrounding people sighed. This family was really pitiful!

“My condolences… My medical skills are limited, so I cant save him. If I send him to the town and find a professional doctor, he might still be saved!” Although the chance was slim, there was still some hope!

However, when Chen Qiulian heard this, her expression immediately changed. “Can we afford to hire a professional doctor Furthermore, since hes already like this, sending him over will be a waste of money!”

Xu Huai and the other two glared at Chen Qiulian.

Chen Qiulians heart skipped a beat. Just as she was about to curse, she was interrupted by Old Master Xu. “Shut up. Second Brother, go find the village chief to pick up the ox cart and send Third Brother to the town!” Old Master Xu knew very well that even if he was beyond saving, they had to put on a show. Otherwise, how could they stay in the village!

“Oh!” Xu Jiangnan slowly walked towards the village chiefs house.

As for Xu Qing, she had brought the village chief, the village chiefs son, and the ox cart over. She knew that with Doctor Zhus medical skills, he probably wouldnt be able to save anyone. She did not know if Xu Jiangxis injuries were serious. If they were not life-threatening, she would send him to the town first. When the time came, she would save him there, since there were too many people here and they would gossip. If she suddenly displayed such good medical skills, it would make people suspect. Even with the excuse of being the Divine Doctors disciple, it had only been a few months. If the Xu family tried to take advantage of the situation, it would be troublesome.

However, she had underestimated Xu Jiangxis injuries. He had already lost too much blood and was about to go into shock. This situation was very dangerous.

Xu Qing quickly went over and asked the crowd to disperse. Then, she secretly fed him a life-saving pill given by Bai Xian. Just as the people of the Xu family were about to scold her, Xu Qing shouted coldly, “Everyone, disperse!”

Then, she said to Old Master Xu, “My fathers condition isnt good. He needs ginseng to keep him alive!”

When Chen Qiulian heard that, she shouted, “How can we have money to buy ginseng!”

“Thats right. Even eating is a problem. Do you know how much ginseng costs!” Mo Qiu and Zhao Bing chimed in.

Xu Qings expression darkened. If not for the fact that she had not brought any money when she came out, she would not have bothered to speak to the Xu family. Time was of the essence now! Although she had fed him that life-saving pill, it only gave him a slightly higher chance of survival.

Qu Feng suddenly pounced in front of Old Master Xu and begged in a hoarse voice, “Please save us. The children are still young. They cant be without a father! He entered the deep mountains to earn more money and be filial to you!”

Zhao Bing, on the other hand, muttered, “Since he was going to go to the mine, he was going to die sooner or later… Now that hes dead, weve suffered a loss. We got nothing in return, but you guys even asked us for money…”

Xu Qing glared at Zhao Bing coldly, causing Zhao Bings heart to skip a beat. This girls gaze was really becoming more and more terrifying!

The surroundings were filled with sympathetic comments. Everyone talked about how filial Xu Jiangxi was…

Old Master Xu couldnt help but look troubled. “Its not that I dont want to give it, but our family really doesnt have money…”

Xu Qing looked at Old Master Xu coldly and suddenly said, “In that case, lets leave!”

Everyone was shocked. She wanted to leave at this time Even the village chief was stunned. Shouldnt they hurry to the mayor to find a doctor


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