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Chapter 24: Another Wave Rises Before the First Wave Calms

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After all, Old Master Xu had already lowered his head. If they continued to be aggressive, they would be unfilial. They probably wouldnt be able to establish themselves in this village in the future! Xu Zhi had to go to school in the future, so he could not be implicated! Xu Qing knew that she could only find another opportunity and leave openly!

“Father, its my fault for being unfilial and making you worry,” Xu Jiangxi said in a muffled voice. In fact, it was definitely necessary to have the protection of the family. However, his wife and children would definitely suffer some grievances. However, this was better than leaving. At least, random people wouldnt bully them!

In the end, this matter was dropped. Xu Qing could only go back and wait for other opportunities to let them split up. Just thinking about it made her feel tired.

At night, Qu Feng sewed new clothes for Xu Jiangxi with tears in her eyes. The three children were very sensible and did not cry.

“Ive disappointed you.” Xu Jiangxi lowered his head, his tone filled with sorrow.

Qu Feng wiped her tears and looked at Xu Jiangxis guilty expression. She said softly, “I know your concerns…” Xu Jiangxi wouldnt be around and there was nothing for them. How could they live!

“Dont worry, I will definitely get Father and Mother to take good care of you and the children.” Xu Jiangxi seemed to have made a decision, and his eyes lit up.

Qu Feng smiled bitterly. How could the people of the Xu family take good care of them! She looked at the clothes in her hand and smiled even more bitterly. Old Master Xu did not even give her the money for a new piece of clothing. The place where they went down to the mine was in the north. It was said that it was very cold, so this piece of clothing was the latest of all Xu Jiangxis clothes. Qu Feng pulled out some cotton that she wanted to cover herself with in winter and stuffed it into her clothes.

If even a piece of clothing was so difficult for him to buy, how could it not make people despair

Xu Qing was indeed rich and could solve the problem at hand, but she didnt want the Xu family to feel too comfortable, nor did she want to give the Xu family a chance to extort her. There were still three days, and these three days were enough for her to think of a way.

However, the next day, something happened to Xu Jiangxi.

“Xu Qing, something happened to your father! He was carried out of the mountain and is covered in blood…” Wu Xiaoan ran in in a panic. When she thought of that scene, she was so afraid that her entire body trembled. She had never seen so much blood on a persons body.

Xu Qing paused and handed the children to Auntie Wu. She took the surgical supplies left behind by Bai Xian and the three precious life-saving pills he had given her.

At this moment, there were many people gathered at the entrance of the Xu familys house. Those people were whispering to each other with pity and coldness on their faces. However, the people from the Xu family were colder than them.

“Theres so much blood. He wont survive…” Someone in the crowd said.

“Did anyone invite Doctor Zhu”

“I saw Hunter Caos youngest son run to get the doctor.”


“Mother, how can Third Brother go to the mine in this state!” Zhao Bings eyes were filled with worry. However, she was not worried about Xu Jiangxis injuries, but that if Xu Jiangxi was injured, he would not be able to earn money. Even if he died, he had to die in the mine.

Chen Qiulian was so angry that her face turned livid. When she heard her third son and his family crying, she roared angrily, “Cry, cry, cry! What are you crying for!”

Qu Feng and the others ignored Chen Qiulian and continued to cry. Xu Jiangxis appearance really made them think that Xu Jiangxi could not make it, so they cried their hearts out!

Old Master Xu, who was at the side, glared at Chen Qiulian, but he was also uncomfortable with Qu Feng and the others clamor. His tone was a little impatient. “Dont crowd around. Go see why Second Brother hasnt returned.”

Xu Jiangdong was about to run out of the crowd when Xu Jiangnans figure appeared in the crowd. Xu Jiangnan asked with a puzzled expression, “Father, you called me”

“Why are you here Didnt I ask you to get a doctor” Old Master Xu was shocked. So they had waited for so long for nothing

“I didnt hear anything.” Xu Jiangnan had a matter-of-fact expression.

“Hurry up and go!” Old Master Xu shouted angrily. No matter what, this was his son! He couldnt really leave him in the lurch!

“Oh…” Only then did Xu Jiangnan leave reluctantly. However, his footsteps were like he was taking a stroll.

Xu Jiangxi was dizzy from the blood loss, but he could still sense what was happening in the outside world. He had really been disappointed by this family. He couldnt help but think about what he had done wrong for this family to treat him like this! He had made his wife and children suffer with him! All of this had become ridiculous…


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